UCBSA under attack January 8, 2004

Symcox slams board's 'administrative bungling'

Wisden Cricinfo staff

Pat Symcox, the former South Africa spinner turned outspoken commentator, has slammed the South African board (UCBSA) for what he claims is its shady dealings which he says have harmed the game.

What raised Symcox's hackles was the announcement that the board had settled in long-running dispute with Lance Klusener. Klusener and the board issued a joint statement earlier this week to confirm that they had resolved their differences.

"The media announcement doesn't tell the whole story as usual," Symcox wrote in weekly column for The Citizen newspaper. "Again, transparency is lacking. I suspect there was payment of sorts made in lieu of the past year. Why doesn't someone say it and get it out?"

The speculation in the media is that the agreement came about after the board had made a payment to Klusener.

Symcox also refered to the case of Hylton Ackerman, who ran the youth academy, who also reached an undisclosed settlement with the board, but only after a protracted legal battle. "It has also reached a point where a bit of news would be great. Again, if there is cash involved, let us know.

"On the one hand, we keep hearing how the cricket system is being reformed to cut costs in some way, yet on the other hand it's being paid out due to administrative bungling.

"Let's face it, there have been too many people sitting waist-high in the gravy while the train has chugged along unchecked," Symcox fumed. "However, it won't be long before the wheel turns and those who make no contribution are highlighted as being out of their depth. Some have been like that for years."