JULY 22, 2014

One of England's stupidest quarter-hour brainmelts

Andy Zaltzman: At Lord's they began poorly, ended pitifully, and were fitful in between. And don't even start on their body language
Ishant: good bounce, swing and volume. And that's just his hair © Getty Images
JULY 22, 2014

Demons in the pitch

Satish Acharya
JULY 21, 2014

Anderson v Jadeja: the hearing

James Marsh: What goes down when the two naughty boys are hauled up in front of the judicial commissioner
JULY 20, 2014

Poetic justice

Satish Acharya
JULY 19, 2014

The ECB needs you (or maybe not)

Andrew Hughes: The English cricket board is hiring. Here are the leading contenders so far
JULY 18, 2014

'They scandal your name when they can't take your strength'

Alex Bowden: English grammar gets a rejig in our latest Twitter round-up
JULY 17, 2014

The England v India Twitter war

Andrew Hughes: Also known as the latest issuing of bile from cricket's angry glands
JULY 16, 2014

Stop him batting

Satish Acharya
JULY 16, 2014

What cricket can learn from the football World Cup

R Rajkumar: Or how to make cricket fans cry like they used to
JULY 15, 2014

Dull match, lovely stats

Andy Zaltzman: So what if Trent Bridge was a snoozefest? We've got all these numbers, haven't we?
JULY 14, 2014

Situation vacant at the ECB

Alan Tyers: Here's a job advert for the chief executive's position. Interested?
JULY 13, 2014

Friendly pitches

Satish Acharya
JULY 12, 2014

Why not to judge a pitch on day one

Andrew Hughes: You could have egg on your face in no time
JULY 11, 2014

The Indians

Satish Acharya
JULY 11, 2014

In defence of Nazmul Hassan

James Marsh: If boards must be incompetent, the least they can do is communicate their incompetence in an entertaining way
JULY 10, 2014

How to get through five Tests in 42 days

Alex Bowden: England and India must trade players across teams and also consider part-time positions
JULY 09, 2014

Beware Shakib

Andrew Hughes: If your children don't go to sleep, he will get them
JULY 08, 2014

All about Alastair

Andy Zaltzman: Cook averages much more against spin than he does against pace. Whatever could it mean?
JULY 07, 2014

Eighteen Indians to figure in first Test

R Rajkumar: And other recent cricket news you may have missed because you were outraging about Sharapova. Or something
JULY 06, 2014

Who's more English?

Satish Acharya