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ICL policy could cost England - BCCI

Cricinfo staff

June 22, 2008

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  • September 13, 2007: First announcement of Champions League, an international Twenty20 competition to be run by boards of India, England, Australia and South Africa and featuring top two sides from each country.
  • June 7, 2008: ECB says the league, with US$5m prize money, will be held in September-October.
  • June 8, 2008: IPL chief Lalit Modi says its franchises will get first priority over players who are also in other teams to qualify for the Champions League - and that teams fielding ICL players will be disqualified.
  • June 10, 2008: Chairmen of several English counties demand clarification over the eligibility of ICL players.
  • June 19, 2008: BCCI president Sharad Pawar says national boards can adopt their own policy over ICL players but the BCCI would then have the freedom to take its decision.
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Two weeks after the ECB announced the US$5 million Champions League Twenty20 tournament, England are in danger of not being part of the event with the BCCI officially deciding on Sunday to bar players associated with the unauthorised Indian Cricket League (ICL).

Niranjan Shah, the BCCI secretary, told Cricinfo Pakistan had been asked to join the tournament after the Indian board found it would not be possible to invite English counties due to the ECB's "policy of letting ICL players play in their leagues". The IPL - a part of the Indian board - is the driving force behind the Champions League while the rules for the tournament are currently being framed by Cricket Australia.

IS Bindra, a member of the IPL's governing council, told Cricinfo that "as of now, three [participating] countries are confirmed - India, South Africa and Australia". "Pakistan may be the fourth, but first we have to get a response from the ECB on the ICL issue," Bindra said. "Teams from England can be considered, but only those who don't have players associated with the ICL.

"The BCCI is very clear that ICL players will not be featured in the tournament. If the ECB can't guarantee that it will clear only teams without ICL players for the tournament, then we will look at the replacement."

The BCCI has barred all official links with players associated with the ICL, which was launched last year before the BCCI's high-profile IPL, but there are currently around 25 players connected with the ICL playing for 15 of the 18 English counties.

Bindra, who is also the ICC's principal advisor, said the decision to ask the ECB to ensure teams without ICL links for the Champions League was taken at a meeting of the BCCI in New Delhi on Sunday. "We will get a final picture when the issue is discussed during the ICC's annual conference in Dubai this month-end."

Other BCCI officials told Cricinfo they don't expect the ECB to provide a "no-ICL guarantee" and suggested that English teams are virtually out of the tournament. The ECB allowed players associated with the ICL to play in their domestic circuit after it faced legal action from the league, which was backed by the country's strong trade laws that protects the rights of individuals. "It's just that the BCCI would like the ECB to be seen as taking a decision on this," an official said.

Lalit Modi, the IPL chairman and commissioner, had previously told Cricinfo that teams with players associated with ICL would not be invited for the tournament "under any circumstance", even if these players are dropped just for the event.

The Champions League was announced by England in a press release on June 7 which said that the ECB, Cricket Australia, the BCCI and Cricket South Africa had "reached an agreement for the staging of the inaugural Champions League this autumn". However, Modi later said that the announcement was premature.

The tournament, to be held in September-October, will involve the top two Twenty20 domestic teams from participating nations. Western Australia and Victoria from Australia, Rajasthan Royals and Chennai Super Kings from the Indian Premier League in India along with the Dolphins and Titans from the Pro20 in South Africa have already qualified.

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Posted by SaaB11 on (June 24, 2008, 9:30 GMT)

I must say, leave BCCI in champions league. Forget about BCCI teams. People will still see the cricket. Its the game we love not the package that comes with it. I must say, BCCI arrogance will cost them big time later in time. Someone have to teach them a lesson before it becomes worst. Hope cricket wins. Not the Money.

Posted by Samadonline on (June 24, 2008, 9:28 GMT)

My head goes down in shame for being an Indian every time the BCCI comes up with such stance against fellow Indians playing in a different league in the same country!

Shame on you Lalit Modi! Shame on you Sharad Pawar! Shame on you BCCI!

Posted by kman97 on (June 24, 2008, 9:25 GMT)

BCCI is a private institution i.e. if you and I decided one day to invest in a trust and find some players, we can enter them as a team. There is no government sponsorship of the BCCI, except of course, the huge revenues which attract the corrupt politicians. They are in fact in a similar legal position as the ICL (apart from being members of ICC). I didn't watch the ICL, but really its amazing how arrogant BCCI is being. Money cannot be everything, Asia Cup in the hottest months (no International match has ever been played in Pakistan in these months), constant tours and grinding schedules are killing Indian players. For once even I am sick of watching the Indian team play all the time, though must admit, i get involved anyways. Even though I am an Indian, I think its time someone had a coup and overthrew these guys ...what say?

Posted by bipulkumar on (June 24, 2008, 9:12 GMT)

Cricket is a national sport and it shouldn't be messed around with private channels like Zee TV by creating personal leagues like ICL. Just look at the condition of Film Awards. Every silly channel and franchise have their own award ceremony. Once such a much awaited event has now become a farce. If leagues like ICL is allowed to prosper then same will happen to cricket. Soon there will be Star TV league, DDL (Doordarshan League), ETV League, NDTV League and all kind of crap. BCCI is doing absolutely right thing to kill it. But I don't think it more than what it is currently trying to do. Start a better league and ensure that ICL players are not seen around. I am all for BCCI. All comments here are from short-sighted people who can't visualize what is lurking.

Posted by satyasainvs on (June 24, 2008, 7:39 GMT)

Actual initiative has to come from present players who playing for country. I give best example to be as Mcgrath.. when he was in full form he has retired from international. i would like to raise one question, how our legend cricketers are not fit to play 20/20 or one dayers were played in IPL for millions of dollars.. is it fair enough for the upcoming players.. Some of our legends were played IPL even they are not 100% fit. nothing loose to them only sufferers will be franchise owners. If ICL doing illegal business, how Mr. MODI even has a criminal back ground became a top role in BCCI?? The only way to resolve this BCCI demanding ship, media has to oppose it, Indian govt. has to step in to control the board. Unfortunately BCCI president is a Government representative.. we can't do much unless they change their minds themselves.. Pitty ICL chaps..

Posted by D.V.C. on (June 24, 2008, 7:24 GMT)

I want the counties to win this argument, if only to see New Zealand spearheaded by Shane Bond again. Why can't a player play his trade in any league he/she wants?

Ok, so the IPL and ICL are direct competitors. I can understand why you might not be able to play in both leagues but banning ICL players from other leagues or international duty is restraint of trade.

If an Indian player were to go and play county cricket instead of participating in the IPL, he would still be eligible to represent India. The ICL shouldn't be any different, especially seeing as how they (ICL) have approached the ICC for sanctioning.

Posted by Crick_and_Trick on (June 24, 2008, 7:23 GMT)

The only way BCCI can be taught a lesson is by doing what they are trying to do with others. Bare the hit and command. ICC need to scrap them from major tournaments and lets see what happens then. The ultimate authority is ICC and not BCCI. Along with writing blogs, message should be sent directly to ICC... here is the link-

I just sent mine...make sure you do too!

Posted by Sriram_Krishnamurthy on (June 24, 2008, 6:52 GMT)

Its actually sad to see this attitude of BCCI. I am sure there are a lot good players within the ICL league that can easily play for India. Who can ignore the likes of Ambatti Rayudu & Abhishek Jhunjhunwala? Its sad to note that they'll never ever be able to play test cricket for India, thanks to the bullying attitude of BCCI. I strongly feel ICL has done much better for local cricketers than IPL (In fact, IPL itself is a fall out of ICL). Its time BCCI sheds its ego and start working for the betterment of Indian Cricket. People like Sharad Pawar and Lalit Modi are forgetting the fact that Cricket Board is there for the betterment of Cricket in India rather than just being a money machine. God save Indian cricket.

Posted by dunkinjalki on (June 24, 2008, 6:50 GMT)

Some people think that the way BCCI is treating ICL is just a business tactic. According to me, to call this a business is a clever use of words to hide one's unethical way of living. Even in business, when people are entirely motivated by one's profit, they don't usually try to waste the wealth/talents. They don't mind buying the talents from the rival companies, or the entire company. What's happening between BCCI and ICL isn't this kind of business rivalry. It is a hatred for ICL. The BCCI isn't concerned about making profit, but in crushing the rivals. In fact, it is not lose of the ICL that one should be worried about, but the criminal wastage of talents. One needn't be that worried about the BCCI's single-minded concern for profit, but its unashamed hatred for the rivals.

Our support to BCCI in this betrays our ignorance about business ethics, and it is to commit a sin that the future generations will never forget, nor forgive.


Posted by jmpaul on (June 24, 2008, 5:35 GMT)

It is pity that BCCI is interferig the matters of ECB .they must realise that the world cricket is not their puppet

Posted by Geegee on (June 24, 2008, 4:51 GMT)

Hi, I think that BCCI (read Sharad Pawar and Modi) are going too far after the success of IPL. Money has certainly gone into their heads and they are arm twisting other nations to toe their line. What is wrong if a few people have taken up the cause of cricket and started a parallel cricketing body? They have not committed sedition or anything remotely anti-India. Why these treatment? Kapil Dev and Co have been rubbished just because of the same, though without the 1983 team led by Kapil put India on the cricketing map of the world. Now they (BCCI) want the whole world to ignore ICL players, which is going too far. What if other cricketing nations tired of arm twisting starts side lining Indian Board. Would IPL be a success if no international player is involved? Can the cheer leaders bring in cricket lovers to see domestic players playing? come on, Pawar be sportive and man enough to allow everybody to join in for the cause of cricket and do not bring in your inflated ego into cricket

Posted by gulliver on (June 24, 2008, 2:39 GMT)

Hitman - the BCCI can make rules and dictate who can be a part of the IPL, but the Champions League is not run by the BCCI, they are members in it as much and as little as the other participating countries. To extend your analogy, when you are working for one company, sure you cannot work for the second, but the second company cannot stop you from participating in a conference with three other companies just because they don't like the company you work for.

Posted by hitman1980 on (June 23, 2008, 17:53 GMT)

I really don't understand what all this fuss is about. Just try answering one simple question: Lets say some private company start a private league in Australia or England etc, so what will be the reaction of CA, ECB etc? Will they allow them to take all the players from domestic structure? They surely have to find someway to stop them. The rule is so simple, when you are working with one company then you just can't work for other too.

I do agree that BCCI has no business in stopping ICL players from playing in county cricket but they surely can make rules to stop ICL players to take part in any tournament of which BCCI is a part too.

Posted by Krishna2007 on (June 23, 2008, 17:11 GMT)

Really the BCCI deserves a well placed kick on the seat of its collective pants. Both Pawar and Modi are egregious creatures who do not deserve to be within miles of a cricket field and still they call the shots. I am really extremely angry at the attitude of these guys who have made and are making a mockery of Cricket. They have reduced a game which I used to play and watch with pride into something totally unrecognisable. Time that ICC steps in and asks these despicable vermin to take it easy.

Posted by gulliver on (June 23, 2008, 16:33 GMT)

The BCCI is doing the unconscionable. If their fight is against ICL, they should sue ICL (although I doubt they would have a case), not throw their weight around like a rich spoilt irritating kid at the ICL players and sports bodies. If they really want to shut down the ICL, they should make their own IPL more attractive, attract the public with better stadiums, innovative match coverage, licensed sportswear etc. so that the better league wins. But then that would be playing on a level field, whereas the BCCI wants to behave like the Mafia. It leaves a very bad taste in the mouth. The BCCI has a chance to establish itself as the premier sporting body of cricket, if it can only see farther than its own foot.

Posted by Micheal_Corleone on (June 23, 2008, 15:50 GMT)

It all started with BCCI showing its power and personal vengence against Subhash Chandra ( ZEE TV founder). During a cricket series, the television rights for coverage were given to some other channel in spite of ZEE having placed a clear highest bid. BCCI officials have always used money and power in wrong ways! Furious form the decision, Zee tried to take revenge by pulling out Kapil dev ( who was one of the selectors of BCCI then) and proposing the idea of a 20-20 cricket leage and hence the name Indian Cricket League. Zee with backing of money and in order to teach a lesson to BCCI, romped in other international players as well with lucrative offers.

BCCI worried about the repercussions used their money and official status to ban the league and hence declaring them unofficial. I am not saying that ICL did the right thing either, because when you start a new business, you have to obtain the work permit from the government which in this case for ICL was BCCI.......cont....

Posted by alwaqia on (June 23, 2008, 15:33 GMT)

i am also with satya. basicaly i am pakistani. but i will appritiate the efforts of Kapil Dev. who is doing much for cricket. BCCI should not make the cricket as a servant of its Door. All the boards have done agreement with BCCI to not to support ICL Cricketers. Its Enough . now why BCCI is not allowing ECB teams which sonsists of ICL Crickters.they also have right to play the cricket everywhere.what can BCCI do if all the Boards of Test Playing Countries make a vreach of contract with BCCI for ICL players. Surely BCCI have to take the policy of GIVE & TAKE. Cricket is not the Servant of BCCI.

Emran Nomi

Posted by kanindian on (June 23, 2008, 14:31 GMT)

I did not want to write anything because it won't make any difference to the people sitting at the helm and making decisions detriment to the betterment of cricket. First and foremost is why ICL is termed as unauthorized. Just because it started before the IPL. Now it shows what money can do. IPL with its unlimited finance at their disposal is dictating terms and the other boards like the English, Australian and South African toe the line. For quick money, of course. The less said about Pakistan the better. ICL is not asking for any financial help from IPL for it to behave like that. I don't think the BCCI is in a position to do anything against Stanford. He has put up his own money. But throwing $20 million on 240 balls is just unthinkable. Amounts to over $80000 per ball. Well, I should congratulate the BCCI for really doing something for the cricketers. Baseball, Basketball, Ice Hockey, Soccer, NFL to name a few wherein top players make millions then why not cricketers.

Posted by shankarga on (June 23, 2008, 14:26 GMT)

The Great Bunch of Jokers what Mohinder Amarnath Said few years back is being proved by our great nuts in BCCI with IPL and ICL jokes. I think these jokers are afraid that ICL will take over.

Posted by RajKS on (June 23, 2008, 13:41 GMT)

I am really ashamed of the behavior of the BCCI. They are hell bent on bringing a bad reputation to India. Now I sincerely hope that ICL should become as big as IPL and the world take notice of this. BTW, by behaving in such a rude and arrogant manner the BCCI is subconsciously giving importance to the ICL.

Posted by afanofcricket on (June 23, 2008, 13:31 GMT)

First of all, I would like to say 'HELLO' to all fans of cricket as I just registered here in order to express and share my views! One of the reasons for my joining here is to show my support for all cricketers (including indians) involved in any form of cricket at anytime, anywhere, and..I mean A N Y W H E R E ! To be honest, I am sick of this exclusive (not inclusive) and stubborn stance of BCCI (=IPL!!) towards ICL and the players involved in ICL. I have one thing to say to BCCI (=IPL) and its supporters, which is- Stop Mixing Politics With the Sports We Love! I do not understand how other cricket bodies can keep supporting these unfairness and stand against their own players who have fought hard for bringing glory to their respective home countries! Is it all only about the money offered by IPL? If so, why don't you think of other fair and appreciable ways rather than giving all your unconditional love to the BCCI (=IPL) and everything IPL body wants for granted? TO BE CONTINUED>>

Posted by cricketrulesdaworld on (June 23, 2008, 12:57 GMT)

Mr Chandy Brown, Money speaks.and nothing else needs to be said on that issue. You mention that people in India not long ago spoke of America flaunting its money power. But Sir, the tables have turned now. India is steadily growing economically and cricket is a huge part of this great Nation. The kind of recognition India gets today in the world and the world of cricket is amazing. Not sure what Nationality you are, but being an Indian, I'm proud of this fact. No one did nothing about America when it flexed its muscles. I'm sure you and the rest just nodded in agreement that money is power and there is no stopping it. Some creative brains at the BCCI manage to capture the imagination of the cricketing world (IPL, Champions League et al)and yet there's people blaming them. ICL is not recognized by ICC itself. So, those who think that BCCI is calling the shots as to whether ECB should feature, they are wrong. BCCI is only reading out the ICC rules to ECB and the rest.

Posted by chandy.brown on (June 23, 2008, 12:35 GMT)

Except for teh cricket that is being played on the field by India, everything else about Indian cricket has become crap. The BCCI's administrators are the same ones, either politicians or businessmen, who grew up making the poor poorer and rich richer. I really want Australia, South Africa and England -- countries which have good domestic infrastructure -- stand up and show their dignity for God's sake. All they get inflicted is high-profile bullying by the BCCI. In India, people used to talk so much about the US as the criminal-in-chief with their money power. What do you think is BCCI doing????

Posted by 12kris on (June 23, 2008, 12:05 GMT)

Sorry, it seems like less of aqua and more of Martini. The whole idea of ICL was sabotaged by the high handed BCCI who then usurped it and made it a large scale tamasha.

Posted by Zubair on (June 23, 2008, 11:59 GMT)

Mr.Aquarmartino... i read your comments last night and suddenly got the feeling that you don't really understand what the game cricket is all about! Let me prove you wrong.. you said the players who gave up their career to join ICL so they could make some quick cash.. right! Then you tell me yourself what was IPL about? the answer is "cash", "money".. what do you think players from all over the world came to India just to play quality cricket? no Sir, they came to India just to earn easy money. Players like Adam Gilchrist, Glenn Mcgrath and Shane Warne were all part of IPL and they also are Retired! What do you say now? And then you talk about cheerleaders and the crowd coming to see them! Well well well, then same goes for the IPL Management, they also tried Cheap tactics to bring in the crowds, and thats why they brought female cheerleaders from all over the world . Theres no difference between IPL and ICL other than the Publicity.

Posted by satyasainvs on (June 23, 2008, 11:59 GMT)

Someone talking about ICL not playing quality cricket. Do you know ICL India has won the world series and they beaten world team even their first international match has lost cheaply. I understand some of our legend cricketers playing for years. If half of the team has filled with legends what happened to the rest 1 billion people.. do you ever think how many quality cricketers were ended their career without even playing a single international match?? What Kapil did wrong? At least as a legend he is thinking of growing players.. What other Legends doing? is they are promoting any kind of searching talents other than commenting?? One of the our legend he has refused to take lead when Indian team in under pressure after the world cup due to happy commenting job.

Posted by Robert.Jacques on (June 23, 2008, 11:53 GMT)

I am greatly saddened that such a decisive stand has been taken against the ICL over the last year, yet nothing is done about Zimbabwe. It seems ludicrous that Zimbabwe is still a member of the ICC while Mugabe oppresses and butchers his own people. If the cricket world (well the BCCI) can take such a powerful stand against a tournament that kills nobody and hurts not a sole then why is it so unable to act against Zimbabwe.

Posted by SaudSami on (June 23, 2008, 11:48 GMT)

This is ridiculous. BCCI decides which countries are included. BCCI decides which players can play, BCCI assigns the task of framing rules to Cricket Australia. Perhaps BCCI needs to drop the 'B' and reverse the order of the last three letters in BCCI!!!

Posted by Khaashif on (June 23, 2008, 11:42 GMT)

Mr. aquamartino you are completely wrong. ICL made new/young cricket players to continue their lives in Cricket. India is the country having big number of population and is not having any other popular game, in this case how many players can get a chance in final 11, how many of young stars are getting chances in Ranjis and how many of them are earning enough money, If this process continues do next generation will dare to choose the cricket as their career. you know the seniors are still with final 11, are they giving their places to young stars then how can next generation survive in cricket. IPL changed its fee structure only after ICL established why didn't they do this before. I Personally feel ICL is good for future cricketers.

Posted by nora5763 on (June 23, 2008, 11:34 GMT)

Why not have a Champions League involving the English, Australian, South African and the West Indies or Pakistan or even the ICL. Just dump the IPL for the money grabbing hypocrites they are. Why is Modi still involved in the game considering his criminal record in the USA.

Posted by debugger on (June 23, 2008, 11:07 GMT)

Mr Aquamartino, the players didn't join the ICL just to end their careers. The whole idea of the ICL was to give the young Indian domestic players who never got a big opportunity a chance to play with the top international stars like Lara and Inzamam; so that they would be well prepared when they compete at the international level. BCCI got scared and created a clone of the ICL - IPL. The BCCI using their high power got the ICC to ban the ICL players from playing for their countries. This is what happened. Now u tell me if this is low gamesmanship on part of the players or the BCCI.

Kery packer created a rebel league and ultimately it was granted official status by the ICC.

Ironically... The third edition of the ICL should prove to be a bigger success and its all thanks to the BCCI .

Posted by ammeet on (June 23, 2008, 11:00 GMT)

This is the ego of BCCI if any player join ICL then they can't play a game for their country or any teams or join any club or county, like they are betrayers and have done something wrong joining ICL..

It's irritating and how people are supporting it? This shows, how money talks in.

BCCI people you must be shamed of your behavior and neglecting people like this.. I think this problem is more problem than racism.. Just saying you are rebel or play in ICL don't have right to play for nation, or you don't have right to play in another country.

Posted by ABP235 on (June 23, 2008, 10:43 GMT)

I am amazed that no one has moved to the Supreme Court of India demanding it to take suo moto action against BCCI for this unprofessional attitude. When did BCCI buy the game of Cricket? Can BCCI show its ownership of the game of Cricket? Is BCCI a parliament approved statutory body with powers to govern the game of Cricket? Then how can the Indian Government allow BCCI to select a team to represent as Indian National Team with only the players that it wants to? What nonsense is this? Is there nothing called professionalism and legality in India? Come on, give me a break! Largest democracy in the world, there is freedom for any number of political parties in this country, but there is no permission for an independent cricket league to perform and survive!!!

Mr Kapildev and Mr Subhash Chandra of Zee, what are you waiting for?

Posted by Prats6 on (June 23, 2008, 10:24 GMT)

this is really ridiculous, BCCI is contradicting itself, First Mr. Pawar says ICL players will be allowed and now the refusal again. BCCI should be taken to court for this. The only issue is that BCCI is a private body and possibly can do what it wants, The only solution as I can see is that all the better teams around the world start fielding ICL players, Surely Champions league cant be between CSK and Rajasthan Royals !!

Posted by yogaslash on (June 23, 2008, 10:12 GMT)

I don't know why BCCI dominating on ICL players, They are also players rite ?. How long they wait for opportunity in indian team. Since they got nice opportunity in ICL So they went there and proved their talent. I seen all the matches for both IPL and ICL. Lot of ICL players more better and played more quality cricket than IPL players.. So we should not underestimate any players values moreover we don't have any rights to stop them to play.

And, I don't know whats the exact problem of BCCI to allow ICL players to play international cricket ???????

Posted by on (June 23, 2008, 9:45 GMT)

We have now had contradicting statements from Powar, Modi and Niranjan Shah.

And all showing complete hypocrisy by allowing the ICL supporting South African teams to compete. These guys act like protectionist politicians from the 1950s - grow up for God's sake. I understand more fully as each day goes by why so many Indian fans despise the BCCI so much. Dealing with Mr Stanford is a tea party in comparison to these.

And what about Pakistan? Will any team who has ever contained an ICL player from Pakistan be banned?

The Champions League has become the Chumps League before a ball has been bowled. A potentially great idea has been ruined by the inflated sense of self-importance of the Indian administrators.

Posted by satyasainvs on (June 23, 2008, 9:42 GMT)

understand the situation of a player who are ready to give everything for the country but not getting chances. It is not meant grounds are empty or cheap people watching.. Here is main thing to be noted is exposure and play with cricketing legends.. Just want to check with you, do you ever watch ICL matches.. Do you know how excited those matches.. First watch their dedication and guts then post you comments. just don't talk . promote BCCI.. Let me ask you from IPL who make more money who play very well?? Do you know Man of the series and Best bowler of the IPL tournament are the bought cheap.. Who sold for millions is there really played well or brought their franchise to even semis?????

Posted by satyasainvs on (June 23, 2008, 9:32 GMT)

Presently the Indian Team is playing well, other side BCCI en cashing the credits of all players. Just think back to the past world cup, after a great knockout punch by Bangladesh suddenly all promoters step back and no one sponsored tour to Ireland. you know past all over the world crazy of playing 20/20, BCCI strongly opposed to participate for the 20/20 world cup. You see now things were changed. BCCI now concentrate more promote 20/20 because it is making huge money. Who is MODI, Bindra or Naranjan shah? Do they know heartbeat of a Players who sacrifice their career for cricket or die playing for country. Even they are not enough respect Legend players like Kapil&others, who made our country proud& great in 1983. During IPL so many new players were shined, how many they get opportunity? Heard few young poor chaps were sent back home even play a single game/tested. strongly i say all foreign players in IPL enjoy getting huge money, simply washed their hands even their franchise loose. poor Franchises.

Posted by s.sivasankaran on (June 23, 2008, 9:26 GMT)

who is this BCCI whether they brought this champion league to India. ICL only brought this championship match in India. IPL copied from ICL. Even one honorable minister also there and seen this all issues. See cricket is a game and most of the people loving that game. Talented guys will play. This IPL fearing about ICL that is the reason they are not allowing icl to participate in the tournament. This is really a joke this bcci itself is thinking they are lord for cricket. who are the people holding icl that people only got world cup for India. I think ECB will take right decision for this matter. Because they know cricket.

Posted by aquamartino on (June 23, 2008, 9:19 GMT)

I don't understand that what is wrong with people here???? do you guys not read anything ever.?? your gut feeling is not the final say!!!.ICL Should be stopped...And players who gave up their international career initially to join ICL so they can make some quick cash..Sorry players with such low gamesmanship are a disgrace for the game...I cant ever enjoy such pathetic individuals competing with todays Icons....ICL is a dead tournament, It is destroying the game rather than building it..Such tournament where the grounds are always empty and their major crowd is lower class who simply come to the stadium to watch female cheerleaders. Empty Grounds, Minimal TV coverage, Cheap Crowd..This is not cricket...At least the cities, the owners, the players have all benefited from IPL..but Subhash Chandra (ICL owner) has done nothing, He has just shown us that why do players retire. ICL IS PATHETIC, Tough Luck ECB, (IPL CHAMPIONS vs ICL LOOSERS)wont work

Posted by Renshi on (June 23, 2008, 9:13 GMT)

What's all the fuss about??? Who is BCCI to interfere in the ICL player's matter. Let the poor guys earn some MONEY for their skills. After all they are not begging in front of the BCCI.

Posted by biju on (June 23, 2008, 9:02 GMT)

I can see a conflict amongst the players& the teams.A player playing Rajasthan royals as well as for Titan to decide which team to play will be difficult proposition.I don't know whether any guidelines to tackle similar situations.If the game is for the cricket to prosper there should not be any restrictions for ICL players.BCCI is talking like pure business men not like an ambassador of cricket.

Posted by Sajish on (June 23, 2008, 8:24 GMT)

it is really nonsense from BCCI's part of barring players from ICL. Who the BCCI dictating terms with ECB, which players to participate or not. This is non sense. BCCI are thinking they are the governing body of Cricket World over. A Bunch of money minded personnels are running this cricket board in India. It is very sad that Mr. Sharad Pawar a minister in Indian Ministry bowing to pressure of other so called BCCI officials to do what ever they want. Yesterday only they felicitate players of 1983 WC winning team, where players like Kapil Dev, B.Sandhu, Madan Lal, Roger Binny, Yashpal Sharma, Sandeep Patil, Syed Kirmani etc are involved with ICL, how BCCI can do two things at a time? Barring ICL from Champions League and felicitating players/officials involved with ICL? First of all The BCCI are losing confidence from Cricket Loving Public by doing this. Who can understand them God knows? Even ICC is a mute spectator.Very Bad from the part of BCCI.Sharad Pawar himself is losing respect

Posted by LORDKHATRI on (June 23, 2008, 8:22 GMT)

BCCI's stand on ICL players is justified. ICL is an illegal &unethical cricket league.BCCI has been instrumental in promoting the game all over India in the last 80 years.70% of the earnings are for the players.Above that BCCI is providing pension to former cricketers for their services to Indian cricket team.There was no need for the cricketers to join ICL when they are paid huge amounts of money in India.Also,Mr Subhash Chandra is no Kerry Packer as he thinks that BCCI is not doing enough in promoting the game.Kerry Packer had grand vision for world cricket which changed the face of the sport forever.

Posted by Sunny-Bhai on (June 23, 2008, 8:16 GMT)

Good going ECB for not submitting to the dictatorship of BCCI. T20 has the money no doubt about it, but not bowing down to these non sense rules dictated by BCCI has no doubt raised the respect of the counties for the ECB. I say boycott the champions league. Why call it the champions league in the first place when BCCI is choosing which champions to play & which not. ICL has good teams & they are also champions so if it is really a champions league then the ICL champions should be allowed to play. This should be more called BCCI or Lalit Modi league where they choose who to play & who not to play. BCCI wake up let sports be played in sense of sports not business where the chairman of the company decides who should be on the board of members &who should not be. If Cricket Australia & South Africa do really understand the ethics of the sports they should not bow down to BCCI. CAB, Pakistan & S.Africa don't promote this outrageous attitude of BCCI back out. Let sport be sport

Posted by ruvvy on (June 23, 2008, 8:12 GMT)

- I think BCCI is being unfair! 2 Wrongs don't add to a right! The ICL promoters(Zee) were the first to screw up things.They bid an exorbitant, unrealistic amount for telecast rights and then withdrew at the first excuse(they were asked to share the feed with DD). BCCI had to re-sell because of this. More than loss of revenue, it was a big loss of face. But then Zee wanted to monetize cricket without sharing the moolah with BCCI, which does conduct (though not enough) revenue sapping tournaments (Under 15, Under 19 etc.,) from where ICL recruits its players. Two sides to the coin, always, and a lot of greys between the black and the white :).

Posted by abdulsmh on (June 23, 2008, 7:48 GMT)

It is utter nonsense from the part of BCCI and IPL to control ICL. What they are doing is dadagiri which won't work long. If BCCI is going to maintain the same standard it's a loss for cricket and in particular to Indian cricket which is not a good sign. Also BCCI should come to understand that they are the Board of control for cricket in India and not for the whole cricket world. The champions league proposal is another way to get more money in a shorter span in the name of cricket. So all cricket loving fans don't get bluffed by these champions league stuffs. Hands down for pawar who is playing his dirty politics in cricket, also hands down for Modi who is denying the growth of ICL by putting all these rules.

Posted by jones on (June 23, 2008, 7:46 GMT)

this is crazy, too crazy. who are bcci people to decide who can and who cannot play in champions league. the players in ICL are also good. some are great! this is crazy. for cricket to be popularized like soccer, they should not do such stuff.

i like this idea of champions league cricket

But i think it will be good to allow private clubs from an city in INDIA to participate in IPL as long as they qualify. The qualification can be in some other leagues like Football league 1 in UK, from which EPL teams are chosen

Posted by bluebloodripper on (June 23, 2008, 7:43 GMT)

BCCI is destroying everything along its path. ICL has some really good players who deserve to play cricket at the highest level. Now lets understand why these players left? and why ICL were able to sign them? BCCI never paid the cricketers properly, never spent the millions they made into improving the domestic infrastructure and there was/is no clarity on the selection process. Sad salaries ,no faith in the selection process .. thats why when these cricketers got another opportunity to get out of this stupid system they left at the risk of losing their chance to play for India..Imagine how fed-up they were! After seeing the buzz generated by the ICL and India's success in the T20 world cup..Lalit Modi suddenly gets a genius idea! a joke.. Now their mission is to destroy the people who came up with the idea in the 1st place..way to go!

Posted by Clickinfo on (June 23, 2008, 7:42 GMT)

Who are the BCCI to decide this? They have repeatedly shown that they have no interest in the game of cricket and money is the be all and end all. It's clear they run the world game, so god helps us all.

Posted by Sajeeb on (June 23, 2008, 7:20 GMT)

How can the bcci demand counties for not fielding icl players?! Is it a joke? Every time there is an issue, they just wanna show off their power in every possible way. But i think enough is enough. Ecb should stand firm in its decision and make sure the players linked with icl can also play for their respective counties. What the bcci want is money alone and they cannot tolerate others getting successful.

Posted by circ on (June 23, 2008, 7:05 GMT)

ICL the mother of IPL has been once again given step-motherly treatment. ICL should go to court and try to stop/stay the proposed Champion League tournamnet.

Posted by Ramamurthy on (June 23, 2008, 7:02 GMT)

This is not a good sign from BCCI, seems they are unnecessary flexing their muscles. Well, there will be a time when things will be levelled. And then Mr. Lalit MODI will be MODI - FIED, or MOD - ERATED. I think BCCI should be more magnanimous, and take leaf from other such incidents in sports. Hard luck to those players. Ramamurthy

Posted by Naseer on (June 23, 2008, 6:57 GMT)

This is utter autocratic attitude of BCCI, it is drawing restrictive lines for players whether they can play certain tournament or not, and the decisions are based on business point of view, it is quite ridiculous! How is it possible to consider a player ineligible to play cricket for commercial reasons, has any body heard so at any sport! I think every individual is free not only free but is encouraged to generate income through all legal sources. ICL contracted players are totally eligible to play any form of cricket anywhere with any county or club, because joining ICL should not be considered a fault which deprives them from playing cricket. Is there any such clause, rule, principal or policy in ICC code of conduct, cricket manuals, MCC spirits of cricket? If no then why selfish, bias, commercially attracted rules created by despots are not challenged by anyone so far.

Posted by siraj01 on (June 23, 2008, 6:42 GMT)

1,25,000 spectators attended a friendly club match (Mohan bagan v/s Bayern Munich)in India. Not a cricket match international or not can attract such a huge number of fans in India. domestic football matches some time attract more spectators than famed T20. So if they want to succeed IPL and ICL must join hands. unless they will be the losers as Media will try to promote football which is played during midnight so providing a lot of scope for advertisement at cheaper cost. English premier league matches played at Midnight can compete with IPL even now. So better be not fooled by the success (?) of IPL which is going to lose its novelty factor next year.

Posted by dadvoc on (June 23, 2008, 6:39 GMT)

By barring relationship with ICL and anyone related to this league, BCCI is showing that as they are powerful, so they have every right to do whatever they like to. I don't think that ECB would agree to what BCCI is expecting from them.

Posted by malikmba on (June 23, 2008, 6:07 GMT)

It is really sad to see that cricket is being played on favoritism. nobody is focusing on game but politics is what they are doing for. ICC has become deaf n dumb in terms of BCCI just because of Money.BCCI is dictating to every board while problem is laying inside India. why they don't stop ICL being played? when they can't stop in their own country, how could they ask others to stop the lawful game? ICC should come into play or let the cricket dump in $$$. ICC is disgracing the game especially in IPL where Match Fixing entered in to bn$ but they didn't asked to bother even. Let the game be praised by people not by monetary groups.

Posted by Manager_Alamgir on (June 23, 2008, 5:48 GMT)

live n let live.....

well this is the case as of now.. what if sharad pawar becomes the ICC main man.. cant any international monopoly control agency work on this issue!!

its as if doordarshan banning all other tv channels just because they r promoting tv.. i mean what is BCCI's reason behind ICL bashing? can someone answer this for me!

Posted by yes-aravind on (June 23, 2008, 5:41 GMT)

why? people playing in the ICL are also players. The ICL includes some all time greats like- Brian Lara, Inzamam ul Haq, Lance Klusener, etc. If ICL was not invented, there wont be any IPL or Champions league.

Its also a cricketing body. According to my opinion, ICL should also be considered as 1 of the domestic leagues. It would be nice to see if, ICL is also included in the upcoming Champions league. I think I am not wrong in this opinion.

Posted by Umangu on (June 23, 2008, 5:36 GMT)

Is it any wonder it's the 'Board of CONTROL'. I have for years not really supported the Indian team, because it's really just a BCCI XI.

Support West Indian cricket instead guys, they win more matches too!

Posted by satyasainvs on (June 23, 2008, 5:18 GMT)

It is rediculous decision by BCCI. How they can demand other countries not get ICL players.. If you don't like them you play without them.. It is not fair enough for those players in ICL. you are anyway not giving chances to them atleast let them get chances from other countries.. The same BCCI earlier opposed the idea of 20/20 and not encouraged first. Now once won the world cup they thinking of making hell a lot of money in the name of encourage new players.. How many new players shined in IPL. How many get their chances to play international now??? THINK GUYS.. BCCI! fans of India watching you.. Don't dictate the loving sport.

Posted by senthil180 on (June 23, 2008, 5:11 GMT)

I am beginning to hate BCCI for its high handedness...its really hurting...ICL also has produced some really good cricketers..

Posted by Sujan Rao on (June 23, 2008, 4:59 GMT)

Its sad to see BCCI Being a spoilsport.BCCI has been exploiting its power as the major cricketing power in terms of money.. Its time for Mr.Sharad Pawar & Mr.Lalit Modi to accept the truth that we all want Cricket and its growth, not politics in the game.And what is ICC for? It seems powerless,If the game's governing body can't control the happenings,then what is it for? The way BBCI is behaving,its hunger for money and not for the growth of the game, I see a split in Cricket soon.

Posted by Sekhar_S on (June 23, 2008, 4:57 GMT)

It seems the BCCI president Sharad Pawar's way of functioning is totally different from that of his subordinates.While he made it clear that counties with ICL players will be allowed to participate (an article about the same is available in Cricinfo)I wonder why Lalit Modi and Niranjan Shah have their own set of rules.Maybe it is because Pawar had said that the BCCI is free to make its own decisions.Doesn't this smack of double standards?I seriously wonder whether it's Cricket Australia which is framing the rules of the competition or the BCCI.

Posted by jamal22066 on (June 23, 2008, 4:48 GMT)

Here is something more the money hungry BCCI is doing.....they are taking all IPL highlight videos off YouTube and making sure the people who post these highlights are banned from YouTube. They are going insane!!!! SOMEONE STOP EM!

Posted by mafiasam on (June 23, 2008, 4:47 GMT)

this is the death of democracy and right to work (of players).. i dont understand why don't all other boards stand up against BCCI and get this thing straight.. BCCI si strangling the game by the hand, which is preposterous..htere only purpose of banning ICL is they fear share of revenue, which in a free market is inevitable. its time every other board stand up against this monster.. dont kill the game for money.. come on u madmen running the BCCI, show some sportsmanship.

Posted by vasusampath on (June 23, 2008, 4:39 GMT)

my sincere suggeestion is australia,south africa,withdraw from the tournament by doing so they cut the wings of bcci and further icc to take a tough stance against bcci. hope people will listen to it

Posted by jamal22066 on (June 23, 2008, 4:35 GMT)

BCCI should be sued for running a monopoly. They threaten to crush all competion. New York Yankees in baseball are considered the evil empire and the BCCI is quickly becoming one in cricket.

Posted by Mike.Gojer on (June 23, 2008, 4:22 GMT)

It is time the ICC changed dentist's, get a better pair of teeth on and start biting. On various occasions the ICC has sat back, watched developments and re-acted too late on issues that affected world cricket. If the BCCI cannot put it's house in order and control domestic cricket, then it is it's problem. If it cannot sit with the ICl and get into dialogue and resolve the issue, then it is the BCCI's problem. But when it starts bullying, beating and forcing into submission world cricket into accepting it's demands, then the ICC and other cricketing bodies should avoid the BCCI. Who is the ultimate sufferer in this issue? Not the BCCI, Not the ICL, Not the ICC or the other boards. It is the sport, the one the call the gentlemans game. Or is it? Money talks and Bullshit walks for now, but the BCCI is digging a hole of embarassment it cannot get out of. It is time for the ICC sit up and act ...... fast.

Posted by singh544 on (June 23, 2008, 4:21 GMT)

Ive been quite shocked by some of the comments on this article.People are mentioning that BCCI banned ICL players prior to ICL tournament and still players for the greed of money went ahead and played.

The point being missed here is that why did BCCI ban these players, under what law or context were these players banned from playing cricket.If the premise being set here is that the players are participating in an unofficial league, then every cricket match that takes place in school, college, road sides, Shivaji park etc should be banned by BCCI.

Someone else on this post mentioned they have a solution that the ICL players should hand back their ICL contract to be allowed to play in Champions league, since according to this person - everyone must sacrifice something. This is retarded, these players who were on the sidelines of Ranji teams earning peanuts , staying in shady hostels have suddenly got a chance to earn and be in the spotlight, why should they give that up.

Posted by vinov_guy on (June 23, 2008, 4:17 GMT)

BCCI : Board of Control of Cricket in India - So no other people has the right to conduct a cricket tournament which includes some money or popularity,thats only with BCCI and only those who are associated with them have the right to play cricket others obviously has no right to play cricket. Cricket is their own property and hence if others play or organize tournament they will say its unauthorized or ban the players from playing cricket at all and they give so much pressure on other boards also that they are also affected. Its no more a game friends its all business. Lets atleast now concentrate on some really proud games like that of Foot Ball...but they wont get sponsors like we get for cricket since there is no chance for in between overs ad break and so on. So we poor citizens of india can stop watching sports and see our on development instead of spending our hard earned money for this money/politicians ruled indian sports.

Posted by aks_ds on (June 23, 2008, 4:14 GMT)

I think Bcci is going overhead now. Every player has right to earn money and its not right to ban ICL players. ICC should do something to stop BCCI blackmailing the other boards/players.

If something isnt done now...then it wont be done in future.....A day will come when BCCI will dictate the ICC and make rules of its own...

Either FOLLOW or F*** OUT!

Posted by Makkiheb on (June 23, 2008, 4:03 GMT)

Yet another instance of BCCI hagemony! And to think that Cricket Australia & South Africa are a silent part of all this is UGLY to say the least. I am an Indian supporting Indian cricket but not BCCI. Who says ICL is rebel? Did BCCI ever gave a thought to all those youngsters playing in ICL? And, blandly put, ICL has unearthed and brought more young Indian cricketers into the limelight than IPL. IPL was just an ugly show of money, by money & for money. Crciket was but a necessary tool. ICL at least had the guts to stand upto the BCCI and looking at the grounds that they have developed (PunchKula, Hyderabad & Gurgaon), is 1000 times better than BCCI when it comes to honest intentions.

Wake up guys! and show BCCI their place!

Posted by santjyo on (June 23, 2008, 4:01 GMT)

This is a shameful for ICC . Because they act as a Rubber Stamp of Monetary Power BCCI. BCCI ko ICL ka sukragujar hona chaiye. because ipl ki neev ICL per hi padi hai.

Posted by argetlam on (June 23, 2008, 3:34 GMT)

Replace teams from England with teams from Pakistan? Really? What the hell is the matter with Lalit Modi? Why don't the other boards tell him to shove it?

Posted by Sheela on (June 23, 2008, 3:29 GMT)

BCCI's stand on ICL players seems to be illegal as restraint of trade is void from inception. In India cases take long to be of any use to the litigant like cricket player whose career would be over by the time judicial verdict is given. In England and other countries where judgements in such a case would come out more quickly other than India, clubs etc. in other countries are reluctant to follow BCCI's directive. Think of IS Bindra's allegation without even preliminary proof and the case by Kapil Dev is still pending and may be decided, say 50 years from now.

Posted by wizman on (June 23, 2008, 3:24 GMT)

It would be funny if it weren't so darn sad.

When it was all spinning up and India was gaining power (money ...) the comments saying "it can only end in tears" and "too much power in too few hands" was howled down as racism, "white" people being jealous of "brown" people, how Australia and England used to have a veto power and were now being sidelined.

Believe me, there is no satisfaction is saying "I told you so." And specifically when it has got to this point so rapidly.

So who you gonna call? Oh that's right, all those "white" cricket boards who were despised just months ago. Now they are gutless. Or need to stand up for you. Or need to impose a rule of law, or show solidarity, or somehow get the poor suffering Indian cricket fan out of the grip of the BCCI.

If I were a vindictive person I'd say "you made your own bed now lay in it." However as a lover of the game of cricekt I personally wish they would boycott all Indian cricket until further notice.

Posted by MannyNZ on (June 23, 2008, 3:18 GMT)

I am absolutely disgusted that countries are being forced by the BCCI to conform to their every demands.. Players like Shane Bond who should be all time greats for NZ are not being selected for their country.. This is a travesty to the game and it is unforgivable.. The Indian board is acting in a disgusting manner and I hope that one day it comes back to bite them! absolutely disgusting!! I'm so angry.. Bondie is god!

Posted by silly.point on (June 23, 2008, 3:09 GMT)

I am an Indian. But in this tussle I am rooting for the ECB. I want the ECB to show the spine to walk out of the Champions League, and hopefully Cricket Australia and South Africa will realise if not opposed now, one day the BCCI may make some laws which will not favour them, and they won't know whom to turn to. If they manage to find the moral fortitude to support ECB, they might yet stop the BCCI monster from gaining the sort of ascendancy which is too late to be controlled. The print media supported the draconian anti-Cricinfo law in the smug self-belief that its not happening to them. That decision may one day come back to bite them in the bum. To misquote Donne: no board is an island, entire of itself... therefore, send not to know for whom the laws are made, they are made against thee.

Posted by Peef on (June 23, 2008, 2:30 GMT)

It's sad that the ICC and the rest of the boards do not have the guts to take a stand against the BCCI. The ICC as the governing body should always have the right to veto any unreasonable demands. It really is a disgrace!

Posted by aquamartino on (June 23, 2008, 2:20 GMT)

However, I do urge BCCi not to be carried away with this...not to exploit their power....Growth of the game is only gonna come when we all work together.

Although I may have a solution.....If the ICL plaers give up their ICL contract and retun the money then they should be cleared to play in Champions league. Players cannot have the easier way...they have to sacrifice smth....everybody has to sacrifice something...

Posted by TANYAXI on (June 23, 2008, 2:19 GMT)

This is totally shameful on the part of BCCI. If money is more important than cricket for BCCI then it is the right time for ICC to ban BCCI from all type of cricket, Don't forget BCCI is running by the bunch of jokers who don't know how to play cricket.They all are politicians what the hell they r doing in sport like cricket. COMMON ICC its not the time to sleep show these people u r not running cricket its ICC who runs cricket.

Posted by aquamartino on (June 23, 2008, 2:13 GMT)

I support BCCI's decision. First of all, ICL may have been launched before the IPl but the concept came from BCCI. Shubhash Chandra owner of Zee, simply organized this tournament to make money for himself. not for the city or the players. Why do u think it didnt succeed (cheaply and poorly organized tournament). and BCCI's decision of individuals from ICL will not play international cricket came even before PATHETIC ICL even got on the way. However, some players decided against it for quick cash. Why shall someone care about the players who r ready to give up their game just to make some quick cash, who think they cant ever be good enough to play international cricket. If so then i dont want see The champions of today competing with players who dont even trust their own abilities. If BCCI does allow the England players to take part then they will face another dillema at home from the indian players (from ICL) who have been banned to play international cricket.

Posted by cricket46 on (June 23, 2008, 1:46 GMT)

i think BCCI is going out of control. i think Eng, Aus, SA , NZ all should boycot IPL/BCCI T20 leagues and create their own version. It will be very interesting to see how far BCCI/IPL will go with thier asian players and without "white" players. I bet indian people will shy away...

Posted by rhaaj on (June 23, 2008, 0:36 GMT)

This is a shameful act by BCCI. Countries like Australia, New Zealand, South Arica must understand that IPL will never be a success without its players & take a strong stance against BCCI. Its not like BCCI is doing a favor for their players to earn money in its league. England must react to this & other countries must follow too, if the way cricket is administered is anywhere near to be respected.

Posted by mongrelbeast on (June 23, 2008, 0:21 GMT)

Why are England being singled out? Where is the legislative consistency? India should be banned from the 20/20 because their government allows the ICL to exist. How dare they try and have their naan and eat it at the expense of others profit. If their own 3rd-world laws permit the ICL to operate, then they must change them.

Posted by fawzan on (June 23, 2008, 0:12 GMT)

this is ridiculous,ok I am an indian but I dont think the BCCI has the right to rule or command ICC to what to do. You know what's gonna happen people will slowly slowly dislike IPL because of its attitude towards other leagues causing its popularity to drop and then no more IPL.Everyones gonna watch ICL.

Posted by jamrith on (June 22, 2008, 23:54 GMT)

On the one side, you have Kapil Dev, the man who led India to its highest ever prize in the world of cricket. On the other side, you have the trio of Lalach Modi, Invidious Bindra and Namby-Pamby Shah, supported of-course by the Honourable Minister Sharad Pawar. Money always triumphs, so it is an unequal battle. Let's hope, for the sake of the game, that Allen Stanford, who also has pots of money, can be the white knight and kick-start an alternative Champions League or whatever other name he wants to call it by, and ban the IPL players from that league, leaving open the way, however, for IPL players to move out of the tentacles of IPL. The unholy trio can then indulge themselves in some introspective navel-gazing !!

Posted by HundredPercentBarcelonista on (June 22, 2008, 23:40 GMT)

If the Champions League is an ICC event, why is the BCCI making up the rules? Aren't Cricket Australia, Cricket South Africa, and the ECB supposed to have a say in this?

Posted by kurtrudder on (June 22, 2008, 23:30 GMT)

The BCCI & Modi are not running the game of cricket or the Twenty20 Champions Leagues despite their grandstanding with outlandish statements such as this. They tried this a few weeks ago saying that IPL teams & not the state/county teams would have the first rights to international players who have qualified for both teams.

Let's hope common sense prevails here and no one, especially not the ICC is seen to acquiesce to the BCCI.

Posted by IndianMigrant on (June 22, 2008, 23:25 GMT)

People who are spewing venom and hatred towards modi and BCCI don't understand a thing about sports and business. No sports body in the world would let players play both in rebel and original league. It is so simple you cannot work for two employers at the same time. People who are crying wolf over BCCI powers had no problem when it was dominated by english and australians. Till 1995 ECB alotted only three test to any indian tour of england. ECB did not even think indian cricket deserved a five test series in england. So to me it looks BCCI is handling the powers bestwoed upon them much more graciously than English and Australian Boards ever did. Also BCCI is not stopping people from playing with ICL they are just saying choose ICL or IPL. It's simple guys you cannot work for Coke and Pepsi at the same time.Coke and Pepsi generally enter into exclusive agreement with vendors and distributors so that they don't sell both. People need to think thru their brain not thru their heart

Posted by reddyuta on (June 22, 2008, 23:02 GMT)

Guys-you have to relax.This is just posturing by BCCI and nothing more.They know that the ECB is powerless in this matter.This thing is going to go on for some time and finally the 2 county teams will play (minus the ICL)players.The BCCI wants the ICL to not exist anymore and are trying to make a point to players and teams around the world. Turst me-the BCCI wants the 2 vounty teams to play rather than 2 pakistani teams.

Posted by Bosley on (June 22, 2008, 23:00 GMT)

The problem here isn't with the BCCI (for a change!), it's with the ECB and their lack of authority of the counties. County chairman quote european law as a reason why they can't restrict ICL players from earning a living in the UK. This is absolute nonsense! If they didn't offer ICL player contracts then they wouldn't have a legal problem in the first place. What we need in England is a domestic cricket league, controlled by and run for the England cricket team.

Posted by BawaTheGreat on (June 22, 2008, 22:58 GMT)

This is a disgrace. BCCI, a message for you as a true Indian cricket fan, I love the way game is propering in India but the way you are running cricket is utterly disgusting. Comeon let players be players and let them enjoy there game. Spectator do not care whether the player is from ICL or IPL. We like to see good contest of cricketers. You guys are running this organisation like Hoons..... I request on behalf of millions of cricket fans, stop it stop it and just stop it....

Posted by justnowsixty on (June 22, 2008, 22:36 GMT)

BCCI should not be harsh with ICL. It is IC which thought of cricketers' welfare first and then ony BCCI woke up. What BCCI is doing now, is what they have been ffighting against in the past - the dominance of others. If they have been successful today in their endeavours of the past, they should not forget that they could also meet the same fate. After all wise people do exist in this world. It is painful to read all this rigid policy from a body headed by a respected dignitary. One should remember that India had been raising its voice all through against apartheid!

Posted by Azan on (June 22, 2008, 22:35 GMT)

BCCI have no right to stop any player to play anywhere in the world and i think ICC giving them thier support.BCCI against ICL because Few Of BCCI officals Have some personal Problems With some of the ICL organisor(Capel Dave is one of them) who they won world cup for INDIA. Shame On Lillt Modi,Naranjin Shah and some others

Posted by usurani on (June 22, 2008, 22:29 GMT)

It seems like BCCI is run by a bunch of little kids who's mothers didn't give them candy because they had bad teeth and started crying. Now those kids have grown up and have the money and power and are using it in the most unfair of ways. What did the ICL players and teams with ICL players in them do to deserve this? The answer to this question should not be that they played in the ICL. Thats just ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS! stop acting like a little kid BCCI!

Posted by kingofspain on (June 22, 2008, 22:14 GMT)

I guess if it's a BCCI competition they can set the rules. Who cares? 20/20 is nonsense anyway. Otherwise let's just host it in England-take that BCCI!

Posted by kpepper on (June 22, 2008, 22:09 GMT)

huh! why are australia and sa silent. I believe they are going to quit the tournament and start another championship with england, pakistan and ban IPL from it. Then IPL can play with bangladesh and kenya.

Posted by Harvey on (June 22, 2008, 21:57 GMT)

I don't think most cricket fans in England care whether this tournament even happens, let alone whether English teams take part in it. The fact is that most cricket fans here think there's already too much Twenty20. Unfortunately the game's administrators seem to be either unable or unwilling to listen to us.

Posted by nk83 on (June 22, 2008, 21:52 GMT)

This is pure imperialism in terms of Cricket by India. All the countries just need to following and doing whatever the BCCI tell them to and If they are gonna just try to exploit their powers don't put up with it. I know they are the powerhouse with all the money but if they try to take over just do what they are doing to ICL don't tolerate anything, they are not the boss and if they don't agree then don't play with them or anything. In the extreme measure, other countries need to sacrifice and put cricketing sanctions on them.

Why did the ICC give permission/power to the BCCI to hold a tournament like this? It should be the ICC that's doing this; it would be like the FIFA World Club Cup. ICC needs to step up put a sock in the BCCI and hold that tournament instead of the champions trophy. A ICC World Club Cup is a much better solution without imperialism by the BCCI.

Posted by mcheckley on (June 22, 2008, 21:33 GMT)

Some constructive Trade Unionism is called for here. One would now hope and expect that the ICC would instruct all member nations not to allow their teams to take part unless the BCCI allows those teams to select their players by whatever criteria apply in the home nation. One would expect willing compliance, because this is a move by the BCCI to monopolise world cricket, and no-one outside India (and no real cricket lovers WITHIN India) will want that. India has, we all know, the most vigorous cricket following, but it does not exceed that of the other major Test playing natuins combined.

Posted by soumyaparida on (June 22, 2008, 21:28 GMT)

More to come, I think Pawar would be heading ICC in near future. I think that might be the demise of worl cricket.

I think the other boards should just neglect India, until BCCI drops its arrogance.

Posted by yogikanna on (June 22, 2008, 21:15 GMT)

WTF *&%! It will be shameful for other countries to participate in the tournament, and to just obey BCCI and Modi. All the countries should boycott this tournament, otherwise this will never stop. Utterly shameful powergame by BCCI.

Posted by Jeptic on (June 22, 2008, 21:04 GMT)

I am shocked at the utter blidness of some of the comments I read. First of all, this is a monster created by the ECB. Lets put things in perspective - there is a body that challenges the rules of the BCCI and was barred from the BCCI. England,like in history, showed no respect for India. At the very least, they ought to have try to make a compromise with BCCI before signing up the ICL players - at least out of respect. But the English ARROGANCE chooses not to show any respect to India - Isn't this evident on their reaciton to the IPL? Wake up people. This is analogous to me entertaining your enemies and then when I said that they cannot join the fun, you are pi--ed!!! I think that India and the BCCI is showing strength of character. Although I am not from India, I am happy that they are standing up to the arrogance of the Britons!!! They have raped both India and Austrailia and I am happy that us Aussies are supporting Inida.

Posted by sdhadwal on (June 22, 2008, 21:03 GMT)

I think this is the time for CA, ECB, New Zealand and South African cricket board to step up now and ban BCCI. When all the major sports in India fall under 'Ministery of Sports', how come BCCI is not under Indain government? Cricket is for the people and is not a property of some f***ing morons who can just think of money not cricket. May be years ago Enland and Australia might have given recognition to BCCI. It is the time now to take it back.I am ashamed on path BCCI is following. Itis good to have authority on something, but BCCI is crossing that fine line. It is unsportsman like, disgraceful and will do no good for cricket. Just do it now (ban them)before it becomes too big to handle.

Posted by E11T5 on (June 22, 2008, 20:43 GMT)

yes i totally agree with the BCCI. They have to be strict with these kind of things. They didn't exactly say the ECB cannot participate but they will now have ti recruit non-linked ICL players which i still believ they can do. The BCCI has supported the ICC especially when the ICL started its rebel league so i do believe the BCCI has a say in this. Its like being too cruel to be kind, so everyone please see it in both points of view instead of one.

Posted by neelarch on (June 22, 2008, 20:39 GMT)

Its amazing how much influence BCCI has on world cricket!! Its also shameful for indian law and order that there is no law to actually stop BCCI for doing what they are doing.I would blame india costitution more for this than BCCI.

Posted by Rockster01 on (June 22, 2008, 20:18 GMT)

I believe that the ECB, and most importantly the English counties, should close ranks and tell the BCCI in the politest terms to shove their "champions league". 20 - 20 cricket has a limited lifespan, after 2 weeks of the IPL I think most people outside India had lost interest, I certainly had. I'm even losing interest in our own domestic league, which is too long and too much of a good thing. Let the BCCI take their bat and ball home and play amongst themselves.

Posted by stoned7 on (June 22, 2008, 20:14 GMT)

This is too much. I think its time when ICC should take action and step up to recognize their responsibilities. This is very unfair to crickters like Shane bond and Abdul Razzaq. And if i am reading this correctly ECB announced this championship and they canot participate, unbelievable. IPL was a good idea but i deeply regret that BCCI is considering it as a sport but a corporate who wants to over rule other leagues.

Posted by Ed_Drake on (June 22, 2008, 20:02 GMT)

I am astonished that the BCCI have said "It's just that the BCCI would like the ECB to be seen as taking a decision on this". The "this" is the fact that, in the UK, individuals have rights! Is this really a bad thing? The BCCI should face the fact that there is more to cricket than making dollars and other countries should realize that if England is banned from the Champions League then the tournament will lose credibility as a cricketing event.

Posted by magdoc76 on (June 22, 2008, 19:57 GMT)

What we are witnessing is school stuff by BCCI. All of a sudden i started feeling that even polititians are not as good as BCCI officials in terms of gimmicks.This is such a shame for not only world of cricket but also ECB, the country who found cricket.

Posted by loser989 on (June 22, 2008, 19:55 GMT)

well its apparent the Whitch hunt that the BCCI has instigated is continuing,i just hope the other countries come together and tell the BCCI that they dont hav the right to dictate terms to other countries about who they play in there team,its just rubbish the way there throwing there wait around.And then theres Lalit Modi,the idiot whos credited for the "genius" idea of 20twenty,and who,for some odd reason,keeps finding the cameras at every single ipl game,mostly indirectly.After Kevin Pietersons switch hittings brought the MCC to see if they should ban switching,you`d think the ICC would step in right about now and tell the BCCI that there out of line,but i guess its all about money these days,and that saddens me deeply...i remember a time whn cricket was mostly about pride and big money was just a bonus but nowadays its just over the top...

Posted by rashedsyed on (June 22, 2008, 19:54 GMT)

In my suggestion ICC must shut there operations and give all the rights to BCCI and vanish from the scene of governing cricketting world. They become puppets in the hands of Lalit Modi & Co. My advise to Aus,SA,NZ & all other cricketing nations to boycott the proposed champions trophy in favour to safe cricket before it ruined in the hands of BCCI.

Posted by _IndianCricketFan on (June 22, 2008, 19:52 GMT)

Its very sad and angering to see this non-sense. BCCI is acting like a dictator. If they continue demanding respect, a time will come when they will lose all their respect. I still dont understand why the BCCI wants the ICL to get trampled.

Posted by nk83 on (June 22, 2008, 19:49 GMT)

This is pure imperialism in terms of Cricket by India. All the countries just need to following and doing whatever the BCCI tell them to and If they are gonna just try to exploit their powers don't put up with it. I know they are the powerhouse with all the money but if they try to take over just do what they are doing to ICL don't tolerate anything, they are not the boss and if they don't agree then don't play with them or anything. In the extreme measure, other countries need to sacrifice and put cricketing sanctions on them.

Why did the ICC give permission/power to the BCCI to hold a tournament like this? It should be the ICC that's doing this; it would be like the FIFA World Club Cup. ICC needs to step up put a sock in the BCCI and hold that tournament instead of the champions trophy. A ICC World Club Cup is a much better solution without imperialism by the BCCI.

Posted by utes on (June 22, 2008, 19:25 GMT)

This is atrocious. Being an Indian, I am really ashamed of BCCI. First of all it is a corrupt organization with no accountability. The rest of the Cricket organizations should stand by the English and withdraw from this champions league and even the IPL. If they don't come and play, nobody is going to watch cricket in India and hence there will be no money for BCCI to dictate terms. So what if players played for ICL. It is the game that is being promoted. I wish better sense prevail or else there is going to be civil war among the cricketing community.

Posted by brianbrain on (June 22, 2008, 19:21 GMT)

This farce goes to show what money is doing to sport.Alan Stanford needs to realise the damage he is doing to the game (which i have no doubt)he loves.Tinpot administrators who frankly are out of their depth and threatening the game need to be reigned in and quickly as for this persecution towards players it is just petulance.,I would also like to point out that these players have got employment law on their side and i am afraid counties are stuck to a degree. Part of me has to think that there are politics at work here on a national scale(lets keep the neighbours happy)and this is just an excuse anyway.

Posted by PrafulM on (June 22, 2008, 19:15 GMT)

Well, this is exactly what happens when you select a politician and Industrialists to run any sports body. The GREED takes over and the employees or public (in this case the cricketers and the fans) suffer the most. There are tremendous amount of talent in India and likewise in ICL. Everyone has a RIGHT to earn money and support their family. This arrogant attitude of BCCI run by Politician Sharad Pawar is going to take Indian Cricket into disaster in the end and India will lose its integrity and goodwill in the World of Sports.

The food prices in India and the inflation is out of control and if the President of BCCI focused on his core job as Agriculture Minister and leave the Cricket for the Cricketers, he would do the Nation a great deal of favour.

It is very very unfortunate and the Courts around the World should be moved to Ban BCCI for using Monopolistic and Restrictive practices. The Indian Public should show solidarity and boycott the BCCI sponsored programs. Sorry State!

Posted by akash_reckless on (June 22, 2008, 18:44 GMT)

I dont exactly condone all the efforts the BCCI is putting in to destroy the ICL, but will someone explain the powers-that-be at the BCCI that if they indeed want to decimate ICL, the best way to do it is not by shunning those poor players, but to let them join the cash-rich IPL! Nothing will ground the ICL to dust more cleanly than taking away its players! By banning the ICL players the BCCI is ensuring that those who've joined ICL have nowhere else to go, and so they will put in their best efforts in the only tournament they get to play, which is what is needed to produce good cricket afterall! Those who saw the ICL know that, all the hoopla and hype of the IPL was missing, but the cricket was actually pretty good! By banning the players, BCCI is actually letting IPL's competitor thrive, when it has a chance to beat it once and for all by being magnanimous!

Posted by AsherCA on (June 22, 2008, 18:40 GMT)

The BCCI & ICC have always been bullies when it came to money. Note the way ICC & BCCI went after existing contracts of Indian cricketer sponsors who competed with ICC's sponsors a few years back. Mercenaries from England, Australia, SA etc. who allowed Indians to suffer then are now at the receiving end of bullying tactics of ICC & BCCI. What is now necessary is - 1. Cricketers of the world should notify their local boards (including India) that barring them from representing the country because they are participating in any games while not selected for the country is a restrictive trade practice & take the respective boards to court. 2. BCCI is seen accepting all the b**s that ICC management in the guise of double-standards during match referee hearings & so-called "human errors" but visible match-fixing from Umpires without any argument. ICL should file in a court of law to revoke BCCI's right to represent India on grounds of the fact that BCCI is not seen fighting for India.

Posted by GlobalCricketLover on (June 22, 2008, 18:40 GMT)

who is BCCI to allow or not to allow ECB? why is ECB listening to this crap in the first place? if BCCI blocks ECB, then I think South africa and Australia should pull out too. When ACB and SA are fine with ICL players why should they listen to BCCI which is just 1 of the 4 partners in the champions league..??

Posted by GlobalCricketLover on (June 22, 2008, 18:37 GMT)

what I do not understand is that BCCI cannot make money if other countries don't play against why not the rest of the nations stick together and say a BIG NO to these unethical and illegal bulldozing of BCCI? if teams like Australia, SouthAfrica and England don't play against India where will BCCI get money from? from matches against Hong Kong? no way! I think Australia and England in particular should stand up against this non-sense and stop this once for all.

Posted by Shreyas_Sinkar on (June 22, 2008, 18:36 GMT)

I think BCCI's behaviour is totally unethical and disgraceful.They are trying to act like Godfathers after the launch of IPL.Just because they are the richest cricket boards they think they can dominate the whole cricketing world.ICC should definetly do something about it and can't afford to remain silent.Because of BCCI teams like NZ have lost valuable players like Shane Bond.Why punish the players who have joined ICL just for an earning which they can't get in their own countries.They are not doing anything illegal .Other countries should'nt listen to BCCI.These are not good days for Cricket .Someone should fight against this issue

Posted by GlobalCricketLover on (June 22, 2008, 18:29 GMT)

what's next from the greedy BCCI?? banning the audience who attended or watched the ICL matches??? they are just going from being unprofessional to silly to bizarre!! I simply hope someone from India sues this blood-sucking board! I wonder how could all these events happen in a supposed to be 'democracy'!

Posted by drpranab on (June 22, 2008, 18:10 GMT)

The idiots at BCCI have to understand that the more they try to stigmatize the ICL ,the more they are ensuring their downfall. History stands witness to this fact. If we organize a local Gully or club tournament,will the BCCI ban us. Maybe not because no money is involved here. may justice prevail

Posted by Dine on (June 22, 2008, 18:07 GMT)

This is the most insane thing. See this puts the whole country's pride in question. A set of people who haven't even represented their country in the game of cricket and rule the sport for the world. I really say this is CHEAP. How can you decide the future, the bread and butter of international cricketers. These cricketers have been treated as race horses.

Posted by saurabh.somani on (June 22, 2008, 18:01 GMT)

if any of the cricket administrators in australia and south africa had a real 'love of the game' as they often proclaim, they should boycott the champion's league and its ridiculous laws. its useless to expect the bcci to do anything for they have shown time and again that money is all that matters to them, and they cannot be pointed or nudged in the right direction. they need to be kicked into it - by others if need be, since we indians are so cricket crazy we put up with their shameful treatment of the great game.

Posted by Shanky123 on (June 22, 2008, 17:40 GMT)

If BCCI is ruling the game of cricket then ICC should close there office and sit at home.Let BCCI rule the world of cricket and dictate there terms on who plays and who not.BCCI has shown that money rules and not the cricket talent.Kudos to IPL Modi.

Posted by ashwin_547 on (June 22, 2008, 17:38 GMT)

Shameful acts from the BCCI, since when did they control world cricket? I thought the ICC did that? They are not doing their job, and its about time ICC stepped in and told BCCI that they can go flip themselves. New Zealand are getting hammered without Shane Bond and if they let him play they will incur massive fines that they cannot afford. BCCI does not rule world cricket - ICC does! They should step up now, or just Australia and South Africa should just take a stance and say okay you can go to hell, were not sending our teams, how do you like that?

Posted by Zaeb on (June 22, 2008, 17:22 GMT)

The BCCI is not more than a joker who tries to attract attention every now and then and grab money. From my opinion ECB should counter-attack BCCI and boycott them. These are so sick,ridiculous and unlawful tactics from BCCI. Everyone has the right to earn his livelihood. ICL players had done nothing wrong in picking a way to earn by their skill of cricket.. ECB and other boards should gather and dump the money-hungry BCCI and boycott them from hosting all cricket events. It's a must situation for ECB to react strongly.

Posted by sun2 on (June 22, 2008, 17:04 GMT)

BCCI has proved once again that it is run by fools and not cricket administrators, What they are doing is they are making ICL even bigger and they are dividing the cricketing nations. It will be foolish to believe that ECB will not retaliate . Already Stanford has signed a 20million Dollar 'winner takes all' deal. I wooldnt be surprised if Mr Subhash Chandra will offer even bigger amount of money for his tournament. This will just get more uglier, in coming days. One thing is for sure... "ICL is here to stay whether Mr Modi and CO like it or not.

Posted by SammyV on (June 22, 2008, 16:50 GMT)

The BCCI needs to relax on its rules, i personally think theses rules are stupid and unfair to both the players of the ICL and the English Counties they play for.

What is wrong with a little friendly competition?? Why discriminate against players cause they play for a league. I think its about time for Cricketers to stick up for other Cricketers.

Posted by sam4951 on (June 22, 2008, 16:10 GMT)

The BCCI is being highly unfair. This all reeks of trying to be monopolistic. The players should be free to ply their trade which whatever organization they feel is helping them more ...

Posted by Zsam on (June 22, 2008, 15:59 GMT)

As an Indian it is numbing to see that the BCCI as so hubristic and extreme. Their attempt to bulldoze the ICL players and other national boards, just because its sits on the largest cricket market is downright evil. And it has picked on an issue that may not stand legal or moral scrutiny, and if challenged, could seriously erode its authority. The ECB and other boards should resist the BCCI, as its actions infringe on their sovereignty. These old hawks are a very bad advertisement for an emerging India, that aspires to project a responsible and moral leadership in tomorrow's comity of nations.

Posted by chandy.brown on (June 22, 2008, 15:34 GMT)

The BCCI are entering into a period of ugly dominance. As an Indian, instead of feeling proud of an Indian entity commanding respect, I feel ashamed of the BCCI and its anti-competition policies. No one can deny the fact that after the advent of the ICL, the quality of life of the domestic players has risen multi-fold, which comes back to the point that competition creates a healthy world. The BCCI is not a government entity elected by the people of India. It's just another organisation taking care of cricket in India. I really do believe that one day all this is going to break and the wheels are going to come off, either in an Indian Court or somewhere else in the world. I would be happy to see, that one day this organisation will lose all its respect, for it's not commanding respect by its duties, but by the sheer money power. Don't forget, the money that the BCCI is able to raise is because of the common people. There is nothing the BCCI is doing extra that others are not doing.

Posted by Lennon_Marx on (June 22, 2008, 15:26 GMT)

This is an utter disgrace. I would hope that the remaining countries involved in the Champions league simply decide to boycott the one currently proposed and instead host one with the ICL champions and runners up representing India.

That it was England who announced that such a trophy would occur is the most horrendous thing in this mess, the BCCI simply cannot continue to be let to determine the entirety of cricket policy for the health of the game. One country's board cannot simply be given this amount of power, and have the game continue in a healthy manner

But alas the other cricket boards have become far too weak willed to deal with the BCCI the way it deserves to be dealt with.

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