JUNE 26, 2014

The pros and cons of cricket in the Olympics

R Rajkumar: There's the fun of seeing spoiled cricketers slum it out in the Village, but what about Chinese domination? Are you ready for it?
No garish-looking trophies, only small, sober medals? How will cricketers cope? © AFP
JUNE 25, 2014

A spellbinding micro-series culminating in a marvellous pile-on

Andy Zaltzman: Did England underestimate Sri Lanka's pace attack, or did the Sri Lankans bowl out of their skins?
JUNE 25, 2014

How do you solve a problem like Alastair Cook?

Andrew Hughes: Just give him four years at the helm and be done with it
JUNE 23, 2014

Swanny's 'spinsters'

Alan Tyers: The former England offie's guide to how the team's young spinners can be more like him
JUNE 22, 2014

The preparation

Satish Acharya
JUNE 21, 2014

Your choice between premium cricket and bargain cricket

Andrew Hughes: Give fixers and those who are ambivalent to it a whole new sport to muck up
JUNE 20, 2014

Famous cricketers I've talked to

Matt Cleary: Including one who doesn't fit the description. House rules, okay
JUNE 19, 2014

'I don't cry often but Wind Beneath My Wings is amazing'

Alex Bowden: Favourite songs, football excesses, and a bully on the loose in this Twitter round-up
JUNE 18, 2014


Satish Acharya
JUNE 18, 2014

Let's hear it for the glorious five-day draw

Andrew Hughes: It helps save the format from extinction
JUNE 17, 2014

How to solve the over-rate problem

Andy Zaltzman: Enough of the dawdling. It's time to make 15 overs an hour mandatory
JUNE 16, 2014

Identifying the Lord's cricket fan

James Marsh: An anthropological guide that will help you pick out the rosy-cheeked chaps at HQ
JUNE 15, 2014

The language

Satish Acharya
JUNE 14, 2014

The utterly expected tale of the Kiwi Calypso

Andrew Hughes: The only thing to raise an eyebrow at in the Sabina Park Test was Chris Gayle's vow of abstinence
JUNE 13, 2014

How cricket can remain relevant during the football World Cup

R Rajkumar: Greatest show on earth? Pity the poor fools who think it's football
JUNE 12, 2014

The second ICC

Satish Acharya
JUNE 12, 2014

England's latest New Era

Andrew Hughes: And it's probably "improved" as well
JUNE 11, 2014

England's No. 3 obsession

Alex Bowden: Jos Buttler is a perfect one-day No. 7, so of course they'll try to transform him into a failing No. 3
JUNE 10, 2014

An emotional jigsaw puzzle on an unlicensed roller-coaster

Andy Zaltzman: It's all up in the air for England selection-wise, goody
JUNE 09, 2014

The future will be at Lord's

Alan Tyers: The proposed revamp of HQ: paradise for those who wish to play football, eat whole grains, and relieve themselves in the KP Memorial fountain