New Zealand v India, 4th ODI, Hamilton January 28, 2014

Jadeja's dead-eye throw

Plays of the day from the fourth ODI between New Zealand and India in Hamilton

The partnership breaker
Kane Williamson and Ross Taylor had put on their second century stand of the series and would have wanted to cash in on the batting Powerplay. But just an over before it started, Ravindra Jadeja played spoilsport. He dashed to the leg side after Williamson nudged him there, picked up the ball, turned around and hit the stumps at the non-striker's end to catch Williamson well short.

The instant success
Virat Kohli was opening today, meaning he had more overs to cause damage than usual. But New Zealand got him cheaply for the second time running. Kohli was kept quiet with a tight line and fuller length. The tenth delivery Kohli faced was a Tim Southee bouncer, the first one that had been bowled to him in his innings. Kohli tried to pull, top-edged it and turned back in disappointment even before the ball came down in the hands of midwicket.

The authoritative charge
Rohit Sharma edged and survived for quite a while before finally starting to middle the ball. The shot he played to get to his half-century was as emphatic a connection as many. Rohit charged James Neesham, got under the length delivery and slammed it way over the long-off boundary into the crowd on the grassbank.

The authoritative charge II
Brendon McCullum had defended his way to an uncharacteristic 8 off 17 when he decided it was time to revert to type. He charged out at Bhuvneshwar Kumar and swung so hard at a length delivery that it flew flat and fast for six over the deep extra-cover boundary.

The soft fall
You would not fall to Kane Williamson's part-time offspin. And you would definitely not want to fall to him caught by the wicketkeeper down the leg side. But that is what Rohit managed to do; in fact, he neatly guided the ball almost off the face of the bat to the keeper, who could not take it on the first attempt, but did not fail the second time.

The shocking miss
The pressure of the slog seemed to get to Neesham in the last over of India's innings. Even as one dribbled off Jadeja's pads to the keeper, MS Dhoni dashed up the pitch for the run. Jadeja responded too late, and had no chance of making it safely across. The keeper under-armed the ball to Neesham, who was close to the stumps. All the bowler had to do was to stretch and he would have been able to take the bails off. But Neesham decided to try another under-arm himself, and missed.

Abhishek Purohit is a sub-editor at ESPNcricinfo