Sri Lanka v West Indies, 3rd Test, Pallekele, 5th day December 5, 2010

Sri Lanka drop to fifth in Test rankings

ESPNcricinfo staff

Sri Lanka have dropped two places to fifth spot in the ICC Test rankings following their stalemate in the rain-marred Test series against West Indies. England and Australia moved ahead of Sri Lanka who now have 109 rating points. India and South Africa remained at the top of the table with 129 and 116 points each.

West Indies dominated the first Test in Galle, where Chris Gayle's triple-century helped them enforce the follow-on against the more-fancied home side. Rain dominated the second and third Tests, at the R Premadasa Stadium in Colombo, and the new ground in Pallekele respectively. West Indies gained as a result of the nil-all scoreline, and were three points behind Pakistan who stayed in the sixth place with 88.

Even if England win the Ashes 4-0, the best result they can hope for in the five-match series following the drawn opening Test, they can't be assured of going past South Africa to the second spot in the table. If South Africa win at least one Test in their upcoming three-match home series against India, they will stay ahead of England irrespective of how the Ashes pans out. A 3-0 verdict in South Africa's favour will bring them level with India on 123 points, and the deadlock will be broken by the trailing decimals.

ICC Test rankings
S.No. Team Rating points
1 India 129
2 South Africa 116
3 England 112
4 Australia 110
5 Sri Lanka 109
6 Pakistan 88
7 West Indies 85
8 New Zealand 80
9 Bangladesh 7

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  • Ruwani on December 12, 2010, 16:26 GMT

    @Hema_Adhikari: I don't know when Sachin made 30,000 international hundreds. He has made more than 30,000 international runs. True, he started his carrier earlier and his record is very good in all countries other than in Pakistan,South Africa and Australia . Next, Bradman. Unfortunately he passed away after 7 months of Sanga's test debut. So, Bradman did not get an opportunity to evaluate Sanga. Finally, no one can justify Sachin's poor record in Pakistan and South Africa. In Australia Sachin's average is 19.50 in his first tour. His average is 38.31 in his first 11 matches. Playing a longer time & more experience has befitted him to improve his test average in Australia later in his carrier.There are several other players who have done better than Sachin in Pakistan, South Africa & Australia.

  • Shehan on December 12, 2010, 7:47 GMT

    @Gulshan_Grover: Right, So according to you Indians, WI, SA, ENG etc. designed pitches to help Murali when he toured so he can beat the home team is it? Your point makes no sense whatsoever. Murali was named the greatest bowler ever by Wisden - bible of cricket. He was called the Bradman of bowling by Aussies' own Steve Waugh. He is the highest wicket taker in both tests and ODIs. What more do you want? @NoCountry_for_OldMan : Check Sanga's overseas record first and then comment. Sanga's average in Australia is better than Ponting's in his own country. Warne was decimated by India everytime he toured there.

  • Mars on December 12, 2010, 7:21 GMT

    @lakmalPhysics Sachin as an 18 year old scored centuries in Australia on lightening fast WACA and followed it up by scoring one more in Shane Warne debut test. So as an 18 year old he scored one more centuries in Australia than Sangkara has managed even till date. An average of 58 against the best side in world against whom others consider even 40 as a mark of greatness does it for me and for countless genuine cricket lovers.

  • Hema on December 12, 2010, 6:27 GMT

    and dont forget Murali got many cheap wickets against minnows...

  • Hema on December 12, 2010, 6:26 GMT

    @Lakmal: 30,000 international hundreds at about average of 50 tells its own story. Especially if Don Bradman admires you. It does not need any confirmation from you or me if Don selects him in his best 11 :) rest is just neighbors envy thing..or data cherry picking..

  • Gaurav on December 12, 2010, 5:34 GMT

    Srilanka will get a chance to move up in series against England in May .Hope they do well there ,best wishes to our(Indians) old friends Srilanka.Bad luck for them that WI got away due to rain but SL have talent and temperament to regain their position.

  • Ruwani on December 12, 2010, 5:25 GMT

    @Gulshan_Grover: What do you mean, Murali did everything with the help of designer pitches. So, curators of all other countries really needed to help Murali to get wickets and prepared wickets for Murali?. And all other countries prepared pitches against Warne? That means, they prepared pitches to support fast bowlers like Macgrath, Lee and Gillespi? What a joke man?. Don't comment something that you can not back up. Keep your bla, bla, bla with you.

  • Ruwani on December 12, 2010, 5:15 GMT

    Correction: In Pakistan, Sachin's ODI average is 36.92. It's Sanga's 57.42

  • Sadashiv on December 12, 2010, 4:24 GMT

    @Lakmal: that may be true but warne did it aesthetically and without the help of designer pitches, hence he was a greater bowler. Murali was good but there was a doubt with Warne it was pure delight od legspin bowling.

  • Ruwani on December 12, 2010, 3:52 GMT

    @NoCountry_for_OldMan: I'm going to prove you that SACHIN is the best flat track bully. Check his following records. His ODI record; average in Australia is 34.33, in South Africa 26.10 and in Pakistan 36.92.This is his test record; in Pakistan average is 40.25 in 10 matches. In South Africa, average is 39.76 in 12 matches. In Australia, average is 58.53. But the most interesting thing is Sachin's average is 38.31 in his first 11 matches in Australia. Playing a longer time & more experience has befitted him to improve his test average later in his carrier. See man, who is the flat track bully?

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