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Three to watch

As ever, the IPL has thrown up a few notable young players. Here's a look at the pick of this year's crop

Harsha Bhogle

May 10, 2013

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Sanju Samson has made a big impact in his debut season, Rajasthan Royals v Delhi Daredevils, IPL, Jaipur, May 7, 2013
Teen sensation: Sanju Samson © BCCI

The IPL trophy has a wonderful line inscribed on it. "Where talent meets opportunity," it says, and it is a thought I wish many institutions believed in.

But what the IPL can do is to provide the platform, offer the opportunity; it cannot do more. It is up to talent to make the most of the meeting provided. And year upon year, we look at people who might have made the most of the opportunity. Players have looked promising, even dazzled briefly, but haven't always managed to repeat their success, and that, really, is the true determinant of class.

Ability in Twenty20 need not translate into success at one-day cricket, let alone in Test cricket, but what it must do, at the very least, is to ensure repeat performances in T20 cricket. That is what players like Siddharth Trivedi and Rajat Bhatia do, and that is admirable enough.

Given that, and given that teams have now played three quarters of their games, I am happy to put forward my nominations for the year. I am picking three players whom I hope I will see a lot more of in the days ahead. They have looked very good in T20 cricket but there is something about them that suggests they have a future in the longer forms, and that has been a factor in nominating them.

Amid a crop of young Indian medium-pacers, Mohit Sharma has stood out. At first sight there is little about him that is dramatic: he does not have the prodigious swing of Bhuvneshwar Kumar, not the bounce and vigour that had once marked Ishant Sharma as someone special, nor the obvious pace of Umesh Yadav. You would almost look at him and say: we've seen him before. But game after game, he has bowled within the Powerplay overs, has bowled to some of the world's best, and has been in the contest.

His first-class record is impressive (44 wickets from 11 Ranji Trophy games and good economy rates in one-day and T20 cricket) and, at 24, he is now the right age for a new-ball bowler. There is a bunch of those at the moment and almost all of them have been erratic, and that is a cautionary signal (top of mind: MS Gony, Jaydev Unadkat, Shami Ahmed, Dhawal Kulkarni, Sudeep Tyagi). Last year Harshal Patel of RCB looked impressive, and Siddarth Kaul has looked good in the few opportunities he has had, but Mohit Sharma has been consistent and his captain, MS Dhoni, is not one to pick players idly.

I must confess I am more excited about the next two. There is something about a legspinner that makes you stop and watch. Even in a community the members of which must have a trick up their sleeve every time, the legspinner stands apart because he plies a difficult trade. He must have turn, he must get bounce; nip off the track is a basic necessity; he must bowl the googly and the straight ball, whether flipper or topspinner (or both ideally). It is not a profession you would recommend to most, and so most good legspinners must revel in the challenge. Karan Sharma looks like he does too.

Ability in T20 need not translate into success at one-day cricket, let alone in Test cricket, but what it must do, at the very least, is to ensure repeat performances in T20 cricket

His is a busy action and it contributes to every delivery and he makes batsmen hurry their shots. But most important, he seems to have the big legbreak. I am exercising caution here because you don't get to see enough in T20, where you don't get to set up a batsman as much; but there is great ability there.* Indian cricket will let itself down if Karan is allowed to get lost.

And then, this young kid from Kerala. There is a boyishness to Sanju Samson that is somehow rare in 18-year-olds. There is a bravado in him that is characteristic of his age, and which you saw in his innings of 63 from 41 balls in a chase of 171 against Royal Challengers. But he is also intelligent enough to adapt, and I particularly enjoyed his 36-ball 40 on a slow track at Eden Gardens against Knight Riders. And then he came out at No. 6 in a tough chase against Pune Warriors in Jaipur. Twenty-nine were needed from 17 balls in a must-win game and even two or three balls poorly played could have shifted the balance.

Brad Hodge had just been out to Wayne Parnell and as Samson took guard I wondered if his captain was asking just a bit too much of him. Then he played a cover drive off the first ball and in our commentary box there was a collective gasp. He had played it easily, like he was plucking a flower. Everything about the shot was right; a master would have been proud to have played it, and in the context of the game it was exceptional. One shot doesn't tell you a story, and we must be conscious of that, but it can point to more, and that is why I will be turning to the scorecard every time Kerala play next year. I can see why Rahul Dravid has said Samson has a long way to go (expectation and too much attention can ruin talent) and that is a judgement we must respect, but this kid can bat!

Right, then, those are my three names. Hopefully they will be better next year, hopefully they will be free of injury, and hopefully they can keep their focus on what has been good for them so far. As for us, we can only wait and see.

Harsha Bhogle is a commentator, television presenter and writer. He is currently contracted to the BCCI. His Twitter feed is here

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Posted by   on (May 13, 2013, 21:49 GMT)

Csk has a good young fast bowler in holder he is still learning the skills but gona be a beast soon as he as develop those skills. The ipl is a barn for young cricket talent to show their stuff and that's exceptional about the ipl as on a giving day a cricketer can play against top players that they normally would have not unless they are playing on an international stage.

Posted by   on (May 12, 2013, 22:37 GMT)

paul valthaty, swapnil asnodkar, mandeep singh, ambati raydu, rahul sharma, jigindar sharma, parvinder awana, ms gony and many other names came in IPL and gone, some got chance in team India but they could'nt capitalized...

Posted by swarzi on (May 12, 2013, 2:56 GMT)

Yogi108, I hope that Tendulkar does not say that Sanju Sampson reminds him (Sachin) of himself. Because, what I've seen so far, it is not true! Sampson is MUCH MORE CLASS THAN THAT! He seems to be in the class of the Sobers' and Lara's. Hence, I don't think that Alan Wilkins is doing Sanju genuine justice, if he said that Sanju reminds him (Mr Wilkins) of Sachin - that is, based on the Sanju that I've seen so far. But suppose Bradman did say that Tendulkar reminds him of himself, as the Indian fans have been claiming? Was Mr Bradman referring to the way that Tendulkar prepares before a match? Or the way he runs in the wicket? Or the way he takes a steepling catch? Or the way that he dresses himself? If I accept the saying, then I need to know what aspect of Bradman he said Sachin reminds himself of. It's surely not his batting, because Bradman' batting at age 40 was very similar to his batting at age 24!

Posted by IndTheBest on (May 12, 2013, 2:54 GMT)

Sanju Samson and Sandeep Sharma(1) (KXIP) are my pick. It was easy for every one to ignore Sandeep Sharma as he didn't play in IPL till now. He impressed every one in his very first game and had very successful Ranji. Sandeep infact can out perform likes of B Kumar and P Kumar. Jiwanjot Singh of Panjub opener is another guy to watch out who is not playing IPL for god knows what is the reason!

Posted by r0adrunn3r on (May 11, 2013, 22:04 GMT)

@alarky Your comment screams ignorance. If you are trying to undermine Sachin, you have failed. Sanju might be a good player, but saying he has more class than the current "No.4" is plain foolish. Everyone has seen Rohit Sharma play, he is extremely inconstant. He has been given plenty of chances but has never capitalized. In 83 ODIs if a player has 30 average he is below average batsmen. He plays well in IPLs but I'm not amused by his contributions to the Indian team. Getting Sanju in the national team when he has hardly played any domestic cricket is silly as we don't know enough about him (remember Paul Valthaty?, some sink like him after a good series). Maybe someday he will play for India, but not till he is groomed well.

Posted by rcb4life on (May 11, 2013, 13:59 GMT)

Sanju Samson is the obvious pick for everyone!!! The best thing about him is that he is very modest n grounded unlike the other prodigy's like Kohli, Vijay etc!!! I m hoping that sanju delivers the knockout punch and gets into the Indian Team. Afterall we need a man of the masses after God Of Cricket completely retires!! Coincidently Alan Wilkins had mentioned tat samson reminds him about a yound Sachin. Hope Sachin sees in Sanju what Bradman saw in Sachin!!! Till then all hail Sanju Samson!! Hoping he is the future of Indian Cricket!!!

Posted by   on (May 11, 2013, 12:51 GMT)

Excellent choice by Harsha...Mohit Sharma & Sanju Samson are my picks ; considering their IPL performance till now. We always needed young fast bowlers & Mohit can delver that (especially bcoz he is with CSK & MSD will mould him like he did to Jadeja, Ashwin & Vijay). Also, Sanju Samson can be 2nd wicket-keeper eventhoug h he may not get much chance until MSD is around.

Since both their teams (CSK & RR) will qualify for play-offs, let's wait & watch how they will perform in high pressure games.

Posted by ultimatewarrior on (May 11, 2013, 8:06 GMT)

From all of three, Mohit has good chances to be into team soon becoz ((1))He is a real good fast bowler((2))All 5 fast bowlers going to represent India in Champion's Trophy are leaking runs like water and that too without taking sufficient wickets in IPL except bhuvi...((3))Existing Fast bowlers usually gets injured quickly...((4))He is lucky to be in CSK with MSD/Board Prez

Posted by indianpunter on (May 11, 2013, 7:21 GMT)

Good that Harsha scaled it down to 3 this year ( form 6 last year). his picks from 2012 were, Rayudu, Awana, Dhawan, Balaji ( !) and Mandeep singh ( who). Of which, only dhawan has made something of himself. Typical Harsha, to talk up lesser players, who are no more than flashes in the pan. I cannot see Mohit Sharma/ Karan sharma getting anywhere, and though age is on Samson's side, he has a lot of distance to cover.

Posted by alarky on (May 11, 2013, 2:33 GMT)

Yes, it's only an IPL match; and it's the first time that I am seeing Sanju Samson! However, I know when real class hits the scene! Sanju Samson is the best eighteen year old batsman in the world! I announced Rohit Sharma when he arrived, but to date his No.4 position is being held up by a person of far less class in the Indian test test squad, the only person who has played cricket in any format "WITHOUT ANY PRESSURE" ! The only player who has been told "just go on playing without any fear, because anything you do, YOU ARE UNDROPPABLE"! However, I would like to see the best batting prospect that I have seen, since Brian Lara between 1990 and 2006, that is that 18 year old SANJU SAMPSON being drafted into the Indian team immediately and given the No.4 position in the batting line up. That guy has more class than I've seen from India within the last 30 years! It's youths like him whose praises the Indian fans should be singing, not that of any "HAS-BEEN" who has always been over rated!

Posted by   on (May 10, 2013, 22:09 GMT)

binny jr looks good too !

Posted by   on (May 10, 2013, 21:43 GMT)

I fully agree with the choice, in fact watching on the TV screen Ihad the same reactions about all these three. Iam waiting for India A team that can tour abroad with these players. I have an idea of the complete India A team who can be groomed.

Posted by ramonster on (May 10, 2013, 20:00 GMT)

Wickets in india are generally not good for fast bowlers. They need pitches with good pace and bounce like countries like Australia, who have a good crop of pace bowlers. Dharmsala is a good wicket, if only more pitches were like that I India, it would encourage more fast bowling, no tRank turners like The Grumpy Gambir wants!

Posted by   on (May 10, 2013, 19:09 GMT)

Mohit Sharma and Sanju Samson are lucky to have quality captains in MS Dhoni and Rahul Dravid respectively by their side. Both the captains believe in giving fresh talent a go, so this will help Mohit and Sanju in getting more chance to display their talent and skills.Let us hope for the best and hope that these talented cricketers are not lost in oblivion.

Posted by buntyj on (May 10, 2013, 16:23 GMT)

i agree with harsha, with s kaul in at no 4

Posted by srikanthGM on (May 10, 2013, 16:15 GMT)

I have watched Karan Sharma a bit this IPL. I liked that he was able to generate good amount of leg spin with a fast and almost straight-on action. Don't know what this will do to his shoulder over time, but its awesome action to have with leg spin. With leg spin, bowlers tend to deliver with a bit of side-on action so that you generate drift towards middle and leg and then take the ball across a right hand batsmen, with big leg break. Karan, with more of a straight-on action is able to achieve good amount of spin and decent drift and would be hardest to read for the batmen because of his straight-on action and fastness of release. He might even have much more (pace) behind the ball that his straight-on action allows him to - with his fast release. OR he might have less spin behind the ball due to his fast release. Can confuse the batter either way. Its a nice action to have for T20, don't know if he can sustain similar amounts of spin for longer formats with his action though.

Posted by   on (May 10, 2013, 16:13 GMT)

i really oppose harsha in the selection of samson.he is not so playing good .nadeem could be better than him.vihari is another option

Posted by SidsIPLTeam on (May 10, 2013, 14:34 GMT)

Good choices. But, the main reason why Indian fast bowlers are getting lost is due to their build. India hasn't produced any really tall fast bowlers after Ishant & he too doesn't have the body to bowl at 150 clicks consistently. India is missing a couple of guys who are tall & have the robust intimidating structure to bowl at good pace without being injury-prone and having to slow down to prolong their careers. Plus, the unresponsive pitches in India haven't been conducive enough for youngsters to take up fast bowling as a viable career option. They prefer being batsmen more so with growing T20 popularity. Think BCCI should encourage more pitches like Jaipur & Mohali to improve this scenario.

Posted by RajeshNaik on (May 10, 2013, 14:26 GMT)

Mohith has not gone for runs still. It is to be seen as to how he reacts in the next match after getting hit for 40 odd runs in the previous match. Well, he has not allowed batsman to hi him so far. Thats commendable. If one is following domestic cricket eagerly then Sanju Samson is no stranger. He is very good. Some shots he played were jaw dropping stuff. Lets wait and see where these guys go after one year. We have seen many such talents whom this author, from last 5 years has marked out for bigger things, but have got stuck with time, haven't we?

Posted by Haleos on (May 10, 2013, 14:21 GMT)

Hope all 3 get enough opportunities at the national level. Not all talent gets ruined as Yadav has shown. He is as humble as he was couple of years back. I suspect only Mohit will get enough chances and we all know why. I pray that I am proved wrong and all get to the international level and succeed. Good luck to them all. And whta is dravid talking about a long way to go. Sachin played when he was younger than Sanju and is still a gentleman. Drop players like Vijayi and give Sanju a chance and good support so as not to get lost.

Posted by Tvaranitra on (May 10, 2013, 14:13 GMT)

Very nice selection from Harsha. Hanuma Vihari is also a good talent and I hope he lives upto the expectation. Even Laxman also spoke about this guy and probably he has to be nurtured and groomed.

Posted by Dhiyu on (May 10, 2013, 14:01 GMT)

Harsha, I have always enjoyed listening and reading to you , i could not agree with you more about the young players to watch out for .I would like to read what you think of young players who you thought were great last year. Some one who was considered player to watch out for during last year's IPL , lets see how they are fairing after a year. did they make good or they are lost somewhere.

Posted by   on (May 10, 2013, 12:27 GMT)

The best thing 'about' Sanju Samson is he is expressionless. He doesn't seem to be in awe of such a huge stage, of being a part of this carnival. He is extremely calm and composed, not befitting his age. The best thing 'for' Sanju Samson is that he is under the umbrella of Rahul Dravid. There is no other cricketer right now who cares for Test cricket and Indian cricket more than him. As long as Sanju is under his radar, he will flourish.

Posted by Sir.Ivor on (May 10, 2013, 11:56 GMT)

I agree about both Mohit Sharma and Sanju Samson. I wish they are included for the A team tour of South Africa in July. Mohit Sharma has the accuracy,ruggedness and simplicity in plotting a batsman's demise as Kapil once used to exhibit. That off stump line with a suggestion of movement both ways a very good slower ball and an unwavering adherence to the identified length. He is a bowler who will stand out in South Africa and Australia as he has decent pace of around 135kmph on an average and the toughness to carry on all day. Samson cannot just be described as a precocious youngster,he is technically sound and has that instinctive movement to meet the ball which is the hallmark of greats like Gilchrist.He is courageous and is not inhibited by the fear of injury. What is striking is that he does'nt change his style even against the wiles of perceived mystery bowlers.He seems to welcome the challenge.Maybe it is his age.Karan Sharma at 25 has not yet been noticed and that surprises me.

Posted by landl47 on (May 10, 2013, 11:50 GMT)

Good picks, but the most exciting prospect I have seen has been Siddarth Kaul. He has a really good repeatable action, some real pace (140kph+) and swings the ball. He's raw, but with good coaching he's a genuine quick-bowling prospect. India has a glut of medium-pacers, some of whom (Praveen and Bhuvi Kumar, for example) are excellent bowlers, but only Yadav and Kaul are genuine quick bowlers that I have seen.

Posted by shwet14 on (May 10, 2013, 11:41 GMT)

I agree with Harsha, but with a pinch of salt. I think every year some youngsters impress and catch the eye of the experts only to lose track later. May be it is loss of form or loss of focus or lack of opportunity. I can site examples in all 3 categories. People like Manpreet Gony, Sudeep Tyagi, Rahul Sharma impressed in one year and made it to Indian ODI side only to fade away. A yound Kamran Khan was spoken of very highly by Shane Warne and he completely lost his action in subsequent years. I dont think he was picked by any team this year. Ajinkya Rahane was part of MI squad for 2 years and did not get a single game, a good show fro RR had taken him to Indian side for whole of last year. So what matters is consistency. harsha would do better to dig deeper and search for those who have performed over last 2 years or 3 years. That would not throw up too many names is my guess!!

Posted by manmishr on (May 10, 2013, 11:30 GMT)

Very good selection...Sanju Samson definitely leads the pack and Mohit also has been very impressive ...He has bowled tight against good oppositions in the powerplays and has showed time and again his wicket taking capabilities.

Still, I would have liked him to add the list further. Manan Vohra has the potential clearly, Krishnakant Upadhyaya of Pune is another potential bowler. His bowling action looks immaculate, even though he hasn't tasted any bit of success yet in the IPL, but I would reckon him the one for the future.

Posted by ooper_cut on (May 10, 2013, 9:38 GMT)

Of the 3, Sanju Samson stands out several miles ahead. Mohit Sharma & Karan Sharma are good, but their trade is mostly about confidence which can be lost very easily as we have seen Maninder Singh, Harvinder Singh, Mohanty etc fritter away. Can someone say when is the right time to blood him into the test team ? Sachin got his chance very early, will the same yardstick be applied to this young gun from the lesser known Kerala ?

Posted by Pinarsh255 on (May 10, 2013, 9:24 GMT)

Good selection Harsha. Sanju Samson particularly excites me, may be because his age and he seems to be a player who doesn't know what is pressure. He bats with natural flair. Knowing that with MSD around none of Karthik, Shah, Parthiv or Naman Ojha are long term prospects, I think Samson and Smit Patel are the ones to be groomed for the WK job. Mohit Sharma has one real good quality, he knows his game, he bowls with in his limitation. I can't say the same about Dinda and Vinay Kumar.

Posted by CricketMaan on (May 10, 2013, 9:23 GMT)

Mohit has a long way to go, but he is in good hands (Dhoni). Too much was made about MS Gony, Varun Aaron, Sudip Tyagi, Abu Nechim, iqbal adulla, jakati etc. They all had a good previous Ranji season too. The fact is IPL should only bring them to selectors attention but consistent 2nd season performace should then be the criteria. You may find one or two freaks that can simply go from IPL to India colors. But that is too rare. The last i see were Jadeja and Ashwin (though both had some decent Ranji shows). As for Samson, he should move quickly and play for big teams like Mumbai or Delhi or Karnataka or TN in the intrest of his talent and India. But such things are rare in Indian cricket. Karan Sharma..remember Rahul Sharma? Enough said

Posted by muski on (May 10, 2013, 8:42 GMT)

Harsha- The one great thing IPL has done for the local Indian talent is to share the dressing room with the Legends of the game. Only last evening Sreesanth was saying how helpful Waston is at the nets and that he has been giving valuable tips as to how to bowl to aggressive batsmen. These are priceless moments. If only guys like Ishant Sharma can grab their lifetime opportunity and learn a thing or two from Steyn and Waqar. Sanju probably has a great future ahead as the guy to whom we should look up to once our cool dude hangs up his boots. The two Sharmas will keep the otherwsie woeful Indian bowling on their toes and that is good news.

Posted by baghels.a on (May 10, 2013, 8:20 GMT)

Gurkeerat Singh and Mayank Agarwal made runs in domestic u-25 tournament but were hardly given a chance by Punjab and Karnataka Ranji teams respectively ,Franchises and state associations can work in a better, lot more coordinated manner and have mutually beneficial relationship for betterment of Indian cricket .

Posted by itismenithin on (May 10, 2013, 8:16 GMT)

Samson looks destined for the big league, it would be interesting to see how much he grows from here. He looks very comfortable at the highest level and got mature head on his shoulders. He needs to be given more exposure by including him in the under 19's and India A tours.

Posted by baghels.a on (May 10, 2013, 8:15 GMT)

I agree with Harsha's assesment but more keen on Samson than other two,Karan Sharma can rip his legbreaks that for sure, but he has done it on dry Hyderabad pitch and used the pressure created by Steyn ,Mishra,.Sharma to his advantage, will wait how he performs on other surfaces and in longer format.Mohit Sharma has that wicket taking knack and has variations but lacks oomph factor, i was pleasantly surprised to see Rahul Shukla of RR,Pawan Suyal of MI,Siddarth Kaul bowl at 140 km/ph consistently, i hear Royston Dias of DD,Javed Khan of Mumbai are rumoured to be quite quick hence i hope they get a chance to play.Manan Vohra might not have got too many runs but he seems classy and has potential, i like his confidence and comfort against fast bowlers and he looks suited to longer format.After IPL it is not only these players who have to look after themselves but state associations also, because last domestic season Gurkeerat Singh and Mayank Agarwal made runs in u-25 tournament .contd

Posted by cricconnossieur on (May 10, 2013, 8:12 GMT)

Harsha , spoken like a conservative cricket expert ! You picked two bowlers and one batsman ! Most of the 'Junta' is chiefly impressed with the dazzle of Sanju-the-batsman. I agree Mohit Sharma is a rare commodity, an indian seamer , that can be accurate, bowl run-denying lengths, in the power plays, now that doesnt happen too often !

Posted by Naresh28 on (May 10, 2013, 8:03 GMT)

I first heard the name Samson in U19 WC. This guy has some eye catching shots. The one liked the most in the IPL vs KKR was a cut/chop shot to a ball which was straight on stumps.Indian fans saw a great partnership between Samson and Rahane in that match. It shows our batting is in good hands. Spinners are also coming to the fore. While we look at Samson we wonder what is happening with Chand another U19 WC player.

Posted by venkatesh018 on (May 10, 2013, 7:23 GMT)

I must agree with Harsha that Samson is looking a real prospect with this obvious ability allied to his fearlessness. But I am not that enthused about Mohit or Karan Sharma.

Posted by SouthPaw on (May 10, 2013, 7:12 GMT)

Karan Sharma's bowling style reminds me of Stuart McGill

Posted by pull_shot on (May 10, 2013, 7:01 GMT)

why so many articles on indian players. these 3 players r consistent in 10 ipl matches thats it. Really indian media hype young talent that implies pressure gets the better of them in early part of carrier where they lose confidence best examples r rohit sharma,ishant,parthiv,karthik. just c virat kohli he entered to team at 20 ers old and not much expectations he has done well and his performances in aus,asia cup,srilanka tour,t20 wc because of media and too much cricket he has lost some bite in his batting

Posted by   on (May 10, 2013, 7:00 GMT)

Mohit Sharma and Samson, I agree. I have to say I have my doubts about Karan Sharma. Both Samson and Sharma have produced quality performances in the Ranji trophy as well, but with Karan, the first class record is mediocre. So if he has to outgrow the IPL, it will take some doing.

Posted by PerfectTen on (May 10, 2013, 6:13 GMT)

Really good selection Harsha! Like everyone is saying, for me, it's Sanju Samson who's the most impressive and not sure of Mohit Sharma. The courage and maturity that Sanju has displayed gives a lot of hope for India and the powers be should nurture this talent for the long haul. Although Karan has been impressive with his accuracy and spirit, I feel he could be a handful in the shortest format but not sure how effective in the longer versions. As for Mohit, he is quite disciplined and looks innocuous & right now, those are his strengths. Batsmen feel they can go after him and fall victim. Otherwise, in my opinion, he brings little else to the table. The pressure of playing against the formidable CSK has helped him so far.

Posted by   on (May 10, 2013, 5:44 GMT)

wow what a explanation of these talent by my fav Harsha .....Incredible... Seriously I am also impressed with these young talents.....

Posted by sweetspot on (May 10, 2013, 4:48 GMT)

Good picks, Harsha. Most certainly noteworthy these three. Perhaps Mohit Sharma is lucky because he is playing for CSK and under Dhoni? Indeed he has provided balance to their bowling department this season, but the ecosystem in that team is also a contributing factor, perhaps? The same can be said of Sanju Samson, to some extent, I suppose, but Karan Sharma is pretty solid on his own, I would think.

Posted by caught_knott_bowled_old on (May 10, 2013, 4:31 GMT)

Harsha, the most remarkable aspect of Sanju Samson is his demeanor. He appears to be totally unfazed, unflappable and aware of the state-of-play. The last time we saw someone like that, he too was wearing a pair of wicket keeping gloves and went on to become India's captain. Long way to go no doubt, but some kids are born for the big stage. I think this kid is one of them. So, instead of looking for his name in the Kerala team's scorecard, I'd be looking in the India XI or India A scorecards..

Posted by Cricket_Fan_And_Analyst on (May 10, 2013, 4:23 GMT)

Samson is the real deal. He should just focus on batting. He has great batting talent and can break into the indian team in 2-3 years.

Posted by   on (May 10, 2013, 4:08 GMT)

Sanju Samson - My first choice this year.

Posted by   on (May 10, 2013, 3:41 GMT)

Mark my word... this kid, Sanju Samson is a future star. he has all the ingredients of being a superstar. At such a young age he is showing so much maturity that spell well for India's cricket. I have my doubts over Mohit Sharma and Karan Sharma (since Indian bowlers tends to fade away faster than light) but Sanju is really the guy to look at. After Dhoni he is the one.... Go SAMSON Go....

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