County news October 1, 2009

Kabir Ali remains at Worcester

Cricinfo staff

Kabir Ali will remain at Worcestershire in 2010, but only because no other county has been prepared to buy out the final year of his contract.

The county's chief executive Mark Newton explained that Kabir had been allowed to speak to other counties until September 30 and they had agreed that had he then expressed a wish to move he would be released from his contract upon receipt of a compensation fee of £60,000 to the club.

"No compensation fee or offer has been forthcoming so Kabir remains in contract and permission to talk to other counties is no longer in place," Newton said. "We do not want to lose Kabir as he is one of the finest seam bowlers in the country and has been with the club for 10 years. He is one of our prized players and we need him to spearhead our attack next season.

"Kabir has already told us that if he remained with the club he would give 100% next season and we know that he will. He wants nothing more than to be out in the middle as it is only out there he can regain his England place which is his and the club's prime motivation.

"That is the current position as far as the Club is concerned although all lines of communication remain open."

Other counties had expressed an interest in signing Kabir but none had been prepared to pay compensation to do so.