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Gautam Gambhir stretches during a training session

Winning caption

"This won't be a wasted trip. Fortunately, he can join the gymnastics team in Glasgow." (Dr. Neela Ramdass, Trinidad and Tobago)

Honourable mentions:

When asked about his favourite George Costanza scene, Gambhir chuckles and immediately resorts to "Paint me like one of your French Ladies" pose. (Sandeep, India)

"At least Madame Tussauds wants me." (Vedprakash Agarwal, India)

"It's so embarrassing when you wake up the next morning on the neighbour's lawn..." (Dr. Nick Meakin, UK)

"It's so embarrassing when you get caught sneaking into grounds through the manhole covers..." (Dr. Nick Meakin, UK)


From our readers
Inzamam-ul-Haq pulls during his blitz

Inzy, you beauty

Ali Umair Chaudhry

Posterity hasn't been kind to this master of Pakistan batsmanship, a jolly green giant capable of remarkable shamanism with willow in hand

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He's been in disastrous form with the bat. If you don't drop a batsman after he's scored three successive ducks, you are never going to drop him.


It can only do Stokes good that the selectors are backing him through the toughest of times. He's sure to bounce back eventually. Beside his bowling form has been quite good.


First-person reports from the stands
Ishant Sharma registered his best bowling figures of 7 for 74

Jadeja gets booed, hydration gets a plug

Day three of a Test is always exciting, and even more so if you manage to get autographs from several players

Ishant Sharma registered his best bowling figures of 7 for 74

No Ishant jokes for a month

After his match-winning performance at Lord's, India fans can't complain. Or can they?

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Separated at birth
Composite: Ben Stokes and André Schürrle

Ben Stokes and André Schürrle

Ben Stokes is having a terrible time, but he can take solace from the fact that his lookalike is on top of the world

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Crossword grid

A 200 year celebration of Lord's


The batsmen with the highest first-class scores at Lord's over 200 years are in this grid. How many can you unearth?


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Sachin Tendulkar and Shane Warne on the eve of the MCC v Rest of the World game at Lord's

The buzz around #MCCvROW

Twenty-two great cricketers; Hundreds of great tweets, selfies and Vines on social media


Which is the best of India's Test wins outside Asia since the turn of the century?

  • Trinidad 2002
  • Headingley 2002
  • Adelaide 2003
  • Jamaica 2006
  • Johannesburg 2006
  • Trent Bridge 2007
  • Perth 2008
  • Hamilton 2009
  • Durban 2010
  • Lord's 2014