Graeme Smith's retirement March 4, 2014

The brash lad who grew up right

ESPNcricinfo staff
ESPNcricinfo handpicks from the archives a selection of articles on Graeme Smith's rise as a leader

Older, wiser, leader
Graeme Smith has come a long way but the road ahead of him is steep still. By Peter Roebuck

Respect to Biff
Graeme Smith has been a figure easy to misunderstand. That should not hide the fact that he is among the toughest, most intelligent cricketers around - and a great batsman to boot. By Telford Vice

War hero Smith shadows the pain of defeat
Graeme Smith's hobble back to the dressing room after being dismissed must rank as the most moving moment of the 2009 ICC Champions Trophy. It helped the local crowd overcome their great sadness to rise to applaud the valiance of the man who had battled the odds all evening. By Sambit Bal

The brash lad who grew up right
Graeme Smith, at 22, was an unexpected choice to lead South Africa. He learned the hard way but emerged through the tough times as an accomplished leader of men. By Firdose Moonda

Fourth-innings hero
Graeme Smith has handled the responsibilities of opening the batting and leading the team remarkably well over the last ten years. By S Rajesh

Deconstructing Graeme Smith
How has South Africa's captain lasted so long with a technique that shouldn't work in Test cricket? By Aakash Chopra

'It is tough being accountable for decisions made for you'
South African cricket has never been short of issues and controversy - and never more so than over the last few months. Graeme Smith presents his side of the story in a forthright interview with Neil Manthorp