India v West Indies, 1st Test, New Delhi, 2nd day November 7, 2011

Baugh's brilliant wicketkeeping

Plays of the Day from the first day of the Test between India and West Indies at the Kotla

The foot fault
It's a sight batsmen were increasingly used to for 20 years, looking back to see the stumps splayed and a West Indian slip cordon celebrating. It happened again before lunch at the Kotla, when Virender Sehwag was bowled, but jubilation was cut short by a no-ball call. It was marginal, but Fidel Edwards would have to wait to get his only wicket of the innings.

The stumping
Sehwag had raced to a 36-ball 50, and there were few quickened pulses in the crowd initially when West Indies went up for a leg-side stumping. But Carlton Baugh had been watching Sehwag's back foot as he reached forward to Devendra Bishoo and he timed it perfectly. Too early or too late and the foot wouldn't have been airborne. On such moments do Tests turn.

The catch
R Ashwin had shown plenty of signs of batting ability in the one-day arena. On his Test debut, India needed him to help Rahul Dravid rebuild the innings. Baugh had other ideas though, moving smartly down the leg side to snaffle a glance - a difficult chance made to look simple.

The celebration
Carelessness was the name of India's batting game on Monday. The one exception, apart from the unlucky Gautam Gambhir, was Sachin Tendulkar, beaten by a quick delivery that nipped back in. Edwards' exuberant celebration took him down the pitch and then all the way to square leg. Once he calmed down, there was no yellow card waiting though.

The showstopper
Darren Sammy's celebration after Dravid's dismissal belonged to a Broadway musical. With only Pragyan Ojha and Umesh Yadav for company, Dravid went for a rare extravagant pull after batting resolutely for more than two hours. The ball looped into Sammy's hands at square leg and he showed just how much the wicket mattered by launching himself into the air and performing three heel-clicks. Whatever else they may say about Sammy, he sure knows how to express himself on a cricket field.

The crowd
With it being a public holiday for Eid, there was a healthy turnout and plenty of noise in the stands. There were two small contingents of West Indian fans, waving Trinidad & Tobago flags, their jubilation echoing around the Kotla at the fall of every Indian wicket. When Dhoni's off stump was knocked over, the cries of joy from two women in the old clubhouse silenced an entire stand of noisy Delhi-ites. One of the women was Mrs Richie Richardson, the former West Indies captain and current team manger. The pity was that the good numbers could have been larger but there was little opportunity for fans to come to the ground and buy tickets at the gate. If Test cricket is losing ground, it's not fan apathy that is to blame, but administrative confusion.

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  • Vaidyanathan on November 8, 2011, 6:37 GMT

    @SpartaArmy, @PaddyRasta and the others calling it sour grapes:

    Note this para: Jack Russell once stumped me a good 10 seconds after I'd missed a sweep down the leg side from Martyn Ball. He knew I had to regain my balance some time and waited until I did, whipping the bails off at the precise moment my back foot left the ground.

    Batsmen have to regain balance when they sweep even if their feet is inside and the foot will come off most of the time. No one waits for the chance, cos it's not fair. He didn't go past the crease or look for a run. Fair enough, I'll move the ball to the bowler and not wait for him to over-balance etc.

  • Dummy4 on November 8, 2011, 3:46 GMT

    This WI team is playing with heart, passion and a desire to win. Due to their inexperience especially in the top order, it will take some time for them to settle,gel, get the hang of Test cricket and its requirements for success. I love my fellow Bajan and Combermerian Brathwaite, but he's got to find a way to get the ball away, pick the gaps, rotate the strike. He can't look to block every ball. If he does, the bowlers will get on top, get you out and the team will be none the better for your contribution. This is where skill & maturity are combined. The team has a legendary batsman as its batting instructor/coach, Dessie Haynes. Am sure he will work with Braff & co. about the finer points of batting. Barath should be Braff's opening partner as this fellow Powell isn't ready. India's middle order is old and brittle. Still good for an occasional flash of brilliance, but not like previously. England showed them up them big time and though we're not England, I'm still expecting us to win

  • Dummy4 on November 8, 2011, 3:21 GMT

    Agree with the writer Aga totally on the last point about administrative apathy. I have gone for matches in Chennai, Bangalore & Hyderabad. I have noticed that only Chennai sells tickets on a daily basis. There is a little bit of publicity in local newspapers about the stands & ticket pricing. Hyderabad is the worst. Even for Champions League they were not selling tickets at the stadium when it was half empty. Administration does not care about the fans. By the way the lesser said about the facilities the better. By the way I am in my 40s and I have been to Lords Wimbledon etc... The spectator is King there. Tickets are sold an year or 6 months in advance. If BCCI is serious about this sport they have to buck up. I am willing to volunteer as I am a self employed professional and am willing to offer my services on how to improve fan presence at these venues. I have the time and the inclination.

  • Dheeraj on November 8, 2011, 2:58 GMT

    I think that we aren't giving due credit to WI by saying that our batsmen threw away their wickets. Most of the catches were to well-placed fielders. As for luck, India had its own share of good luck with several edges helping us race away to 89/1. All in all, I think the game reflects the correct levels of effort/seriousness shown by both teams.

  • Ahmad on November 8, 2011, 2:27 GMT

    @ Yvette Ferguson Why bring back gayle? he doesnt make a different in Test Cricket, i would only have him in T20 or OD but not test we need more player like Chaderpaul in the team who is dedicate to West Indies, Gayle isnt he only care about Money. This young team is showing dedication, only problem they dont have experience, but they will learn. I hope this team go on and give a fight to India, I dont expect a Win from West Indies, because even with West Indies best 11, India alway come back hard agains them check past test clashing between the two side and you will see what i mean, West Indies havent won a Test Match since 2002, the lost the last 3 test Series 2011 Sammy (1-0 (3 match)) 2006 Lara 1-0 (4 Match), C Hooper 2003 2-0 (3 Matches).

  • Dummy4 on November 8, 2011, 0:35 GMT

    well done baugh. bring back gayle.russel should be in the team.

  • shurwayne on November 7, 2011, 23:20 GMT

    excellent work west indies..they took you guys for a most people put you, as weaklings...i remember in the caribbean they won 1 nil but never impressed in all the games you were in position to win until you screwed up....keep working hard at this will work out....

  • bhanu on November 7, 2011, 21:53 GMT

    @vaidyar That rule is not just for SEHWAG or VVS, its for every one. Thats wat makes playing turnig ball more difficult and interesting. Keep your feet on the ground until the ball is dead, as simple as it. These two players have one thing in common, MINIMAL FOOTWORK.Hmmm!! it must got to do some thing with over balacing.

  • PATRICK on November 7, 2011, 21:44 GMT

    @vaidyar Sounds like sour grapes to me. Sehwag's dismissal was a totally legal one and in the spirit of the game. Whether grounding bat or foot to be in, this is the rule and this is part of what makes the complex game of cricket a great game. If he had hit the ball, he would not have been stumped. Simple - if you miss the ball, you have to make sure that either bat or foot is grounded immediately. Great keeping by Baugh - Play of the Day.

  • Dummy4 on November 7, 2011, 21:40 GMT

    Great to see the West Indians back to winning ways playing disciplined cricket. The World needs a great West Indian team. This from an Indian fan. Getting rid of cash rich IPL prima donnas like Gayle seems to have done them a world of good. India should do the same with their cash rich IPL prima donnas and things might start to get better.

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