USA news July 18, 2012

USACA settles lawsuit with Varadarajan and CCA

The USA Cricket Association (USACA) has announced that it has settled its lawsuit with California businessman Ram Varadarajan and the California Cricket Academy (CCA). Varadarajan and CCA had petitioned to overturn the USACA board's decision to disenfranchise 32 out of the 47 USACA member leagues from voting in the April 14 elections. They had also sought a preliminary injunction to prevent elections from taking place until the leagues' voting rights had been reinstated, but US District Court judge Lucy H Koh sided with USACA on the eve of the election.

According to a USACA press release, all litigation and complaints from Varadarajan and CCA against the board have been withdrawn so that both parties can work cooperatively to advance cricket in America.

"We are pleased to have the legal matters closed, so that we can focus all our energies and resources on rebuilding USACA and US cricket," USACA president Gladstone Dainty said. "There is plenty of work to be done and we are happy to have the help of dedicated and upstanding individuals like Mr Ram Varadarajan and Mr Hemant Buch."

Buch, one of the founders of CCA, has now accepted a youth development role with USACA. "I am honored to have the platform within USACA to realise my passion to bring cricket to the youth of America," Buch said. "I want to see every boy and girl have the opportunity to play the sport and for our national teams to excel on the world stage."

Buch had been linked to the renegade American Cricket Federation (ACF), which spawned in May out of USACA's disenfranchised leagues. The ACF, originally launched under the name Cricket America, sent out a press release on June 5 touting "former USACA board member Hemant Buch" as one of its founding members. Buch was also listed as a member of two ACF committees, one for youth and junior development and another for international relations. However, it now appears he has severed ties with ACF and hitched his wagon to the ICC recognised governing body of cricket in America.

Peter Della Penna is a journalist based in New Jersey