Indian Premier League 2009 April 1, 2009

Multiple-captain idea ridiculous - Vengsarkar

Cricinfo staff

The former India captain Dilip Vengsarkar has ridiculed John Buchanan's multiple-captain theory and has said Sourav Ganguly should lead the Kolkata Knight Riders when the second season of the IPL gets underway in South Afica on April 18.

"This is ridiculous. It is a mockery of the game with four captains telling the captain what to do and I'll be glad to see [Sourav] Ganguly back at the helm of the Knight Riders," Vengsarkar said. "Suppose there is one ball to go and six runs to be scored and then four guys come to advise. It can happen to Ganguly himself. I want Ganguly to go to Buchanan, whose idea it is, and ask him what to do."

Buchanan's radical theory to have four or five captains leading the side thorugh the tournament was seen as a complete change to the whole approach to captaincy and leadership in cricket.

The Knight Riders however put a lid on the controversy by releasing a statement yesterday saying that during a game the team would resort to a group of "strategists" who would report to one on-field captain while making decisions.

Despite the latest decision, team sources said a compromise formula could lead to Sourav Ganguly captaining the team in the first five games after which, based on the team's position, the role will be open to others.