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Razzaq in trouble over Hafeez criticism

ESPNcricinfo staff

October 9, 2012

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Abdul Razzaq goes for a pull-shot, Australia v Pakistan, Super Eights, World Twenty20 2012, Colombo, October 2, 2012
Abdul Razzaq felt "letdown" after being left out of the playing XI for the World Twenty20 semi-final © AFP
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Pakistan Cricket Board has issued a showcause notice to the allrounder Abdul Razzaq and asked him to explain his outburst against Pakistan captain Mohammad Hafeez after the World Twenty20.

On his return from Sri Lanka, Razzaq criticised Hafeez for selecting him in only one game of the tournament. "It was Hafeez's decision not to pick me for the semi-final, not anyone else's," Razzaq told reporters in Lahore. "I know the team management didn't drop me, it was Hafeez alone who didn't want me to play."

PCB spokesman Nadeem Sarwar confirmed that Razzaq was bound to follow the code of conduct though he wasn't a centrally contracted player. By speaking to the media without the PCB's consent, he had breached the player's code of conduct, which forbids them from speaking to the media without prior permission from the board.

"He [Razzaq] has been served a showcause notice for breaching the code of conduct," Sarwar told ESPNcricinfo. "He has been given seven days to respond, starting from October 10."

After being selected in the Pakistan squad, for the World Twenty20, after a gap of nine months, Razzaq played just one game in the tournament, scoring 22 off 17 balls in the Super Eights win over Australia. "I was very sad and disappointed to not get a chance to play in the semi-final. I was mentally prepared for the big match and it came as a huge letdown to know I was not playing," Razzaq said, adding that Pakistan had the perfect opportunity to win the tournament.

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Posted by razakbhai123 on (October 12, 2012, 21:48 GMT)

I am a Pak .cricket fan,it is very sad to see that Pak tean again going back to those days of likes and dislike each other ! it is very sad to know that player like Razak is under utilize! pls be fair to him ! it is his natural outburst.

Posted by Khan_Umar on (October 12, 2012, 21:29 GMT)

I am not sure if people still remember one of finest innings played by AbdurRazzaq against South Africa - at a time when Pakistan was down and dusted due to so many scandals surrounding Pakistan team. I watch that inning whenever i feel sad, it gives courage! It was AbdurRazzaq who revived the beleif of pakistani fans. It is very sad to see such a talent being wasted by Pakistan. He is a player who can easily be selected by any team in the playing eleven in all formats of the cricket and here you see Pakistan, they take him on the tour and they dont utilize him - how sad, a talent being wasted. Even if he is the playing eleven is under utilized by being sent in situation which are out of reach, and then blame him for not performing. Now, who should AbdurRazzaq approach to express his feelings - he is such a decent player, and if he is complaining means he is actually being harrassed!! From an Indian Fan!

Posted by Saadcricketlover on (October 12, 2012, 16:40 GMT)

I agree with Aamirabuozair, afridi should resign, he can only be a bowler, he is not a good batsman he just wastes bowls trying to smash one out of the park and gets caught and sometimes he can bowl expensive overs. We can only call him a bowler.

Posted by Saadcricketlover on (October 12, 2012, 16:34 GMT)

Hafeez shouldn't be the captain anymore, because dropping Razzaq was not a good choice at all. Razzaq is better than arfat, Razzaq is an all rounder he is a good bowler and he can also play a match winning innings. Shoib Malik should be the captain he can make better choices. This was a very good chance for pakistan to bring home the cup but, now what.

Posted by SS_JJ on (October 12, 2012, 16:10 GMT)

Picking Shoaib Malik over Razzak is Ridiculous. I don't understand how many time Shoaib will be given a chance. He used to be a good cricketer and played some good innings in the era of Inzamam Ul Haq. Now he only performs in domestic. Razzak is highly regarded player and suitable for all formats. But, our board and previous captains never utilize him properly.

Posted by Marwats on (October 12, 2012, 12:53 GMT)

Open you eyes PCB and try to know whats going on and why? PCB is right in legal way as Razzaq was under code of conduct due to his contract BUT PCB should ask for explaination for not picking Razzaq and why he picked the players who were not performing at all?

Its very Sad to know that how we can distroy our asset.

Posted by AamirAbuOzair on (October 12, 2012, 8:07 GMT)

The main problem with Pakistan is PCB. There is no consistancy and our Captains are always worried justifying their presence in the team. That is why we see lobbying and politics in our camps. Afridi was no good either, he was threatened by Razzaq as Razzaq could steal BOOM BOOM title from him and therefore he started under utilizing him. I would have kept Razzaq at No.3 position in the team or even opener. I guess Hafeez also feels threatened and is going with his personal likeness. Hamza ji, I would not bank on Afridi. He has played his cricket and should resign with dignity and pride. I like attitude of Saeed Ajmal, give him the crown. He is a fighter and probably the only player who is not threatened for his place in the team. He has a good couple of years cricket more and can bring some consistancy in the team. He can also be coached for Captaincy!

Posted by   on (October 11, 2012, 20:28 GMT)

Hafeez is not a good captain decision at all..He can be a good vice captain. A man who makes a game plan alone cannot lead, the captain needs to be patient and unbiased and calm, and listen to the whole team. I think Misbah has set a good example for captaincy, and I think Afridi can make a better T20 captain. Hafeez vice captain in all formats. Dave Whatmore should be kicked out and Mohsin Khan bought back as coach. Bringing in mediocre losers like arafat and mohammad akram as coach are poor decisions. Go back whatmore, we need a pak coach

Posted by   on (October 11, 2012, 11:43 GMT)

Abdul Razzaq is a match winner its really unfair for him. Instead of Razzaq, Notice should sent to Hafeez why he is not picking to Razzaq. Razzaq is a 10 times better records than Hafeez in all internaitonal format PCB should think of it.Its shame for PCB not picking correct 11 a such kind of Tournament. Why they are not picking Ahmed Shehad, Hammad Azam.

Posted by AamirAbuOzair on (October 11, 2012, 9:04 GMT)

It was a natural outburst from a dedicated player who was eager to win. I believe it is not only Hafeez it is Afridi+Hafeez. Afridi was the first who started under utilizing him so much that he was left out. Razzaq is most suited for all formats and is highly regarded player. A player who is always picked up by all major leagues! Shame on PCB - Shame on Hafeez and Shame on Afridi - why he kept on playing match after match knowing he does not stand a chance! They never understood that by playing these matches they are playing with the emotions of whole nation. PCB should take this notice back and take more sensible decisions. I would have selected Ahmed Shehzad instead of Imran Nazir to begin with. We should do Open Forensic Analysis of this tournament and take decisive actions of not repeating such failures. SL captain resigned though they made it to Final - We also demand our Captain to Step Down with Immediate Effect -----

Posted by   on (October 11, 2012, 7:36 GMT)

What is the use of calculators and laptops if the players are to be selected on personal likings and disliking. If merit prevails, nobody will weep including the cricket fans. All such rules need to be axed which require mouth shutting even over injustice.

Posted by PMadhavarao on (October 11, 2012, 2:07 GMT)

After the World T20, I felt that Pakistan players were good players of spin and fast unlike Indians who can only play spin and crumble to fast bowling. However, Indian players are mentally stronger than Pakistan players. Pakistan can become No: 1 team in the world if they become mentally strong. They need a good coach :

Posted by sohailmus on (October 10, 2012, 19:03 GMT)

Razzaq is better than malik... and shafiq is better tha nazir..why player cannot talk their feeling. they have to .

Posted by taqi11 on (October 10, 2012, 17:37 GMT)

hafeez should be given notice not razaq

Posted by msaleem11 on (October 10, 2012, 15:32 GMT)

HA├łEz & Co responsible to droped Razzaq in big game' why Yasir Arfaat and Afridi ?

Posted by abdullahiqbal on (October 10, 2012, 15:12 GMT)

why razaq play for pakistan?it is cricket board pakistan need to razaq afridi is not a best boom boom now hafeez is best captian but not in 11 persen select iam arazaq fan

Posted by   on (October 10, 2012, 14:51 GMT)

Well PCB should send a notice to hafeez for explaining why he dropped Razzaq. Hafeez deffinately supported failures on the tour. Afridi, Malik, Nazir all failed, he sould have given chance to Razzaq and Asad Shafiq

Posted by   on (October 10, 2012, 13:34 GMT)

Razzaq is a classy all rounder. He should be given enough chances. every time he fails the PCB waits for a chance to drop him. I dont know why such a talented cricketer being droped

Posted by Sports4Youth on (October 10, 2012, 13:33 GMT)

Posted by dmqi on (October 10 2012, 12:56 PM GMT) :- Totally agreed with dmqi . Once Mohinder Amarnath (Jimmy) had said about the Indian selectors that they are a bunch of Jokers. Today the same can be easily said about the PCB.

Posted by dmqi on (October 10, 2012, 12:56 GMT)

PBC has time and agin proved to be jokers and this is the latest one. Just see how many people wanted Razzaque to play in the semi and in the final, check the commets in the match preview. Now, you gave him chance in semi, he proved his worth and then you drop him and retain Afridi and Malik, the consistent failure. HAFEEZ is spineless, working with AFRIDI to keep razzaque away, plain and simple. Stupids are good in making stupids decisions only, smart people know the truth. Kick our Hafeez from captaincy right away.

Posted by   on (October 10, 2012, 12:43 GMT)

whatever happened to free speech,, razzaq was just being reasonable!!

Posted by   on (October 10, 2012, 11:11 GMT)

Razzaq was not included in the team is a debate-able point, but this has come his habbit over the years,,tht whenever he gets dropped , he starts giving such wrong signals in the media against his captain or management team. Which is ethically and professionaly both pretty bad. he should show some sportsman spirit , he thinks he is the best allrounder in the world ,other ppl sitting on the bench also go with the team to ply and they've got sm talent too. Now as a player , he is nt a brisk fielder . Got very weak arm , His bowling is too loose for T20. Plus on the semi-final wicket he cudn't have bat well, because wicket was slow and Sri-lankan bowlers were bowling too many slow balls. And we all knw Razzaq isnt tht effective when the pace is taken off the ball. So he shud stop crying after the games have been played where he wasnt part of the final XI. thts so lame srsly !!!

Posted by JBerger on (October 10, 2012, 10:30 GMT)

Player should not be punished by their Boards for speaking their mind if expressed reasonably. After all they are adults not juveniles.

Posted by satish619chandar on (October 10, 2012, 9:59 GMT)

No matter what ever be the reason but for a player to come out and share it in public need to be blamed. He could easily do it in other possible ways or simply retire from international cricket and continue his love in county and other leagues available if he couldn't handle the snub. It doesn't sound that much good when you come out and blame a individual especially your captain. KP was punished even without knowing the content of the texts he was alleged to sent about his captain. PCB need not do things that foolishly but still, they got enough to act on it.

Posted by Tigg on (October 10, 2012, 8:59 GMT)

Just what Pakistan need. Another bits and pieces player.

Razzaq hasn't been consistently dangerous in years.

Posted by omar.choudhary on (October 10, 2012, 8:36 GMT)

Those supporting Hafeez's decision for bringing in Tanvir for the semi-final, are right that Tanvir bowled well only in that particular match but you must also admit we lost because we were a batsman short, I think Razzaq could have done the job required. I thought Hafeez would be a smart,strong leader for the team when he was announced as captain, but now I have changed my mind, he is quite a poor leader, who lets the pressure get the better of him. I think the Professor talks more than his actions. He pressure Nazir in this World T20 by giving him too much advice and orders thus Nazir performed pretty bad this World T20 (He looked so confused at the crease). Hafeez has to rediscover his batting form then only will he succeed in captaincy. For now my sympathies lie with Razzaq and believe now his career might be over because of team management. As heartbreaking as it sounds, Afridi should retire. He is struggling to hit the ball now and his bowling has declined so much.

Posted by   on (October 10, 2012, 8:28 GMT)

@ PCB :Throw HAFEEZ,NAZIR,MALIK,AFRIDI,GUL out of the Team and announce Razzaq as T20 Captain. Then ask him for the Results.....

Posted by   on (October 10, 2012, 8:16 GMT)

I still don't understand Razzaq exclusion. @ Vishal: Are you Umar Akmal's babysitter?

Posted by   on (October 10, 2012, 8:09 GMT)

The only player that should have been dropped for the semifinal was Afridi. Tanvir bowled the best spell of the match, so he was the right choice. Hafeez, Malik and Afridi are a clique, so the only one that suffered here was Razzaq. There are so many young players that need to start playing for Pakistan. Shahid Yousuf was brilliant yesterday, and guys like Hammad Azam and Fawad Alam are being wasted! Afridi, Malik, Razzaq need to retire and give the young ones a chance. Nasser Hussain retired because he knew as long as he was in the team, Andrew Strauss would not get a proper chance.

Posted by   on (October 10, 2012, 7:58 GMT)

The same happening to Abdul Razak which already done Shaid Afridi with Shoaib Akhter in World Cup.

So this shows the mentality of Pakistan Team Captain. I never see any captain from last few year who really work hard to win the game. Why PCB is not asking from Hafeez about Razak drop in semi final.

Posted by guptahitesh4u on (October 10, 2012, 7:35 GMT)

Razzaq is always a threat to opposition..he is a good bowler and very useful batsman..To pick him in the squad and not including in playing 11 is really not a wise decision

Posted by davidatlas999 on (October 10, 2012, 6:57 GMT)

Wait all.just say the fact razaq bowling speed is 120k his batting is not good even he did not make it to his slpl 11.his hitting is not like is changed now bowlers know his weak point now.and he is too old now plz dont select him again.

Posted by   on (October 10, 2012, 6:44 GMT)

I strongly believe Razzaq is most wasted talent in world of cricket...he can win a match single handed any day without doubt.I am totally surprised why he is not playing since he back from ICL.

Posted by Talhacroft on (October 10, 2012, 6:21 GMT)

Captain needs to pick bigger player for the bigger games...there was no reason to replace all rounder with out of form bowler.

Posted by   on (October 10, 2012, 5:50 GMT)

Make umar akmal the t20 captain? He still needs to learn how to change his diapers.

Posted by badmaash on (October 10, 2012, 5:27 GMT)

M Tazim Tareque - that's too much even for a joke. Umar Akmal as Captain? He would fill the team with Akmals. What a ridiculous statement to make. He can't even manage himself, let alone a whole team.

Posted by   on (October 10, 2012, 5:21 GMT)

razzaq is definately a match winner and should have been included in playing 11. however he aint above the law hence should be answerable for his act. i see on or two comments about making Umar akmal a captain. Come on guys he is irresponssble and doesnot deserve that position. He has not even performed to his potential as yet. Speaking of potential well i dont see much in him anyways, he is just a show off. Look at Virat Kohli , the both debued togather. He is performed enormous feats, he is a power house now and Umar is nothing, please stop supporting wasted talent. The only reason i am not against Kamran is becuz he has won too many matches for pakistan. But he should get in as a batsman rather a keeper, as he actually is a worst keeper than me.

Posted by Crick_Expert on (October 10, 2012, 5:09 GMT)

PCB should wakeup now and announe team new Capt. that is ABDUL RAZZAK. PCB should kickoff junk players like Yasir Arafat, Shoail Tanir, Shoaib Malik, Sami. The new team should be as; 1) Nasir J. 2) Ahmed S. 3) Imran N. 4)Azhar A. 5) A. Razzak (CAPT) 6) S. Afirdi 7) K. Akmal 8) U. Akmal 9) Junaid K. 10)Wahab R. 11) Saeed A.

Posted by   on (October 10, 2012, 5:01 GMT)

What kind code of conduct: in which one cannot talk about his rights. in the crucial match they selected Razzaq while in other matches not. Hafiz knows that Razzaq has the courage to handle any situation, then why he didn't pick him in the simifinal. and we have seen in two matches in which Hafiz not Bowlled, because he is timid and was afraid from funishment by the batsman.

the PCB should investigate instead of issuing showcause notice, why they not pick Razzaq in important matches.

Posted by   on (October 10, 2012, 4:56 GMT)

Razzaq is a very good all rounder. Hafeez is no where near him. He cannot rise to the level of Razzaq any day. It is absolute foolishness to drop a player of his calibre. If Razzaq was in playing eleven, Pakistan would have won the match and cup too. He has won many matches single handedly. Though he is constantly ignored. PCB should be ashamed of themselves.

Posted by RAQ on (October 10, 2012, 4:32 GMT)

I think it was wise decision by hafeez for selecting Sohail tanvir over Razaak in last game and tanvir did a very good bowling also scored 10-15 runs while batting Pakistan mainly lost due to batting second (as pitch became graveyard for batsmen in latter hours of the match)

Posted by Kashif-Rafiq on (October 10, 2012, 3:48 GMT)

Shame on you PCB, nothing else to say

Posted by   on (October 10, 2012, 3:27 GMT)

Why do Pakistani Captains dont have any brains..the last with some brain was Younis Khan..Hafeez is no good...Change him..make Umar akmal the T20 Captain...

Posted by   on (October 10, 2012, 2:16 GMT)

I know razzaq is not captaincy material but he is better player and wud make better decisions than hafeez any day.

Posted by   on (October 10, 2012, 2:15 GMT)

I agree. Its a huge waste of talent to keep him ss a bnch warmer.

Posted by   on (October 10, 2012, 0:55 GMT)

I'm of the opinion that Razzak must always be in the PLAYING 11 for Pakistan. But he's not above the game and this notice is justified. He must learn to be disciplined ! and don't take these matters in media !

Posted by Realfighters on (October 10, 2012, 0:35 GMT)

despite having talent and performance this guy have been always sidelined and never been part of any controversy in his whole career compare to other pak player. he was polite, gentle and not involved in any politics and in reply he was neglected years after years. now for the first time he says something and he became villain? wow

Posted by hanzain on (October 10, 2012, 0:22 GMT)

Whether the decision was right or wrong, players should be restricted to follow the discipline. No player should think he is above the law. There were other forums to record your protest, media wasn't the right choice for Razzak. Good job done here by PCB.

Posted by sulemanp on (October 9, 2012, 23:49 GMT)

I agree, Razzaq should have been included in the Semi-Final. He played well against Austalia and made 22 in 17 balls. This was the only game he was given a chance. Razzaq has always been treated step-motherly

Posted by TRAM on (October 9, 2012, 23:43 GMT)

India badly needs all rounder of the caliber of Razzaq. And here he is, within few hundred Kilometers from India, not a permanent member in the Pak 11. Unbelievable!

Posted by   on (October 9, 2012, 23:19 GMT)

I can understand why Afridi and Nazir are in the team, same as Kamran Akmal because hes the only good batsmen wicketkeeper they have at the moment. But Shoaib Malik has not given one decent performance all year. I don't know why hes being selected instead of Razzaq especially in T20

Posted by   on (October 9, 2012, 22:01 GMT)

my favorite player devastating a nd mr cool Has won many games for pakistan from a lost cause

Posted by ak_dragon on (October 9, 2012, 21:51 GMT)

because of Over-Confidence by Hafeez...We lost semi's... Razzaq is a KNIGHT of Pakistan Cricket.....True Brave heart...Fighter...

Posted by   on (October 9, 2012, 21:44 GMT)

a bad decision to pull off razaq from the team........ hafeez a selfish person..

Posted by   on (October 9, 2012, 21:04 GMT)

It was shocking! when RAzaak was excluded! otherwise we could have won the semi. Bad decision by captain.

Posted by __PK on (October 9, 2012, 20:59 GMT)

What else did he say? Because nothing he's been quoted as saying in this article is critical of Hafeez. He just said he was sad and disappointed and it was Hafeez's decision. So what?

Posted by   on (October 9, 2012, 20:43 GMT)

we always love u Razzak.... :)

Posted by Stark62 on (October 9, 2012, 20:40 GMT)

In all honesty, Hafeez deserves the criticism!!

When team members are telling you to include Razzaq in the playing 11, then why did you not listen?

His batting would have made a difference, also his bowling would have been really handy on that pitch, just like Mathews was for SL.

Huge mistake and like I said previously, Hafeez doesn't look captain material.

Posted by   on (October 9, 2012, 20:26 GMT)

Well don razzaq bahi hafeez u full of ?

Posted by   on (October 9, 2012, 20:26 GMT)

Well don razzaq bahi hafeez u full of ?

Posted by   on (October 9, 2012, 20:18 GMT)

Well keeping in view some facts before commenting over this issue.

The performance of other players selected in place of Razzaq (Malik, Yasir Arfat, Razzaq's whole carreer and achievements, Razzaq's performance in one match played against Aus in same world T20, Razzaq has never been a problem in terms of discipline. To me one of the most under utilized pakistani talent,

It could be the last ICC event where Razzaq could have played as most probably he will retire soon, And finally, Razzaq didn't shout himself, it was bcoz of media people who asked him the question and he replied.

So, I support Razzaq here

Posted by Solid_Snake on (October 9, 2012, 20:12 GMT)

i dont understand why Razzaq always fights with everyone.His past if full of such stories.I agree that Razzaq is always the one to get dropped from the team without any reasons.He has right to speak for himself but not like that. And suppose if he was a player like Gayle or Watson,i would have thought that ok we lost because we did not include Razzaq in the team.How can this one decision effect the result of any game.He was not even in his full form.The Razzaq that i know was a beast once,a match winner.But now he is not like what he used to be.

Posted by Cpt.Meanster on (October 9, 2012, 20:02 GMT)

This is what happens when a player opens his mouth, whether it is for the right or wrong reasons. I thought KP was the only one in disharmony with his team mates in the English team. Looks like he has a new buddy in Razzaq. Even I used to think why Razzaq was made to warm the bench by Hafeez. Too good an all rounder to leave behind.

Posted by haseeb on (October 9, 2012, 19:29 GMT)

most under utilized cricketer ..great talent !!!

Posted by cyberstudent on (October 9, 2012, 19:23 GMT)

the bad thing about this whole incident is that our captain M.Hafeez is not answerable to anyone, he was badly exposed that he cannot play in pressure situations like Razzaq in match vs India, To me Razzaq is the good luck charm for Pakistani cricket, also morally a wonderful person, who give respect to everybody, PCB should ask M. Hafeez why he is against Razzaq? such a shame...

Posted by PakCricSpin on (October 9, 2012, 19:21 GMT)

Razzaq hasn't played many games. 2 games that I know of. One of them was the Australian Super Over game in Dubai where his bowling was all over the place. Pakistan got lucky. The second was his batting in the super 8s game, where his shots were just alright. A bit out of touch but better than Afridi.

In my humble opinion Razzaq needs more time IN the game. What should have happened was that Hafeez should've dropped Shahid Afridi and put in Razzaq, only for his batting ability. But that would mean losing a spinner like Afridi. granted Afridi wasn't getting wickets, but he was still a front line bowler with an economy rate better than Tanvir and Umar Gul.

It was a dicy choice. But I reckon Hafeez would've faced a massive public outcry if he had dropped Shahid Afridi. Not from me though. In the inclusion of Sohail Tanvir paid off. He was very economical.

I understand how people are calling for Razzaq, but from what I have seen he seems off his game.

Posted by   on (October 9, 2012, 19:11 GMT)

Okay so i didnt expect this from Razzaq. It should something that stays within the dressing room. Why is Razzaq whinning over something that we were not destined to win. only he could make us win and the other 10 players were dumb? Hafeez is dumb? Nasir Jamshed is dumb? Afriid is? Kamran? only he is the one and no one else? as far his 22 runs from 17 balls were concerned. it included only one six and one four. in order to hit for a six or boundary he was not running in which Umar Akmal failed to receive strike. further he didnt come for Field as well. If Hafeez has decided not to play him. resolve the matter with him and the PCB. ask PCb to take actions against Hafeez. and what is wrong with Hafeez. why isnt anyone giving chance to him. If it would have been afridi , eveyone would have supported him. out of 11 matches hafeez has won 9.. it is too early to make judgements on him. it is better to leave the matter to PCB and stop whinning on what is over. MOVE ON

Posted by yasser211 on (October 9, 2012, 19:06 GMT)

Hafeez along with Darren Sammy is someone who should not be in their respective teams, let alone be captains. I blame the selectors and the management for wasting a player of Razzaq's abilities. Someone mentioned in these comments that Razzaq is a player who performs once in a blue moon. That is simply not true. Razzaq has scored the highest runs with the highest average batting at 7 and below in ODI's. There has never been a more consistent player than him batting down the order. Through no fault of his, he was dropped after the 2011 world cup and the players who cost us the tournament - Misbah, Hafeez, Younis Khan (still a fan though) were retained. Razzaq can see this might be the end of his career and understandably lashed out at Hafeez. He is extremely low profile which I suspect has a lot to do with him getting pushed around. In a perfect world, he would be the T20 and ODI captain. A far better player than the overhyped Afridi.

Posted by bouncer1021 on (October 9, 2012, 19:05 GMT)

Whole Pakistan is asking the question why the hell you would drop Razzaq. Slectors made a big blunder by not selecting Junaid Khan but Hafeez made bigger blunder by playing same old Imran Nazir and dropping Razzaq. Hafeez should answer the question. Razzaq has a right to tell tge media who dropped him.

Posted by may_the_best_win on (October 9, 2012, 19:00 GMT)

Abdul Razzaq wud have been another Jacques Kallis (if not greater!! bcuz there was a time when he used to be considered a greater allrounder than kallis) if pakistan wud have groomed him properly :( ... in Pakistan u can find mediocre 2 or 3 players like Hafeez in every play ground of the country ... u can not imagine wots happening behind the camera if a person as calm, cool n composed as Abdul Razzaq loses his temper in such a way in front of the camera!! i dnt even recall shoaib akhtar doing such a thing!! another sheer talent gone down the drain

Posted by harrdstone on (October 9, 2012, 18:52 GMT)

My Dear chamil111 i am a Pak fan and like chaminda vaas a lot.Pl bring him back too.LOL.Seriously speaking Razzaq is a spent force like many others who played in this Cup.T20 is for young legs.Razzaq is a nil fielder and scores once out of 10 innings .He is not a team man and prone to announce retirements and media outbursts when dropped.He does not keep good physical fitness by not training hard.Pakistan lost many world cup matches when he was in the team but now he says team lost as he was dropped.He even had the audacity to say that Sri lankan players told me they are happy you are not playing as you would have been a problem for us.can anyone buy this?Putting him in the team at this age was a mistake.

Posted by KarachiKid on (October 9, 2012, 18:44 GMT)

This stupidity from Razzaq pretty much sums up why he was not selected or why somenoe with his talent never optimized it. Weak brains !!!

Posted by   on (October 9, 2012, 18:16 GMT)

another Poor Example of Pakistan Cricket .....this was not a way to deal with situation , Harbhajan was Dropped after his MOM Performance , should he also come in media and speak against dhoni , Dressing Room is like a tample for Cricketers , such talks should not come out of Dressing Room . Razzaq is a Match Winner , but this is not a way to behave , he should had discuss this with his Broad ,

Posted by TheProfPak on (October 9, 2012, 18:13 GMT)

The truth is that Hafeez, the so called "Professor", is himself an ordinary player and thus can manage only average players like Imran Nazir, Kamran Akmal, etc. He will not be able to take any good from great players like Abdul Razzaq. Razzaq's potential was only utilized by the great W. Akram who used to sent him as one down and he also used to bowl first change. He could be Pakistani Kallis, but PCB and captains after W. Akram ruined his career and wasted a great talent. PCB has long list of wasted talented players like Basit Ali, Asim Kamal, Anwar Ali, Muhammad Waseem, Saqlian Mushtaq, etc.

Posted by cricket_lover777 on (October 9, 2012, 18:09 GMT)

Hafeez dropped Razzaq so that he could play Sohail Tanvir, as the swing conditions suited Tanvir more. And it turned out to be the right decision by Hafeez. Having said that I believe that Razzaq should have played that semis instead of Afridi.

Posted by Sinhaya on (October 9, 2012, 18:08 GMT)

I really feel sorry for Razzaq. He is such an explosive power hitter. I just cannot forget his heroics against South Africa in Abu Dhabi in 2010 where he gave Pakistan a come from behind victory when he was only running short of partners.

Posted by   on (October 9, 2012, 18:06 GMT)

Razzaq should have been in....we dont wanna waste another azhar Mahmood or the likes. Hafeez though is a reliable player bowling or batting . Batting order might need a change. Talent needs to be respected and utilized. Good luck .

Posted by hoodbu on (October 9, 2012, 18:04 GMT)

Shame on Razzaq! He's no KP with the bat or ball and even KP was shown the door after his ego got the better of him. No player is above the game. Take a look at the West Indies and have a listen at how Sammy handles criticism.

Posted by Sinhaya on (October 9, 2012, 17:52 GMT)

@RyanHarrisGreatCricketer, I think Ryan Harris is expensive in the shorter formats just like Jimmy Anderson, but is superb in test matches. Ryan Harris was the root cause behind our defeat in Galle last year as he broked the threatening partnership between Mahela J and Angelo. Ryan Harris showed he can excel in spinning conditions too and he will be the biggest threat for Sri Lanka in the test matches. But I was glad we tackled him well in the CB series and that was why he was dropped from ODIs. I hope Hobart will help our swing bowlers like Angelo, Thisara and Kulasekara as it aided Kiwi bowlers like Bracewell, Southee and Boult. Surely why did n't Ryan Harris get a place in the Aussie side before 2010? I am eager to see us win a test match in Australia like we did it in South Africa last year, but it is tough.

Posted by CaptainKool on (October 9, 2012, 17:41 GMT)

I haven't seen Razzaq in any confrontation and I'm the admirer of that quality. Now for this, I understand his pain and he is right too. As I said before Razzaq should have been better choice than Afridi.

Posted by ameen786 on (October 9, 2012, 17:35 GMT)

well Razzaq has done a mistake but he has spoken the truth..player like him can change a match in 3 overs time it was lucky for sri lanka that he dint played in that match,but it was unlucky for Pakistan because they lost the match.. team selection was wrong Razzaq can bowl easily more than 3 overs in T20 match..Why he was drop after a good knock of 22 runs against Austraila??Many question will be raised but we will not get correct Answer its better to close the chapter and do right selection in future...

Posted by zafarsyed88 on (October 9, 2012, 17:31 GMT)

Have you heard of the concept of backing your captain 100% even when he is wrong? Yes, it was probably the wrong decision not to play him in that game. Fair enough. You should never try to resolve anything through an outburst in the media. If you have an issue with the captain, talk to him after the game.

It is quite surprising that such basic concepts on how teams should conduct themselves are missing from Pakistani cricket team.

Healthy team environment is one of the biggest factors in the success of a team. It is condusive for better performances from everyone and delivering under pressure.

I am hoping Dave Whatmore can somehow bring about a drastic change in the team culture we have in Pakistan where players don't have each other's back.

Posted by Hira1 on (October 9, 2012, 17:28 GMT)

lucky Razzak not included that saved him from criticism and embarrassment...Razak is no more the same.. a liability in the field and bowling, can't rely any more on his batting capabilities either, what he has done in the semi final of the one day world cup in Mohali? he would have done the same in the T20 WC as well ...the only player who has the right to complain is Asad Shafiq where all good for noting players like Shoaib, Nazir, Kamran Akmal Yasir Arafat got so many chances where as Shafiq not given a single chance ...any ways now time to include fresh blood in the team and say good bye to all old players including Razak

Posted by   on (October 9, 2012, 17:20 GMT)

M.Hafeez should have prefered A.Razzaq over Afridi .. there are few players in Pak T20 Squad which are now just big names .. like imran nazir, Afridi, sohail tanveer , yasir arafat.I don't know how selecters select such players when they dont perform even in domestic cricket. M.Hafeez himself is not a match winner , I never saw him chasing runs or winning any game for Pakistan. People call him a professor while in reality he doesnt even know the basics, 46 was required on 32 balls and what he was doing, living dangerously , could not even rotate the strike and fell cheaply. Kamran akmal should have opened for Pakistan along with imran nazir. Moreover we have young talent like Hammad Azam , Azhar Ali , Umer Ameen etc etc. PCB should get rid of names now and include cricketers in the team. Captain should perform as well. Just see how George bailey really tried for his country atleast he tried hmm? Rameez Raja's so called professor should take some lessons from match winners.

Posted by WickyRoy.paklover on (October 9, 2012, 17:17 GMT)

Razaq z probably the most undr.ratd Allroundr in cricket history(at his prime he was betr than symonds,afridi,kalis) havng said that media z responsible d most 4 all d hype as he was only replyng to a questn.RAZAQ Z TRUE GENTLMAN OF GAME BT I THING HE WAS TOO PUMPED UP CNSIDRNG THS MIGHT B HIS LAST TOURNAMENT PLAYNG 4 PAK.I AGREE WITH MAJORITY OF PAK FANS,HIS INCLUSN WOULD HAVE MADE D DIFRNCE

Posted by fizzy09 on (October 9, 2012, 17:13 GMT)

this outburst cannot be justified.. what was the guarantee that razzaq would have done it for us..there have been many times when we lost matches from winning position and razzaq was there in the team..though i really like razzaq but this is wrong! A captain holds the right to select the playing 11 and you gotta support your team whether you are a part of playing 11 or not!!

Posted by   on (October 9, 2012, 17:11 GMT)

In 15 man squad the only match winner was A.Razzaq and he was left by an average captain. I think he is a legend and don't need to play under this medicore opner captain. A.Razzaq pls call your retirement, we Pakistani don't want your disrespect from PCB or medicore captain. You are the only player who can be selected by any team of world. Allrounders like Afridi, hafeez, malik are joke in front of you. You are 2nd best Pak Allrounder after Imran Khan.

Posted by GULLUU on (October 9, 2012, 17:01 GMT)

it was a great move not to pick razzaq . he is an old player and the youngsters should play now for pakistan....i will back hafeez for his smart decision

Posted by adnan_rifat84 on (October 9, 2012, 16:59 GMT)

Those who saying about Razzak is not match winner guarantee batsman they don't know they this man have been wasted in all of his career, this guy keep saying often that try him on 3rd or 4th number but no body have listened him and wasted him down the orders 7th 8th 9th numbers. He was Kohli and Gayle of Pakistan and much better player than Afridi, look at his average while he batted very few times at number 3 and 4.. when a player is not sure about his selection and playing position all the time in there doubts how could they perform. Look at every team they have mostly send players on there fix batting orders. But its only Pakistani team who doesn't have any fix batting order for any batsman to play in. When a player is always in doubt of playing or not playing how could they mentally relax and show us there performance?

Posted by chamil111 on (October 9, 2012, 16:44 GMT)

as a sri lankan cricket fan i have to thanks hafeez for droping razaak in semi final. But as a cricket lover i like to watch razaak in matches. According to my view razaak is a best choise for shoter versions of cricket. Wish you a good luck razaak

Posted by UK_Chap on (October 9, 2012, 16:25 GMT)

I am a fan of Razzaq but I do not agree with this outburst, regardless of what happened, this is not going to help him get reinstated to the team.

Posted by   on (October 9, 2012, 16:25 GMT)

Mohammad Hafeez is not even a patch on Abdul Razzak. Pakistan lost due to bad strategy & illogical team selection and batting order. Pakistan should have dropped Hafeez and played Abdul Razzak. Pakistan should have played Razzak and Kamran Akmal down the order. Kamran & Razzak would have been an invaluable asset to Pakistan team down the order. Kamran never succeeded at #4. There was no logic in the batting order. Why did Umar batted at #6. Umar Akmal is most talented batsman and should open the innings. Pakistan lost because Hafeez did not deserve to hold the trophy in his hand as a captain. It is worthy if someone like Afridi, U. Akmal, or Razzak was captain and lifted the trophy. There are not many players who could hit the ball like Razzak does. Razzak could have done a Marlon Samules for Pakistan. Can somebody remember his innings against South Africa. Just see how many times Abdul Razzak has clean bowled Sachin Tendulkar. Only Pakistan can waste someone like Razzak and U.Akmal

Posted by raheem030766 on (October 9, 2012, 16:21 GMT)

There is no guarantee that inclusion of Razzaq would have meant TEAM PAKISTAN would have won the semi final. Players like Razzaq, Afridi, Malik, Nazir, Tanvir, Sami and Arafat perform once in a blue moon. If Hafeez made a decision, rightly or wrongly to exclude Razzaq, that is his decision as Captain. In fact most of the players who were part of the T20I squad were bits and pieces players and the TEAM did well to reach semi final. Only players who can be classified as having talent are Nasir Jamshed, Umar Akmal, Saeed Ajmal and Raza Hasan. Umar Gul and Hafeez are inconsistent and Kamran Akmal is only in the team because there is no other wicket keeper / batsman as good as him in Pakistan. Furthermore, Hafeez is a very average opening batsman against good quality bowling. Asad Shafiq is not T20I or ODI player.

Posted by xylo on (October 9, 2012, 16:20 GMT)

This is exactly the reason why the Pakistan team does not do justice to its talent... lashing out at the captain in front of the media. Show some team spirit.

Posted by   on (October 9, 2012, 16:13 GMT)

got to feel for Razzaq, good player to be on any t20 team

Posted by   on (October 9, 2012, 15:48 GMT)

It is a plain fact that Razzaq is a match winning T20 player and would walk in straight in to any T20 team. It is amazing that mediocre players were given chance ahead of Razzaq. He would probably go down as the most under utilized player pakistan cricket ever had. To me, he is as good a match winner as Morgan, Pollard, Angelo Mattews, Albie Morkel etc. As he can also bowl couple of overs, it is quite a surprise that they haven't played him in this T20 tournament and it is every human's right to complain for being dropped for no reason.

Posted by   on (October 9, 2012, 15:46 GMT)

Razzaq u r right buddy !!!!

Posted by   on (October 9, 2012, 15:35 GMT)

Well done Razzaq, tell it like it is, Razzaq could have won us the semi-final or even earlier games with adding real depth to the batting. Hafeez should not be opening the innings, instead he should have shown flexibility and come in at 4 or 5. This allows lesser experienced batsmen, Jamshed, or out of form batters, Afridi to play with less pressure knowing Haffez and Razzaq will come in at 4 & 5. Instead we had a situation, the captain is the 1st wicket to fall and then he sits all glum with the team and tells batsman what shot to play. Look at Dhoni or Darren Sammy, they all give their batsmen confidence by playing lower down the order and allowing their players to express themselves rather than going in at 4 wickets down.

Once again a Pakistan Match Winner is dropped for a crucial World Semi Final- Shoaib in 2011 when we needed bowling depth? now Razzaq in 2012 when we needed Batting depth. What are the management paid to do if their best 6 hitter is picked for 1 game.

Posted by ProdigyA on (October 9, 2012, 15:29 GMT)

Didnt expect this from Razzaq.

Posted by   on (October 9, 2012, 15:28 GMT)

This is just because of the Pakistani media!!! who expose things with bread and butter ...... that's sad

Posted by   on (October 9, 2012, 15:15 GMT)

it happens only in pakistan :P:P:P

Posted by   on (October 9, 2012, 15:05 GMT)

that was wrong decision by hafeez or management or whtever by dropping razzak from specially semi final bt aftr dis razzak did wrong cz discipline ix more important than game.......

Posted by   on (October 9, 2012, 15:04 GMT)

Whats wrong with this comment? He didn't criticise Hafeez just stated a fact

Posted by   on (October 9, 2012, 15:04 GMT)

First of all as a captain he didn't perform in any of the game so he don't have any rights to drop someone!!!

Posted by NP_NY on (October 9, 2012, 15:00 GMT)

If I was Razzaq I would have had an outburst too. Not picking Razzaq cost Pak the championship. Even if it was a team management decision (I don't think it was), how can Hafeez not fight to have one of the most explosive players in the team?

Posted by AndyZaltzmannsHair on (October 9, 2012, 14:56 GMT)

Meh. Hafeez is captain, and he has a right to pick the team. Much ado about nothing. Razzaq rarely gets angry, but knowing this will probably be his last ICC tournament must hurt.

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