'Our fitness must be better'

van Troost: 'We have a fantastic team spirit'

Tony Munro talks to Holland's captain Luuk van Troost in the aftermath of the ICC Six Nations tournament

Holland's captain Luuk van Troost: "We could close the gap on Kenya and Bangladesh" © Getty Images
In the last game against the UAE you must have been confident you could defend 290?
Very confident. Our bowling had been very steady during the tournament, so I had no doubts at all. I was very happy with 290, although we should have scored 320 on a flat wicket.

So what happened?
I don't know, but we didn't bowl the right line and length at all. They got off to a flyer and it never looked like we were in the game. All we needed were two bowlers who completed their overs for less than 40 runs. We really missed a bowler like Roland Lefebvre.

Was this the toughest competition the team has played in at non-Test level? If so, why?
Yes - and it's because the gap between the countries was very close and you had to win to qualify. During the ICC Trophy we "only" had to finish in the top three. That was much easier.

What areas of the team performance were you happy with?
We have a fantastic team spirit, and I'm very happy with our batting. We struggled in the last couple of years, but players like Daan van Bunge and Daron Reekers did really well. Daron's a great player and a fantastic character.

And what areas were you not happy with?
Obviously our bowling - I think we had the most runs scored against us. Also our fitness must be better. We are not used to playing five games in seven days in tough conditions. We worked very hard during our winter to improve our fitness, but we can do a lot better there.

Should there be more tournaments of this type at non-Test level?
That would be fantastic. What we miss at the moment are more matches on this level. If so, I'm confident that we can close the gap with countries like Kenya and Bangladesh quite quickly. Scotland are playing in the English one-day competition - we deserve that as well - it would really help us.