Bangladesh in Sri Lanka 2012-13 March 14, 2013

Snake trouble at Premadasa

The Bangladesh players got a surprise break from training when a snake snuck up out of a trough near the car-park of the Cricket Academy next to the R Premadasa Stadium.

The snake, estimated to be between two and four feet long, caught the attention of the dog catchers, and the Bangladesh players, who chased after it. But after being scared away once, it reappeared to the surprise to some of the players, two of whom were fully padded up.

The dog catchers, meanwhile, cast their net a little wider and found a few preys in the stands of the stadium. But they wouldn't even look at the snake.

Coach Shane Jurgensen was not too impressed by all the squealing of the dogs. But his strong words didn't have any impact as the person they were directed to didn't understand English, and so the poachers remained vigilant.

Mohammad Isam is ESPNcricinfo's Bangladesh correspondent

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