Eng v Ind, 5th Investec Test, The Oval, 3rd day August 17, 2014

India's third-worst defeat in Tests

A stats review at the end of the fifth Test between India and England at The Oval

Virat Kohli's numbers in this series have been among India's worst by a top-four batsman © Getty Images

7 Number of Tests India have lost by an innings and 200 runs or more. Four of them have come against England, with this innings-and-244-run loss at third on that list. India have lost by bigger margins against England in 1974 and against West Indies in 1958.

36 Number of years since India lost three Test series in a row. Over the past eight months, India have been defeated in South Africa, New Zealand and now England. The last time they lost three consecutive series was between 1976-78, going down to England, Australia and then Pakistan.

26 Number of times India have been routed for 100 or less in an innings. The last time India suffered the ignominy was against South Africa at Ahmedabad in April 2008. India have never won a Test after being bowled out for less than 100, but England have won six Tests, Australia four, New Zealand and South Africa two each, while Pakistan have won one from the same circumstances.

134 Number of runs for Virat Kohli in this series, making it the second-lowest aggregate by a top-four batsman having played at least 10 innings. The lowest is also by an Indian, Chandu Sarwate, who scored only 100 runs against Australia in 1947-48.

22.2 Cheteshwar Pujara's batting average in this series. This is the poorest for an Indian No. 3, over a minimum of five innings in a Test series in England.

97.12 Joe Root's average in 2014. He has 777 runs, 518 of which have come in the five matches against India to be the top-scorer of the series.

78 Number of years since a team has won the last three Tests of a five-match series after trailing at the end of the first two. England were at the receiving end in the 1936 Ashes, when they led the home side, Australia 2-0. Don Bradman made 810 runs in that series and was instrumental in the turnaround.

5 Number of series in which India have been bowled out for less than 200 five times. The last instance was against England in 1976-77. The most times that India have succumbed for less than 200 during a series is seven, during India's tour to England in 1959.

177 Number of runs India have gained from extras in this series, exactly as much as Ravindra Jadeja has contributed. Some of India's top-order batsmen have contributed fewer though - Kohli only managed 134 runs, while Dhawan had 122.

29.2 Number of overs faced by India in their second innings at The Oval, the fewest overs needed to dismiss them in the last six years. India have only been bowled out in fewer overs six times, the least being 17 overs, when India were bundled out for 42 at Lord's in 1974.

380 Number of wickets for James Anderson in Tests. He is only four away from beating Ian Botham as the highest wicket-taker for England.

17 Number of dismissals made by MS Dhoni, the most by an Indian keeper against England in a Test series. He had accumulated 16 in 2006 and 13 in 2011 and figures thrice in the top five

Bishen Jeswant is a stats sub editor at ESPNcricinfo. @bishen_jeswant

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  • Hristiyan on August 22, 2014, 14:21 GMT

    India were a good sparing partner for England indeed. Pretty poor cricket by the Indians after the first two matches. I'll say - it's easy to judge when you aren't the one in the middle, but on the other hand, India performed poor! And that's a fact! I'm definitely not a supporter of either side, but I support good and competitive cricket. And that's something we didn't see from team India in the fifth match.

    Anyway I agree that Dhoni is not a good captain. He just has a good team.

  • Sukanya on August 18, 2014, 21:07 GMT

    @Tom de Sailor, thanks for taking the time to read my rant! Our bowlers have been highly inconsistent - remember the 710/7 by England - only 3 wickets at the end of 160 overs ? Or only 5 wickets at Wellington (where McCullum went on to score 300+)? In the same match Ishant took 6 wickets in the first innings and 0 in the second? 659/4 by Australia? (Our batsmen scored 400 in the 3rd innings!). 620/4 by South Africa?

    From Wadekar's times, India has a 'quick-blame-the-captain' attitude. Dhone has won 6 matches outside India (7 if he had not sat out due to a bad spasm), second only to Dada. (Thanks to cricinfo's statsguru where one can spend a delightful afternoon). And his wins have been in NZ, RSA, WI, England, SL & Bangladesh. Our bowlers are capable, they are committed to the cause - but lack the training and experience outside the sub-continent. We need the coaches and BCCI staff to be held accountable, not just the captain or a single bowler. Well, may be Shami this time! Cheers!

  • Dummy4 on August 18, 2014, 16:47 GMT

    @suksub Our bowlers did really well.. The chances they created where mostly put own or in Dhoni's case not attempted at all(one such drop turned the series on its head), where as the English bowlers had quarter chances converted into wickets.. So dont blame the bowlers.. Also BCCI's adamncy against DRS cost India quite a few wickets too.. Dhoni did bat well but his captaincy, team selection & keeping were atrocious.. Conidering the fact that he is a totally different person whie captaining in ODIs, his body language too showed a kind of disinterest in tests.. which is rubbing off on others too.. If India are to win an overseas match, they need a new captain, a new keeper & some good slip fielders.. Dhoni, based on current form, can be in the team as a pure batsman.. Pujara will bounce back.. Gambhir, Jadeja & Binny were poor choices in the squad, let alone the playing XI.. Ishant is just an average bowler now.. We need some change.. better lose trying than losing in the same old ways

  • Muthuvel on August 18, 2014, 9:37 GMT

    India did well in first two tests, where 1-0 ahead, the tally which SL won Eng over. Third test, Cook,Balance,Bell were good and lucky by equal measure, got lives or bad decisions or both ! and made 100 runs more each. India batted ok but umpiring mistakes were too costly. But 4th and 5th Tests were abject failures, fourth one poor decision to bat first by Dhoni, 5th they just did not have the spirit to compete. India have done badly but its understandable, there would be some team changes, U yadav/bhumra will come in, jadeja,Pankaj,rohit will go out.Dhoni must resign as captain probably make Gambir or Ashwin captain. India needed Pujara and Kholi to support Vijay they did not, they needed someone to support Bhuv, when Ishant did they won when Shami/Pankaj failed they failed.

  • Ez on August 18, 2014, 9:05 GMT

    More interesting stats -

    1. India has now suffered 8 innings defeat under the captaincy of Dhoni - 7 of them abroad.

    2. More than half of his defeats abroad are innings defeats.

  • Dummy4 on August 18, 2014, 7:19 GMT

    Frankly speaking, all Dhoni had to do was to bring Gambhir from third Test where he would have been less under pressure and shuffle the batting order at no:3,4 & 5. It would have made a huge difference to the team and the individuals at that position.

  • Dummy4 on August 18, 2014, 6:03 GMT

    Ha Ha............. over the years everyone says India have emerged, but they just proved it wrong again in England under Dhoni's terrible captaincy yet again............... He is never a comparison 2 Dada .......... Dhoni the worst captain India ever had......... Like the post if u really think what i said is true......

  • Dummy4 on August 18, 2014, 5:56 GMT

    Batmanian hits it on the head.

    We have seen plenty of sub-continent teams struggle with technique in England (and in New Zealand, and in South Africa). This is not new.

    We have seen plenty of very one sided test series between all manner of different teams.

    What I have never seen in lifetime of watching cricket is a team just give up so abjectly and obviously in a test series. That's what should REALLY be bothering all cricket fans. It was disgraceful and very poor for our sport.

  • Android on August 18, 2014, 5:47 GMT

    @rajkumar2 very well said..never give up hope..India should reclaim their momentum in odi series as a is did against England in previous ashes..odi team looking decent excluding binny. .as the same team has won champions trophy previous year..

  • DEEPAK on August 18, 2014, 5:40 GMT

    Was Happy the way ind started d series with 1 draw & 1 win.Never Imagined in my dreams dat we wil lose d next 3 matches in Kenya style.Wat was hurting-Ind never lookd like a fighter.Look at Aus or SA,even if they lose,but they go down fighting. There is a difference in LOSING & SURRENDERING. D last series in SA & NZ was atleast an improvement. This time don't think so its Dhoni's fault, its d Batsmen who let us down. D bowling was ok ok. Atleast they did take wkts- but sloppy fielding made it look worst. No point in playing a 5 Test series. Should stick to 2 Test series. It doesn't sound Humiliating when u lose 2-0 !!

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