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Yes Teams often didn't opt for it before the 36th over, as a result of which it became an extension to the slog overs. It became meaningless after the earlier rule change allowed only four fielders on the boundary in non-Powerplay overs, and made the game very much in favour of batsmen.

No It added a strategic element for a team's think-tank to ponder on, and it often changed the momentum in an innings. And with the new changes allowing five fielders instead of four in the final ten overs, a Powerplay available to the batting team with three fielders out before the final ten would be interesting.


First-person reports from the stands
Younis Khan cuts during his 33

The perfect day out

Fan Following: An Indian fan discovers the delights of county cricket at a dazzling ground

Younis Khan cuts during his 33

London to Colombo for Younis

Fan Following: A fan rues that his hero made only 6 in the first innings

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From our readers
Debutant Mustafizur Rahman gets some appreciation from his captain

Thank you, Mustafizur!

Dinesh Gopalakrishnan

Inbox: A delight for the average cricket romantic

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Close inspection: Umpire Gregory Brathwaite uses a novel way to examine ground conditions

Winning caption

Clearly this umpire misunderstood when calls were made for improvements at grassroots cricket!(Nick Meakin, UK)

Honourable mentions:

Proposed changes to the DRS require umpires to do 20 push-ups for every overturned decision. (Brendan, Australia)

'And then Gayle hits one straight at my face, and i'm on all fours.' (Jayant, India)

I'm just trying to locate Tony Greig's lost key from the last time he did his pitch report from here. (Jay, USA)


Separated at birth
Composite: Adam Driver and Ishant Sharma

Adam Driver and Ishant Sharma

One might be a villain in one of the biggest film franchises of all, the other will definitely not be India's villain in the biggest cricket show of all

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Sachin Tendulkar and Shane Warne on the eve of the MCC v Rest of the World game at Lord's

The buzz around #MCCvROW

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Crossword grid

A 200 year celebration of Lord's


The batsmen with the highest first-class scores at Lord's over 200 years are in this grid. How many can you unearth?


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