FEBRUARY 28, 2015

How to wind up cricket's purists

Andrew Hughes: Just ask the ECB's new helmsman
"Four-day Tests? Look on the bright side - I was going to say three first" © Yorkshire CCC
FEBRUARY 27, 2015

Lapland to host 2023 World Cup

James Marsh: Offspinners and England delighted to play in sub-zero temperatures
FEBRUARY 26, 2015

'I don't care about your protein pancakes'

Alex Bowden: Yodaspeak, trolling and sarcasm find you will in our latest Twitter round-up
FEBRUARY 25, 2015

Gayle retweet

Satish Acharya
FEBRUARY 25, 2015

Don't support your national team

Andrew Hughes: It will only cause your blood pressure to rise
FEBRUARY 24, 2015

The World Cup is too long (or not)

Andy Zaltzman: Listen up, children. Also: full swinging deliveries still work
FEBRUARY 22, 2015

Team united

Satish Acharya
FEBRUARY 22, 2015

How to use blinking lights to improve the World Cup

Sidin Vadukut: At the moment the ICC is only using them atop stumps, but they're crying out to be utilised in a number of other areas
FEBRUARY 21, 2015

Dark days ahead for the World Cup

Andrew Hughes: What else could the umpiring hand signal fiasco indicate?
FEBRUARY 20, 2015

No mind games

Satish Acharya
FEBRUARY 20, 2015

Famous World Cup chants decoded

R Rajkumar: In which we deconstruct what the fans are yelling in the stands
FEBRUARY 19, 2015

Jason Holder is in charge

Alex Bowden: When it comes to dealing with his independent-minded players, the West Indies captain is a mixture of strict, cajoling and totally grown-up
FEBRUARY 18, 2015

Stop the World Cup, I want to get off

Andrew Hughes: It has been a perfect tournament. Time to quit while everyone's ahead
FEBRUARY 17, 2015

A mix-up with Kohli is a good omen

Andy Zaltzman: What we have learned so far in this World Cup
FEBRUARY 16, 2015

England go Fifty Shades of Grey

James Marsh: Team decides to give submission and humiliation a proper go
FEBRUARY 15, 2015

The account

Satish Acharya
FEBRUARY 15, 2015

World Cup-ending throat restrictions and political squabblings

Andy Zaltzman: Part two of our World Cup Achilles heel report explains why South Africa are in the wrong hemisphere and why UAE are better off building skyscrapers
FEBRUARY 14, 2015

How maths has ruined one-day cricket

Andrew Hughes: Does any normal person understand the D/L method? Why not replace it with a coin toss?
FEBRUARY 13, 2015

Football managering with Harmy

Alan Tyers: Steve Harmison gives a pep talk to his amateur football club
FEBRUARY 13, 2015

The World Cup Achilles heel report

Andy Zaltzman: A look at potential banana peels for some teams, with specific instructions for paramedics and physios