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No captain should stay in charge after enduring as many away defeats as he has in the last few years.


He is the only viable captaincy option for India at the moment. A captain is only as good as his team, so it's unfair to judge him by the results.


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Mahela Jayawardene walks back to the pavilion

Winning caption

"Dhoni has the helicopter, but I have the hovercraft." (Ravi Patel, India)

Honourable mentions:

Master Yoda's Jedi Cricket Academy has been flooded with applicants after Mahela Jayawardene demonstrated some of the technical improvements to his game. Being able to hit the ball to the boundary without having the hands in contact with the bat greatly reduces the possibility of being dismissed "caught". (Darth Vader, UK)

"Wingardium Leviosa" - (Prashanth Suresh Kumar, India, and 29 others with variants of the same caption)

"This is getting too easy. Should I challenge myself by batting at the SSC without a bat?" (Dinesh, India)


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Dwayne Bravo breaks into a dance after taking a wicket

Caribbean cricket tipping overboard

Jamoz Senior

It's not the players, selectors, captains or coaches that are to blame for the systematic decline of West Indies cricket. It's the WICB

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First-person reports from the stands
Stuart Broad removed Gautam Gambhir in his second over

Jadeja gets booed, hydration gets a plug

Day three of a Test is always exciting, and even more so if you manage to get autographs from several players

Stuart Broad removed Gautam Gambhir in his second over

The Broad and Anderson show

A day spent pondering the important questions: Like what does Pankaj Singh need to go in order to pick a wicket?

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Separated at birth
Composite: Dale Steyn and Francesco Totti

Dale Steyn and Francesco Totti

Il Bimbo d'Oro - also the king of fast bowling

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Crossword grid

A 200 year celebration of Lord's


The batsmen with the highest first-class scores at Lord's over 200 years are in this grid. How many can you unearth?


The story of the match in your tweets
Sachin Tendulkar and Shane Warne on the eve of the MCC v Rest of the World game at Lord's

The buzz around #MCCvROW

Twenty-two great cricketers; Hundreds of great tweets, selfies and Vines on social media


The not-guilty verdict in the Anderson-Jadeja hearings is ...

  • Fair. There was no video evidence, only either side’s version of the incident
  • Unfair. Something happened, so there should have at least been a reprimand
  • Let’s move on already