Women's World Cup 2013 November 21, 2012

Women's World Cup trophy detained at airport

ESPNcricinfo staff

The 2013 Women's World Cup trophy replica, brought to Mumbai for a promotional launch of the event, has been detained by the customs officials at the Mumbai airport. The tournament will be held in the city early next year. The trophy arrived via baggage from Dubai, and according to customs rules trophies can only be brought into the country through cargo.

"The trophy should be brought through cargo. In the past we have notified that it shouldn't be part of the baggage. Prior permissions are required to bring them as part of baggage. As per the regulation, the authorities will have to pay a duty on it," Airports customs official PM Saleem told Times of India.

Saleem also mentioned that he had received a letter from the BCCI requesting for an exemption from taxes. However, without documents signifying the approval of the central government in this regard, the trophy will not be released, it is understood.

An ICC spokesperson, however, mentioned that the ICC possessed all the necessary paperwork to avoid this.

"Despite having all the appropriate paperwork, Mumbai Customs decided to confiscate the trophy. This is the third time. The first time was when they confiscated the 2011 ICC World Cup marketing trophy, then the World T20 marketing trophy and now the ICC Women's World Cup marketing trophy. All the trophies are replicas," he said.

In 2011, the trophy awarded to the Indian team after they won the World Cup had been the original trophy that had arrived in the country much earlier: the replica had been taken back to Dubai following a similar customs roadblock.