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August 01, 2014

Is cricket losing to football?

Football was once considered the Commoner's game, cricket the Elite's. That has started to change, at least in the urban Indian city of Gurgaon

Pakistan cricket

July 28, 2014

Inzy, you beauty

Posterity hasn't been kind to this master of Pakistani batsmanship, a jolly green giant capable of remarkable shamanism with willow in hand

Test cricket

July 23, 2014

Eleven suggestions to enhance Test cricket

Better marketing, a more uniform calendar, killing the two-Test series and more


July 16, 2014

Ten horror starts

0 for 4. 7 for 6. Fightback from 0 for 3 - they are all in this list of ten horrible batting starts


July 07, 2014

A lying father

Indian fathers can watch all the matches they want to only if their sons grow up liking cricket as much as they do

English cricket

July 01, 2014

Low ebb? What low ebb?

If you take the raw emotion of being a supporter out of it, this England side is still hungry, still determined, and still not far from being a very good cricket team

MCC v Rest of the World XI 2014

June 23, 2014

It's the build-up, silly

The entire cricket-watching public will have their eyes peeled when MCC takes on Rest of the World on July 5. It isn't difficult to see why

Spirit of cricket

June 17, 2014

Stop walking

Let the umpires do their job. Walking - even when done with the best of intentions - undermines them


June 07, 2014

A batting index for limited-overs cricket

How does one measure the impact of a batsman in T20 cricket? Multiplying the batting average with the strike-rate could be the way to go

IPL 2014

June 07, 2014

The challenge of building loyalty

The IPL's future could well rest upon the ability of the league to build fan loyalty; Flippant team revamps and seasons without home games won't help

Spin in cricket

June 05, 2014

Where are the spinners?

It's ironic that the emergence of the shortest format has put a question mark on their future in the five-day format, while they are thriving in T20s


May 22, 2014

The bespectacled army

A XI that may not have always seen the ball like a football, but would have done well nevertheless

West Indies cricket

May 15, 2014

Over to 'Captain' Ramdin

Here's hoping that his era will leave the world talking about the right things in West Indies' cricket

West Indies cricket

May 07, 2014

Caribbean national sides, anyone?

Why dissolving West Indies might be the best option for West Indies cricket

IPL 2014

May 03, 2014

Now where have we seen that before?

Sixteen surprising similarities between two Rajasthan v Kolkata IPL ties that were played five years apart

Cricket laws

April 24, 2014

Let's go decimal

Why is cricket stuck with fours, sixes and six-ball overs in a world where we count most things by the fives and tens?

Indian cricket

April 16, 2014

A tale of two farewells

Ananth had the rare privilege of being in the stands for Sunil Gavaskar's last Test as well as Sachin Tendulkar's. This is a narration of both those days

USA cricket

April 08, 2014

A four-hour trip... to bowl one ball

April is the start of the cricket season in North America and Canada. And some players travel far and wide to get their fix

World T20 2014

April 08, 2014

Yes, Yuvraj is to blame

For holding a mirror to the face of the Indian cricket 'fan' and introducing him to his true self

World T20 2014

March 20, 2014

Fantasy cricket - Cracking the code

Wondering how you can do better at the ESPNcricinfo Fantasy game for the World T20? Here's a lowdown.

Think the world needs to read your opinions on cricket? Here's your chance to be published on ESPNcricinfo.




Is cricket losing to football?

Football was once considered the Commoner's game, cricket the Elite's. That h...


No Ishant jokes for a month

After his match-winning performance at Lord's, India fans can't complain. Or ...