January 24, 2013

Women's cricket

Enid Bakewell remembers the first Women's World Cup

Enid Bakewell, the former England captain, who won the World Cup in 1973, recalls that inaugural tournament, and talks about the state of women's sport in general, in an interview with Vithushan Ehantharajah in All Out Cricket.

This morning on BBC TV they were going on about why there are not so many girls doing PE and I'm there thinking, 'Because you don't bloody show any women's sport!' I'm going to ring them up tomorrow if they don't put any women sports on! They show football, horse racing - anything you can bet on or that's man-orientated. When we toured in 1968 and 1969, they wouldn't go on about the technique or skills of the women. There was a headline: "Skipper Loses Lucky Bra!" Nothing to do with the cricket!

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