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FICA calls for postponement of Pakistan tour

ESPNcricinfo staff

Tim May, the chief executive of the players' representative body Federation of International Cricketers' Association, has criticised the ICC's recommendation that it could amend rules by not sending its match officials to countries with security concerns but allowing a series in that country to continue. May was speaking in the context of a proposed bilateral series between Bangladesh and Pakistan in Pakistan, a country that hasn't hosted international cricket since the attack on Sri Lankan cricketers in Lahore three years ago.

"The ICC should be doing its utmost to convince the two Boards to postpone the series, NOT contemplating whether to amend its own rules to give the series 'official endorsement'," May said in a release issued by FICA. He believed the ICC had received advise that touring Pakistan was unsafe, and therefore to allow the tour to continue was surprising.

The ICC's plan involves countries having to seek a "special dispensation" which allows them to host the bilateral series with "non-neutral match officials". The dispensation will mean a departure from the ICC's Standard Playing Conditions as it allows for "non-neutral" match officials to man the series; even if the ICC deems the series to be "unsafe" for its own officials, the tour will proceed since the final call rested with the participating countries.

"It is concerning to hear that on the one hand the ICC will not be sending its match officials, because its specialist advice is that it is not safe to tour Pakistan, but on the other hand the ICC will consider a proposal to amend the ICC Playing Conditions so as to give the series ICC recognition and endorsement.

"I am not sure how this idea even got off the ground. If the ICC cannot and will not send its officials to officiate in the series because it has been advised that it is not safe, it simply cannot contemplate any actions that will enhance the attractiveness of the series to others."

The PCB, under its new chairman Zaka Ashraf, is working hard towards bringing international cricket back to Pakistan and are hoping a short limited-overs series with Bangladesh will end the drought. Last week, a nine-member Bangladesh delegation, led by board president Mustafa Kamal, gave a nod to the security arrangements at various venues after a two-day visit.

The ICC's recommendation for the special dispensation was made at the Cricket Executives' Committee meeting and is pending approval by the ICC's Executive Board. The CEC, after its meeting in Dubai, reiterated that the ICC's role in bilateral series was "limited to considering the safety and security of the match officials after a tour had been confirmed and a security plan produced." The decision as to whether a particular tour should take place or not was, the CEC stated, "one for the participating countries."

May said the ICC should be doing more. "The ICC has a duty of care to its stakeholders - it has a duty of care to the players of teams, the officials of teams and the general public, irrespective of whether this is a bi lateral event or an ICC Event such as the World Cup.

"If it has specific information that Pakistan is not safe to tour, then it cannot and should not send a message out to these stakeholders that ICC not only recognizes this series, but has gone out of way to change its own Playing Conditions so it may endorse and promote this series."

May said FICA had commissioned its own report into the security situation in Pakistan, and the findings were unfavourable. "The ICC is not the only organization to receive a negative security report of Pakistan - FICA commissioned a report in December 2011 from an independent security consultant and the advice was very clear cut - that from a security perspective, a cricket tour to Pakistan by any team is not manageable and presents as an unacceptable security risk.

"We have a high level of empathy for the cricketers and people of Pakistan, and like all associated with the International game, hope that International cricket may return to Pakistan soon - but we must all ensure that our priorities are in order - and the number one priority is the safety of our participants, team officials and other stakeholders."

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  • Dr Athar on March 10, 2012, 1:41 GMT

    Dav whatmore (Aussie), Fountain (British) agreed for coaching Pakistan in Pakistan THEY WILL LIVE THERE FOR TWO YEARS. They agreed cause they have clearly assessed the reality themselves, not like a person like Tim May, who knows a total of nothing about he ground reality but saying something "just because" From USA, I went to Lahore and even in the mountain region last year in summer with my family, stayed there for a month and felt as normal as it should be.

  • Javed on March 9, 2012, 22:22 GMT

    I'm totally agree with Mr. Tim May. Safety first then other things.

  • Javed on March 9, 2012, 21:22 GMT

    I think, Tim May is 100% right. Bangladesh team must cancel their trip to Pakistan.

  • Baundule on March 9, 2012, 20:35 GMT

    Completely agree with Rezaul. I feel for the PCB; they are trying their best; but the security is not in their hand. This tour should NOT go on risking the lives of the players.

  • Rezaul on March 9, 2012, 16:35 GMT

    The delegation team lead by Mustafa Kamal (Lotus Kamal) which visited Pakistan to see security arrangements did not include any security experts. All the people are his personal followers who blindly listen to him. We all know he has a personal agenda on becoming next ICC president. He doesnt care to sacrifice some of his country players life to become ICC president having Pakistan's support. Thats why he is so eager to send the team there in the war field. ICC should make it clear and be strict to apply rules for all in same ground. If it is unsafe then no tours, simple and clear. If you dont feel your officials are safe then how come you allow a team to go there and play.

  • Faizan on March 9, 2012, 15:47 GMT

    It's a conspiracy by ICC and FICA. ICC went for changing of the rule so that FICA could raise a question. Eventually, Pakistan will be pressurized and the series will be cancelled. But i have a question for FICA over here. FICA is a players representative body, right? Is there any Bangladeshi player who has objected to the series to take place? If so then kindly name that player or players, if not then FICA doesn't have ANY RIGHT to speak about this topic and it only goes on to show that a power much bigger than FICA DOESN'T want Pakistan, Pakistani cricket and Pakistani people to be normal, independent and happy. I hope CRICINFO publishes this.

  • Cricket on March 9, 2012, 13:25 GMT

    Is it neccessary for Tim May to play the Villain ?

  • Khurram on March 9, 2012, 12:52 GMT

    Dav whatmore (Aussie), Fountain (British) agreed for coaching Pakistan in Pakistan ... Mr. Tim why are you worried about rehabilitation process of International cricket in Pakistan ... How many times you have been in Pakistan, what do you know about people & culture of Pakistan this is all perception which is being created by you & your media ....

  • Waqar on March 9, 2012, 12:37 GMT

    Its hard to fathom why Tim or FICA is so averse to international cricket returning to Pakistan.i for one would want to see the procedures these independent security consultants employ to determine whether a particular country's safe for cricket or not.Mr Tim has to understand that the 3rd march 2009 incident was a major security lapse.foreign teams have toured Pakistan in worse situations.we're living in Pakistan so i have got to say that we're a lot more cognizant of the security situation here than those who have hardly ever visited Pakistan.this is no longer an emotional argument devoid of logic.foreigners are roaming about freely in Lahore,Karachi and Islamabad.things are improving all the time.its appropriate if the member boards or players' associations put forward certain stringent security measures that Pakistan should adopt for foreign teams to tour.no one will oppose such an idea.but security can no longer be an excuse for keeping international cricket out of Pakistan.

  • Luke on March 9, 2012, 12:08 GMT

    Anyone with even a mild interest in Pakistan internal affairs that not even Sri Lanka should have toured there 3 years ago. This can only end in disaster. Tim May is absolutely right to defend his contemporaries, and criticise the ICC's unwavouring hypocrisy.

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