Pakistan v Australia 2014-15 March 14, 2014

Australia to play two Tests in UAE against Pakistan

ESPNcricinfo staff

Pakistan and Australia will face off in Test cricket for the first time in almost four years, when Australia travel to the UAE for a full tour in October this year. The teams will play two Tests, between October 20 and November 1, in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Before the Tests, they will play a one-off Twenty20 and three ODIs, across Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. Australia will play a four-day tour game in Sharjah, against Pakistan A, ahead of the Tests.

The teams last met in a bilateral series when Australia visited the UAE in August-September 2012. Then, Australia won the ODIs 2-1, and Pakistan won the T20s 2-1, one game of which they clinched in the Super Over. Their last Test series was in England, in July 2010.

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  • Channan on March 20, 2014, 13:23 GMT

    Why are test matches played in UAE. Play in Pakistan. To stop this drought I propose a tour by INDIA to Pakistan. This will be the greatest thing for cricket and the best move by India.

  • Scott on March 19, 2014, 6:00 GMT

    mzm149: the avg. temp for both Dubai and Abu Dhabi in October is 35 celcius.. they'll be dust bowls by late day 2, early day 3, regardless of who's in charge.

  • Phil on March 17, 2014, 9:03 GMT

    @ FB user predicting the end of test cricket....have you noticed it is the core cricket fans who turn out to Test matches. Many of those (the majority) who turn to for T20 are passing fans, not of cricket, but of sports action. They seek immediate gratification of the 'smash and bash' not the strategic counter punching and longer term drama of test cricket. In short, to survivie 'cricket' needs 'test cricket' and the people that support it, to guarantee survival.

    I would add that crowd numbers for test cricket in England and Australia are in good health.

  • Harris on March 17, 2014, 0:02 GMT

    Atleast give us 3 Test series!! Is it too much to ask for 3 test matches?

  • Mohammad on March 16, 2014, 17:30 GMT

    If Warner and Mitchell continue to be in such great form...I really do know what to say. It will be a nightmare for Pakistan.

  • Wayne on March 16, 2014, 8:23 GMT

    I am glad that the series is scheduled for October and not August. I do recall watching Australia play Pakistan in the 2000's sometime (McGrath was playing) when the temperatures got as high as 50 degrees. From memory it was during the period where we won about 15 or 16 test in a row? Pakistan players are always fantastic to watch when they are on song. Australians have generally loved watching your teams over the decades.The talent that some of your players have are amazing. Unfortunately for Pakistani fans, you never know what side you are going to get. It baffles me how this team can lose a test to Zimbabwe and then draw a series versus South Africa?

  • Muhammad on March 15, 2014, 17:07 GMT

    If the pitches in UAE behave like they behaved in test series against South Africa and Sri Lanka, then series will be evenly poised or more in favor of Australia. They will not prepare square turners like India because PCB doesn't have full control over stadiums in UAE and the inherent behavior of the pitches also doesn't allow to do so. It will be an interesting series with sportive pitches favoring both batsmen and bowlers.

    It is always fun to watch Australians play. They don't let run rate fall even if wickets keep on falling. They always go for the kill and sometimes take risks to get a result. Pakistanis on the other hand are completely opposite.

  • Stark on March 15, 2014, 13:27 GMT

    Seems like the best available schedule.

    Attendances at test matches are pretty abysmal and there seems to be a lack of interest from the fans, hence the grounds have free entry.

    The PCB lose out on money by allowing free admission because of the sparse attendance in the ground.

    Although, ODI's and especially, T20's always have a solid turn out and a huge crowd.

  • Android on March 15, 2014, 13:18 GMT

    Let's stop complaining about the 2 tests. PCB will be lucky to settle on these kind of series in the future against top teams, much less full 5 test series. That aside I am waiting how the slow pitches without much bounce will affect MJ. He didn't do that well in Port Elizabeth did he? The pitches here will be similar and perhaps they will neutralise him. With Pakistan batting though, you can never be too sure. They can make Indian bowlers look world class. The true test will be for the Aussies. Their batsmen were horrible while facing spin in India. Ajmal and co will be even tougher to face. He is the best spinner right now and Abdur Rehman complements him really well (when he isn't bowling beamers).

  • Dummy4 on March 15, 2014, 10:57 GMT

    Looking forward to see Aussies against Ajmal and co. Aus become powerful unit again. Thanks CA for approving this series.

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