March 16, 2001

Chris Drum joins select club at Jade Stadium

Christchurch's Jade Stadium is the place for bowlers making their debut in Test cricket to seize a place in the record books.

Chris Drum joined an exclusive bowlers' club at the Stadium which used to be known as Lancaster Park in the days before naming rights and sponsorships were not a vital part of sport.

He became the third bowler to take a wicket with his first legitimate ball in Test cricket at the ground when he had Ijaz Ahmed stepping on his wicket before completing his shot on his return to Test cricket today.

Drum, first change for New Zealand who were defending 476, bowled a no-ball with his opening delivery and took the wicket with the next.

It was the first time three bowlers have taken a wicket with their first ball in Tests at the same ground.

The first instance in Christchurch occurred in 1929/30 in New Zealand's first Test match, against England, when Matt Henderson dismissed Eddie Dawson with his first ball of the Test.

Then, in the summer of 1932/33, as England were getting over the effects of their bodyline tour to Australia, Dennis Smith dismissed Eddie Paynter with his first ball.