Sri Lanka v Pakistan, 5th ODI, Colombo August 9, 2009

Sangakkara plays down Younis spat

Kumar Sangakkara, Sri Lanka's captain, has played down his theatrical act during the Pakistan innings saying that the umpires were the most competent judges to decide what takes place on the field.

Sangakkara was involved in a heated argument with Younis Khan after the Pakistan captain was ruled not out on 70 by umpire Gamini Silva when replays showed he had nicked Dammika Prasad. For some moments Sangakkara had a long chat withYounis who initially laughed it off but when it persisted complained to the umpire, only to leave Sangakkara fuming.

"I am a great believer if he had hit it he probably should go; if he didn't go maybe he didn't hit it. I appealed because I thought he did hit it but the umpire thought otherwise," said Sangakarra. "I wasn't upset the caught behind was not given that's the way the game goes. There are some instances where people react, the batsman or the fielders make a bigger issue of it than it was.

"It's one of the reasons why I spoke to Younis but as long as the umpires are there and they are allowed to make the decision I don't think as players we need to make a big show about whether the ball was hit or missed. In every single game you have decisions going for you and against you but at the end of the day the officials on the field are the most competent, you've got to trust them and allow them to do the job."

According to Sangakkara the advent of television and replays made it tougher for the umpires because "everyone becomes a critic". "I think the umpires are doing the best job they could that's why the ICC has an elite panel," he said. "I am sure when the captains and managers reports go in the ICC will take into stock what has happened probably review all the decisions and come to a conclusion as to who belongs to the elite panel and who does not."

Intikhab Alam, the Pakistani coach, did not think the incident was a serious one. "The Younis and Sanga incident was taken in good sense. Nothing serious happened really," he said. "Throughout the series both teams have got along well with each other and kept a very good spirit. We've always had very good relations with Sri Lankan cricketers and with Sri Lanka Cricket."