DECEMBER 17, 2014

How to choose an England captain

Andrew Hughes: If there is no genius strain in him, check his school creds
Also consider a strong jawline when choosing a leader. Helps them look strong in abject defeat © Getty Images
DECEMBER 16, 2014

The real reasons why the BCCI opposes DRS

R Rajkumar: And it has little to do with 100% accuracy
DECEMBER 14, 2014

The peace prize

Satish Acharya
DECEMBER 13, 2014

The DRS' in-built safety mechanism

Andrew Hughes: Which protects humans from being enslaved by machines
DECEMBER 12, 2014

The Matt Prior cycling team media-training guide

Alan Tyers: In which we take a ride with the former England wicketkeeper's new side
DECEMBER 11, 2014

Srini's dilemma

Satish Acharya
DECEMBER 11, 2014

English cricket rocked by non-Cook-related incident

Alex Bowden: Commentators and journalists bewildered that there could be more to life than his captaincy in the World Cup
DECEMBER 10, 2014

Inside the ICC's Limb Re-education Unit

Andrew Hughes: Film released on top-secret establishment
DECEMBER 09, 2014

Fewer batsmen hanging bats out to dry

R Rajkumar: Changes in technique and more in our news round-up
DECEMBER 08, 2014

Are you good enough to work for the ECB?

James Marsh: Take this handy quiz to find out if you're cut out for the top echelons of UK cricket administration
DECEMBER 07, 2014

Probable chucker

Satish Acharya
DECEMBER 06, 2014

The worst professional cricket team in the world

Andrew Hughes: A hilarious defeat that included a carefully constructed collapse, a pseudo recovery, and some blaming of the pitch
DECEMBER 05, 2014

Class of 2011

Satish Acharya
DECEMBER 05, 2014

'If you start singing again I'm calling the police'

Alex Bowden: Intolerance, baritones, and dance brags in our Twitter round-up
DECEMBER 04, 2014

England cricket TV channel: a proposal

Alan Tyers: Now that cricket's going to be back on air in England, is there enough cricket to fill the airwaves with?
DECEMBER 03, 2014

The best time to be an English cricket fan

Andrew Hughes: Is now, with the news that the choicest domestic cricket is back on free-to-air TV
DECEMBER 02, 2014

Yasir Shah reminiscent of Abdul Qadir and Yasir Shah

R Rajkumar: Also: Joe Root's Movember struggles, and the perils of slow-motion replays
DECEMBER 01, 2014

New records cricket should care about

Sidin Vadukut: Most runs, most wickets - boring. Time to look at the statistics that really matter
NOVEMBER 30, 2014

Scrap CSK

Satish Acharya
NOVEMBER 29, 2014

What's the solution to illegal bowling?

Andrew Hughes: The answer lies in urinating in a cup