FAQ: Your Shots

What sort of pictures can I submit?
Any with a cricket connection, that you've taken yourself. It could be a picture of kids playing cricket on the beach, or one of several matches happening simultaneously on a maidan. It could be a picture taken in a bat factory, or one of pedestrians looking at an advertising hoarding featuring a cricketer. Anything works, as long as it has to do with cricket - even if tangentially, but we'll be the judges of that.

Can I send in pictures shot by someone else, or images I find on the internet?
No. Your submissions have to be your original work. We cannot publish pictures that have been taken from the internet.

What happens to copyright?
You will own the copyright for your submissions and are free to use the image in other media as you see fit.

This also means that ESPNcricinfo will not be held liable in any copyright-related disputes that might be raised by a third party, on account of our publishing these images in good faith.

Can I send pictures shot anywhere?
Due to rights restrictions, we will not publish pictures shot inside cricket grounds during matches. We will also not consider pictures that we think are violating the privacy of people in them. Or pictures that we think contain offensive imagery, or are likely to cause offense for any reason.

How do I make my submission?
Send your submissions as attachments (jpg preferably) on email to this address. Alternatively, you can also mail us links to your pictures on photo-sharing websites such Flickr. Be sure to include all relevant information on your submission - who are the people in it, what is the setting, what happened next - anything that will add interest to the picture. Don't forget to include a short bio of yourself, including your full name. The more details you add, the better.

Are there any technical specifications I need to follow?
Not many, except some common-sense ones. Make sure your subject is not out of focus. Make sure the pictures are reasonably high-resolution, and each is at least 1000 pixels wide. Also, check to see if the file size is manageable - try to keep each picture to under 3MB, and try to keep the contents of each email you send us to under 3MB.

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