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Lodha proposals hearing postponed to April 5

The court might decide to approach the Lodha Committee to review 'very limited points' when the hearing reopens © Getty Images

Friday's hearing in the Supreme Court relating to how the BCCI plans to implement the various recommendations proposed by the Lodha Committee in January, has been postponed to April 5. According to the legal counsels involved in the case, as per the supplementary list released by the Supreme Court, they were informed that the bench will not be sitting on Friday. There was no specific reason given for the postponement.

This allows the BCCI a bit more breathing space as it was expected to face further chin music from the two-judge bench of the Supreme Court hearing the case.

At the last hearing, held on March 3, the bench comprising Chief Justice TS Thakur and Justice Ibrahim Kalifullah strongly retorted at every argument raised against the Lodha Committee recommendations by the host of counsels representing the BCCI and various state associations.

Offering minor respite to the BCCI, the court said that it would ascertain whether the objections raised against a few of the recommendations could be entertained. If the bench could not sort it, it said, then it would approach the Lodha Committee to review "very limited points".

When the hearing reopens, the BCCI is likely to present detailed audited accounts statements of the board's disbursement to the states in the last five years. That was one specific demand of the court at the March 3 hearing, as the bench wanted to know how the states had spent the money on development of infrastructure among other things.

*15:45 GMT - This story was updated following the news that the hearing was postponed

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  • Nathan on March 21, 2016, 14:22 GMT

    @RajuRamki - noted your comments on Lodha committee report and yes, some of the suggestions may be reviewed again, but not all the recommendations. Definitely the age restrictions for the politicians should be applied in Govt. governance too. Any politician above the age of 70 should sensibly stay away from the governance or even from politics. They are just hanging around for the addiction of power and creating their own dynastic rule. Ideally speaking, no politician should be allowed to head any of the SPORTS bodies of the country. Except for BCCI which had copious finance at its disposal, none of the other bodies have made any impact to the game or the players associated with that game. One such body that requires a serious revisit is the Indian Olympic Committee and its personnel - what a shame that a country of 1B+ population, is struggling to provide athletes with caliber to excel in Olympics. Lodha report and views, is a major upgrade & the need of the hour in all sports bodies

  • Venkat on March 18, 2016, 4:00 GMT

    Certain guidelines of the Lodha committee are arbitrary . If a politician has no age limit for contesting an election , why should BCCI office bearers be limited ? Why should not an office bearer serve for more than 2/3 terms , if he is good enough ? It is upto the Govt to ensure that the system runs properly .

  • Oneiric on March 17, 2016, 16:21 GMT

    Courteous of Supreme Court for the postponement, the obvious reason I think is the ongoing T20 World cup which ends on 3rd April. The court, in view if national interest didn't want to put BCCI in an awkward situation during a world event.

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