Full coverage of the pay dispute between CA and the ACA

The dispute between Cricket Australia and the Australian Cricketers' Association over the next MoU, which defines the pay structures for players in the country, became a stand-off with nearly 230 cricketers out of a contract, and tours by Australian teams, including the Ashes, having come under a cloud. At the core of the dispute was CA's desire to break up the fixed revenue percentage model, which had been a part of all agreements with the ACA since 1998, an arrangement the players' body was keen to continue.


August 4
Video - Chappell: CA underestimated players' solidarity

August 3
News - Cricket Australia and players finally reach pay deal
Video - Pleased to be announcing stability for the game - Sutherland
Brydon Coverdale - A layperson's guide to Australia's contract kerfuffle
Video - BCB delighted as pay dispute ends

August 1
News - Smith says Bangladesh tour depends on MoU

July 31
News - CA board to decide on pay war's end

July 30
News - Players 'would be silly' to say no to arbitration - Clarke
Video - 'Just play, leave arbitration to ACA'

July 27
News - CA proposes arbitration to resolve pay dispute
Video - Brettig: CA under pressure from lot of sectors
Video - 'ACA proposal jeopardises future tours' - Sutherland

July 24
News - Players endorse compromise amid further CEO talks

July 23

News - Sutherland, Nicholson in 'productive' talks

July 22
News - Australia players offer A$30 million to grassroots

July 21
News - CA-ACA MoU compromise falls over

July 19
News - Pay war damage already done - Johnson

July 15
News - CA-ACA talks bring MoU closer

July 12
News - Sutherland, Nicholson in marathon meeting
News - Chairman Peever reiterates divide between CA and ACA

July 11
News - Mark Taylor calls for MoU compromise
News - Out-of-contract Australian cricketers to get external funding boost

July 10
Feature - The collateral damage of the pay dispute

July 9
News - Steven Smith insists revenue sharing must stay
Ian Chappell - Why does Cricket Australia think first-class players are overpaid?

July 7
News - England won't tour for Ashes unless pay dispute is resolved
Video - Dobell: Ashes cancellation would have catastrophic financial consequences

July 6
News - Players withdraw from Australia A tour
Video - Brettig: Tour withdrawal adds more pressure to a hot-tempered row

July 5
Feature - Nine launches Ashes amid pay fight

July 4
News - Clarke fears for team if pay dispute drags on

July 3
News - Sutherland refuses to intervene in pay dispute

July 2
News - Players won't tour without MoU
News - Full list of resolutions passed at ACA meeting

June 30
Feature - How Australia's pay dispute escalated
News - Australian players' pay goes to grassroots after MoU expiry
Video - Chappell: No deal a PR disaster for players, CA

June 29
Daniel Brettig: James Sutherland's greatest challenge?

June 28
News - CA warns of six-month bans for playing unsanctioned matches
Video - Australia players at risk of Ashes bans

June 27
News - Players press Sutherland to intervene in pay dispute
Video - Plenty of opportunities elsewhere - Watson
Press conference - We want Sutherland to be involved - Dyer

June 23
News - CA offers concessions, sends contracts
Video analysis - Brettig: CA's contract offers bit of a blank sheet of paper

June 21
News - Australia pay fight endangers international game
Interview - 'From a business standpoint it's chaos' - Paul Marsh

June 18
News - Players 'won't budge' on revenue - Warner
Interview - Lockdown threat is real - Warner
Interview - Without MoU hard to walk on to a plane for Bangladesh - Warner
Interview Warner defends Smith silence in pay dispute

June 16
News - Australia pay talks crawling two weeks from deadline

June 9
News - Pay 'summit' option to resolve CA-ACA dispute

June 8
News - Warner criticises Cricket Australia for undermining Champions Trophy campaign
News - Australia women united on revenue share - Lanning

June 6
News - CA backs down from contract offer threat

June 4
News - Warner sounds Ashes warning to CA again
Feature - Australia's pay dispute: where to from here?

June 1
News - Players offer flexibility on revenue share

May 31
News - Katich lashes CA over BBL $33 million loss claim

May 30
News - Australia players come face to face with CA bosses

May 28
News - Government may mediate CA-ACA dispute if Ashes threatened
News - Starc reiterates players' faith in ACA
Press conference - Full support still behind ACA - Starc

May 27
News - CA rebuffs MoU meditation, writes to players

May 26
Video feature - What is the CA-ACA pay dispute?

May 25
News - Grassroots require major investment - Sutherland

May 24
News - Players set up standalone commercial arm
Press conference - ACA takes over players' intellectual property
News - CA reconsidering players' mediation request
News - Winning Champions Trophy will bolster our pay negotiations - Smith
Press conference - Smith hoping no delay in resolving pay dispute
Feature - When pay fall-outs lead to pull-outs

May 23
News - T20 leagues could eye 'unemployed' Australia players - ACA

May 22
Feature - Cricket Australia's good business methods not always good sport

May 18
News - ACA unveils fund for 'vulnerable' women, domestic players
News - Lehmann sits on fence in pay dispute

May 17
News - Cricket Australia rejects ACA mediation request

May 16
Daniel Brettig: A long build-up of bad faith

May 15
News - Ashes on the line in pay dispute
Video analysis - Brettig: Pay dispute becoming increasingly ugly

May 14
News - Players considering striking since January - Taylor

May 13
News - Agree terms or CA won't pay you - Sutherland

May 12
News - Players request mediation in CA pay dispute

May 11
News - No contract talks till MoU done - Starc

April 28
News - Players reject CA pay offer

April 20
Tim May - What's wrong with revenue-sharing, CA?

April 19
News - May challenges CA over players' pay offer

April 6
News - CA's financial wishlist revealed

April 5
Video analysis - Brettig: Players want a significant say in financial matters

March 21
News - Australia players presented with CA pay offer

March 5
News - Players' revenue percentage still in CA sights

February 15
News - Smith, Lanning intervened in pay talks

January 24
News - Players still chasing full CA finance records


December 27
News - Sutherland extends olive branch to players

December 20
Daniel Brettig - How CA and the players' association are drifting antagonistically apart

December 19
News - Australia player pay talks break down

December 10
News - Smith, Warner pivotal players in pay talks.

November 10
News - Players chase share of new revenue streams