India v West Indies, 3rd Test, Mumbai, 4th day November 25, 2011

Tendulkar's dismissal was planned - Rampaul

N Hunter

Can you set up Sachin Tendulkar? Apparently yes, according to Ravi Rampaul. Ottis Gibson, the West Indies coach, had a brief chat early on Friday morning with Rampaul, one half of the visitors' new-ball pair. Gibson, a former Windies fast bowler himself, sketched out a plan, asking Rampaul to keep an off stump line, pull his length back and surprise Tendulkar with the bounce. Rampaul did all that, and successfully trapped Tendulkar six short of a much-awaited century.

"This morning while we were warming up, the coach and I were chatting about how we were going to bowl at him and out him," Rampaul said at the end of the day's play. The plan was to basically get closer to the wicket and just angle the ball away from him. He nicked it and it was a good feeling."

Tendulkar had started off briskly, with a couple of punched drives for fours, and an upper-cut six off Fidel Edwards. The visitors opted for the second new ball first thing in the morning and Rampaul was trying to hit the seam, just short of length, keeping an off stump line in his attempt to make Tendulkar play. It took him a few overs to hit the right stride. Also he noticed that Tendulkar was playing him from out of his crease.

"He was batting out of his crease, trying to get the ball a little fuller so I realised that and pulled back my length. The ball before actually bounced as well. It was just the right ball at the right time," is how Rampaul described the wicket.

Asked if he it was the best wicket in his 12-Test career, Rampaul did rank it high on his list. "It was a big moment," he said. "The atmosphere was huge and there was lot of crowd support for him. He is a big wicket."

It did not take much time for the hate messages to float on planet Twitter, where sharp verbal darts were being thrown at the quiet man from Trinidad & Tobago. According to Rampaul, the bad vibes against him were heard even at the ground. "I got that as soon as Sachin got out. When I went back to the boundary it was not all that nice," Rampaul said about being heckled by the Mumbai fans. "That is life and that is how cricket goes. I know a lot of fans are down and heartbroken but we can't just let him go and play freely. We had our job to do, much as he had his job to do."

Immediately after Tendulkar's departure, India suffered a double-jolt when Darren Sammy spread-eagled MS Dhoni's stumps with a fuller-length delivery, which Dhoni tried playing with poor footwork. Two wickets for nine runs, three overall before lunch, had the West Indies' spirits high. However, the inexperienced pair of Virat Kohli and R Ashwin played with resolve and their 97-run partnership for the seventh wicket helped India recover fast. Ashwin further frustrated Sammy and his troops with a fluent century.

Rampaul insisted that the bowlers had not relaxed after Tendulkar's wicket, and instead gave credit to Kohli and Ashwin for their pluck. "They really batted well," Rampaul said. "Ashwin came out and assessed the wicket and batted according to the conditions. Kohli also did well. When the partnership was building we just tried to stick to our plans, restrict them, and hoping that they will give away their hand. The wicket is not one where you could blast out anybody or spin out anyone. You just have to stick to the basics and stick to the team plans."

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  • dummy4fb on November 26, 2011, 11:50 GMT

    ‎"We planned for the drawn tie from yesterday. Coach Gibson asked us to get out for 134 and then contain India to 242 to make it a drawn tie. We executed the plan very well " - Rampaul

  • Jaggadaaku on November 26, 2011, 8:46 GMT

    Tendulkar's wicket was well planned?? My foot! Tendulkar's mind is just like 10 years old's mind. He always gets nervous, scared, and excited so easily. And many people have known he wouldn't get his 100th ton in Bombay. That is the reason the Wankhede was so empty even though they reduced the price as low as Rs. 50 in Bombay match. I even know he wouldn't get his 100th ton in his whole life. Because the waiting of 100th International ton is became too long now. Every player makes century in this series so easily. Laxman and Dhoni blasted centuries so long time ago and they both made centuries in previous test. The bowler-Ashvin blasted a century in this test at very critical situation, but so-called the greatest batsman of the century missed it here and a lot of places. So, these days getting Sachin's wicket is so easy and doesn't need any plan to do that. And every bowler in the world always plans when he bowls, so that is not a new thing.

  • ravi_musti on November 26, 2011, 6:07 GMT

    Plan? 94 runs away? And it was we-hit-the-rock-bottom-after-our-many-glory-years WI that figured a "trap" to get Sachin out when the top test teams of the decade couldn't? Yeah, right! And with regards to the many comments here about how Sachin needs to make way, why exactly? He is performing, so is Dravid and Laxman. You don't kick old players out of your team when they're playing like they did at their peak, when bowlers around the world still fear them. Yuvraj was given a chance, and look how beautifully he handled that one. Now Kohli has got the chance and sooner or later it will be Rohit Sharma.

  • dummy4fb on November 26, 2011, 5:59 GMT

    I seriously doubt the intelligence of people who think sachin can't be set up. Every bowler in the world plans against the batsmen. Hey watch videos, chart out plan against sachin, Dravid, laxman, gambhir, ponting, kallis and every single batsman. Sometimes plan work out, sometimes don't. Sachin has been out atleast a thousand times in his international and first class career. Half of them must have been planned. The only thing that makes me wonder is whether west indies players are so naive and immature that they have to claim that they planned it or is it the reporters who were so stupid to ask rampaul whether the wicket was just by chance and the poor guy had to defend it!!! And to answer ur question- Yes, you can set up sachin tendulkar. The fact that Dravid has survived more balls and spent more hours on pitch in 15yrs than sachin had in 22yrs proves that it's in fact easier to set tendulkar up than Dravid.

  • sachinpuri85 on November 26, 2011, 5:52 GMT

    So the strategy was let him score 94 runs and then get him out. Also on the morning with the new ball he hit 2 beautiful four runs and then make a mistake and get him out. Pure luck = strategy After the great West Indian players retired the only way for them to win a game has been by "strategy"

  • Pathiyal on November 26, 2011, 5:33 GMT

    this young WI team is showing a lot of promise. i hope they will revive as one of the most feared teams. wish sammy & co, all the very best. i wish chris gayle will soon get into the it at the cost of the board.

  • elevenrookystars on November 26, 2011, 5:10 GMT

    what the hell is planning man u have to stop him to score 94 also that's why WI losses matches they just concentrate on stoping players to get century so they let them make 70, 80, 90.

  • dummy4fb on November 26, 2011, 4:45 GMT

    Planned !! Were they waiting till Tendulkar gets 94 to execute this plan... All these are common... Only once you get a wicket you tell it is planned. And by the by , how did he create that extra bounce ?? Has he made some adjustments on the pitch the previous night ? Then he needs to be punished... Planned it seems :P

  • Sautrik on November 26, 2011, 4:35 GMT

    rampaul ur a real clever guy aren't you? lets get sachin out after he gets 94... apart from the 100th 100 hype, 94 is a great score, and it must be considered the bowler's bad bowling that they didnt get him out before, below 50.

  • dummy4fb on November 26, 2011, 4:32 GMT

    @spnkingKK - Oh how badly you wish the world worked according to your thinking.

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