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Seagulls, a cathedral spire and long straight boundaries: it must be the Adelaide Oval

Seagulls at cow corner, Bhogle on air, and ABC to the rescue

Sudhindra Prasad

An India fan relives the excitement of following an Adelaide Test in the early 1990s

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Show us how you will cheer for India
Manjula‏: #CheerWithOPPO winner, March 26

Bleed blue

#CheerWithOPPO: Daily winners - week four

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The story of the match in your tweets
Virat Kohli is thrilled after the winning runs were hit

'Virat Kohli, why don't you admit you're an alien?'

Reactions to Virat Kohli's record-equalling hundred during India's chase in Pune


First-person reports from the stands
The Bangladesh team celebrate

Hope blows hot in cold Sylhet

West Indies put up a show for a fan holidaying in Bangladesh

The Bangladesh team celebrate

The days of being the underdog are gone

A Bangladesh fan's belief is reaffirmed after watching her team's win over Sri Lanka

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Separated at birth
Composite: Tony Revolori and Haseeb Hameed

Tony Revolori and Haseeb Hameed

One played the role of Zero Moustafa as a teenager, the other will hope to stay clear of zeros in his international career.

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Our pictures, your words
Dean Elgar, Hashim Amla, Faf du Plessis and JP Duminy man South Africa's slip cordon


Who will be the Player of the Champions Trophy?

  • Hasan Ali
  • Shikhar Dhawan
  • Someone else