West Indies v Australia, 3rd Test, Roseau, 5th day

Clarke reckons Wade's a Test batsman

Daniel Brettig at Windsor Park

April 27, 2012

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Matthew Wade gets down to sweep, West Indies v Australia, 2nd Test, Port-of-Spain, April 19, 2012
Michael Clarke: "If he [Matthew Wade] plays like that, certainly will continue to put pressure on not only the wicketkeeper's spot but a batsman's position too." © AFP
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Australia's captain Michael Clarke has signed off from the West Indies by opening up the possibility of Matthew Wade retaining his Test place as a batsman should Brad Haddin return as the Test gloveman next summer.

Wade's pitch-defying century in Dominica earned him man-of-the-match honours in the final Test of a 2-0 series win over West Indies, and also demonstrated his skills as a batsman. It is an exceedingly rare thing in Australian cricket for a wicketkeeper to make the national side on his batting alone, though Adam Gilchrist and Haddin both played as batsmen in the ODI team while waiting for their predecessors to step aside.

"I think if he plays the way he's been playing there's no doubt about it [he could play as a batsman]," Clarke said. "And his numbers say that for Victoria. He's a wonderful wicketkeeper but I think that his batting's got a lot of potential too. He plays spin as good as anyone.

"Like I said, I think he has learned a hell of a lot throughout the one-day series about different conditions and playing spin in Australia compared to playing spin in the Caribbean, which will help him going into the subcontinent. And we've got a Test tour coming up over in India.

"There's a lot of cricket to be played before any of the selectors have to worry about the next XI or the next squad of 15 for our next Test series, but Wadey, hopefully, will continue to perform in the shorter form until the next Test match comes around."

Clarke, an avowed friend and supporter of Haddin, declined to repeat his pre-Test assertion that his New South Wales team-mate would automatically return to the keeping spot for Australia's next Test, against South Africa in November, should he make himself available. However he remained staunch in his support for Haddin, who withdrew from this tour due to a serious family matter.

"I've made it very clear that think Wadey's done everything in his power to put as much pressure on the selectors as possible," Clarke said. "What I also said was that if Brad was available for this tour he would have played the first Test match. I think it's great there's competition as a batter, as a bowler, as a wicketkeeper. It's fantastic for the game. How lucky are we in an Australian cricket team to have either Brad Haddin or Matthew Wade available for selection in the Test team?

"I think, Wadey, if he plays like that, certainly will continue to put pressure on not only the wicketkeeper's spot but a batsman's position too. That's something the selectors will have to worry about in time.

"I will still continue to support anybody that plays for this Australian team. Even though Brad's not here on this tour. My friendship, yes … but also [because of] his experience, his knowledge, his success as a Test player, I'll continue to support him, as I will always support Wadey. I think he's done fantastically in the shorter form of the game. He got his first opportunity here in Test cricket and he's grabbed it with both hands so there's nothing more he can do and now it's up to the selectors, when the time comes, to make a decision."

For his part, Wade said he had derived great satisfaction from developing as a wicketkeeper and a batsman in conditions as foreign as any he has experienced. He also felt the tour would work in his favour ahead of the 2013 tour of India, which serves as the prelude to that year's dual Ashes series.

"Probably the all-round experience of coming over here in the one-day series without knowing too much about these conditions," Wade said, when asked what he had found most rewarding. "Learning a lot in the first three one-dayers, as I've spoken about, in St Vincent and then continuing to develop my game in the nets with Justin Langer and Mickey Arthur, and trying to find my way in difficult conditions against spin bowling. So, probably that's most pleasing thing, going home knowing that I've learned a hell of a lot and I'm improving.

"I've been to the subcontinent a couple of times but only to play the short formats of the game. These conditions are very similar, I've been told. So, fingers crossed, if I get an opportunity to play, hopefully I can bring what I've learned here to the subcontinent and do my stuff."

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Posted by zenboomerang on (May 1, 2012, 15:27 GMT)

@Meety... Gilly toured England aged 19 with the Oz Young team scoring a century & fifty in 3 Tests... At 24 managed an average of @50.5 & also toured Eng again with the Young team with an average of 70... At 26 he had the highest dismissals in SS for the 4th year in a row & he still had a fabulous SS record @47.6 - blowing away anything that Healy had even done & anyone with cricket knowledge new that he was being deprived of a Test berth by Healy - the media were all him... BTW, what has Healy & NSW got to do with anything?... The only person who mentioned Healy was you... Misquoting me again, lol...

Posted by Meety on (May 1, 2012, 3:38 GMT)

@zenboomerang - apart from the fact that this was a discussion about the Test team, the fact is, regularly Gilchrest scoresheets in Nsw 2nd XIs read like binary code, I repeat there is "no way did Healy keep Gilly out of the team for 3yrs too long" Since when did Healy play for NSW, since when did Healy have anything for that matter to do with selecting NSW sides. Anybody can look good as a 15yo, he himself (Gilly) didn't think he was that good but backed himself to get there. People can be quite all-knowing after the event. Nice try, quite flawed though! I saw him play cricket in the under 3s - he was brilliant - LOL! You talk about being misquoted - LOL!!!!!!! Btw - nice analysis on Andy Flower, despite being out by 44 (26 v 70) on his average v the Saffas - doh!!!!!

Posted by   on (May 1, 2012, 0:18 GMT)

David hussey needs to be in the test team. For a few years now Australia have tinkered with their line up and have tried a number of players but no ones first class record outside oz who has not played a test is the best around. What does David hussey have to do to be given a chance at test cricket.

The team should be


Posted by zenboomerang on (April 30, 2012, 10:43 GMT)

@Meety :- "no way did Healy keep Gilly out of the team for 3yrs too long" -... Having watched Gilly as a 15 y.o. (&younger) playing for Southern Districts at 1st grade, then being held back by NSW & playing occassionally as a batsman only, then forced to move to WA to get a gig as a keeper, Gilly was always a superior keeper/batsman to anyone around him - even in his early 20's... You obviously never saw him or his raw talent at a young age, which never diminished until towards the end of his career... I compare it to keeping Ponting in SS until his late 20's...

Posted by zenboomerang on (April 30, 2012, 10:42 GMT)

@hyclass :- "Nothing has changed at CA since the Argus Review. The deck chairs have been shuffled" -... Looking at what has actually changed in leadership & accountability, I find your comment flawed... There has been no shuffling of chairs - who's been moved around?... The Argus Review is not a 'majic bullet' but rather a plan that will require 2-4 years to evolve - your supposition that it can occur in only a few months or 1 season lacks the perception that Test cricket & programs require time to evolve... "Arthur,who was average at WA"... lol... He was only there for a very short period of time yet dragged up WA to nearly a SS final while missing major players - they've look at their best for a number of years... Which makes NSW's coach & selectors look like the most underperforming management group by a long way in Oz - especially considering the finalists Tas v Qld...

Posted by RandyOZ on (April 29, 2012, 11:44 GMT)

@hyclass I agree with what you are saying about batting - focus on different areas for different players, but what I will say is I don't believe Langer has the credentials to be there. I believe he is there because of his status and friendship with older players/coaching staff. Absolutely no coaching record or achievements to hang his hat on before he came into the side.

Posted by Meety on (April 29, 2012, 6:36 GMT)

@ hyclass - mate that's the thing, whilst I know if you got a stat wrong, you'll accept it, I know that your analysis are NOT whims, however, where I disagree with you is some of your conclusions & the backstory to justify what you are talking about. If it had been the 1st test (re: Saffas) - I'd agree with you, bearing in mind that Oz had just been playing on alien pitches in SL, & their tour match was played on a dog of a wicket, I'd say Oz's preparation was not too flash either. Regarding Warner, he was depositing balls into the stand - no field placings were going to help. Warner delivered on a talent he has possessed - the trick will be to see if he maintains it. The only blemish on his records IMO is that his Test tons have been scored against attacks MINUS a specialist spinner. BTW - I agree with you that Rogers & D Hussey need to be looked at more seriously than they have been, I agreed re: S Marsh, I've agreed re: Hughes (although not that it was some sinister ploy by Hilditch

Posted by Busie1979 on (April 29, 2012, 5:07 GMT)

Agree with comments regarding Rogers and D.Hussey - perhaps they haven't played the politics as much as they need to. It's a really bizarre situation because the batting side is really weak and these guys have been ignored. As far as Wade v Haddin is concerned, Haddin has been solid but is far from a superstar in international cricket. There is no need for him to stand in Wade's way. Wade is a good prospect with some good early signs. He still needs to prove himself, but he's done ok. He is a better batsman than Paine. If a second keeper is necessary, Neville is the guy for me and Haddin is done and dusted. Judging by Clarke's comments, it looks like Cowan will be dropped (as I predicted). M. Hussey should open.

Posted by Dashgar on (April 29, 2012, 3:57 GMT)

Why would Wade play as a specialist batsman? Is Haddin really a better keeper than him? The answer is surely no.

Posted by Carpathian on (April 29, 2012, 3:54 GMT)

@ RandyOZ You're right about the ongoing presence of that batting coach/cheerleader, as well as those average top-order batsman who are far inferior to others who you incessantly criticise (like Bell and Pietersen). If I were you I'd worry more about Arthur and Clarke's misguided attachment to inferior Australian players than the form of a far-more settled English side.

Posted by hyclass on (April 29, 2012, 2:22 GMT)

@RandyOZ.Langers difficulty is that in coaching,he associates playing in the V,which can be helpful and was to him,as of primary importance to all players,which it clearly isnt and couldnt be to a Chanderpaul or Hughes,whose games are well built around scoring square.If the coaches had tried to make Chanderpaul textbook,he would be runless. It must be obvious that Langer became a far better player,not only when he played straighter,but more importantly,when he set out to attack and rest the advantage from the bowlers.It was Bradman who said in both,'A Farewell to Cricket' and 'The Art of Cricket' that he considered it his duty to take the advantage from the bowler and score as quickly as possible to allow his bowlers the maximum time to bowl the opposition out. Regardless of his skill,it was his mental approach and application first,that made him a champion. There is some suggestion that these principles have a use by date. Only a fool fails to understand that intelligence is timeless.

Posted by hyclass on (April 29, 2012, 2:11 GMT)

@Meety..I suggested Rogers should have been playing well ahead of Cowan and that brief runs of form are no substitute for observing long term records. I suggested that Watson could not improve due to a lack of stamina,no matter where he bats. I identified that Marsh must not be selected for Tests due to a lack of stamina and went on to correctly predict his exact results.I demanded D.Husseys Test selection.I predicted that India had no capacity to win anything in Australia for that series and were a beaten side before arriving with no bowling attack. I correctly predicted that if Cummins was chosen for Tests,he would break down with injury,as had happened after the Shield Final.I predicted that Warners one speed game was flawed against quality attacks on wickets with bounce and movement and that he would struggle for consistency.His runs,both at 1st class and Test level have all come against mediocre attacks with big slices of good fortune.Observe his long term record if you doubt it.

Posted by hyclass on (April 29, 2012, 1:56 GMT)

@Meety...Its not disrespectful to the SA side when it is clear that they had played almost no cricket over an extended period before that 2 Test series. The stamina & concentration issues of Test cricket were always going to come to the fore in the last innings. Warner benefited in Perth from a number of inexplicable decisions by Dhoni that were also observed by the commentary team at the time. Warners form & confidence were indifferent at that point.Dhoni removed the speedy & experienced Ishant after 1 over & replaced him with the debutant medium pacer,Kumar,in totally unfamiliar conditions. He removed the gully early. Fine anywhere else.Absurd in Perth. His slips were so deep that a regulation edge from Warner around 50,failed to carry to Tendulkar.His lack of slips after a short time & oddly positioned 2 square leg fielder leaked easy runs. It gave Cowan & Warner the easiest of starts.Dhoni knows Warners game well from IPL.Warner ave is plumetting as predicted.It reminds me of Hick

Posted by RandyOZ on (April 29, 2012, 0:09 GMT)

@hyclass - absolutely spot on. Forrest will be another failure - a batsmen averaging 30 odd in shield cricket just like Marsh and Cowan. Arthur has a lot to answer for. As well as his terrible selection, you can add the introduction of the choke to the team. One person you forgot to mention though is Langer. Where is his accountability? Well there is none.

Posted by Meety on (April 28, 2012, 22:18 GMT)

@Winsome - spot on, one of the reasons Ian Chappell was loved so much by most of his former players was due to his "captain for life" mantra. If Clarke is genuinely getting the team to be cohesive, as if he is just going to shed Haddin as yesterdays news! I even suspect that Wade would have some conflicting thoughts on his debut due to the circumstances (hope not). Fact is Clarke has ONE vote, & I bet Wade (& Haddin) know exactly where they stand with Pup! @mikey76 - "Prior is the benchmark for Keeper/Batsmen at the moment" - no disputing, except to say that Prior currently has a Test ave considerably higher than his FC stats over a long career. He would be a rare exception if he were to maintain that gap. Wade is younger & where his FC stats & tests are not as clear but it is reasonable to expect Wade will at least ave 40 in his test career (Prior's FC is 40 v Wade's 40) as he is still very young & on the improve.

Posted by Meety on (April 28, 2012, 22:09 GMT)

@Beazle - no way did Healy keep Gilly out of the team for 3yrs too long. The time frame was about a year, which is nobody's fault. Gilly's true greatness was not revealed until AFTER he started playing test cricket. Up until then he only hinted at being a batsmen like say Jayusurya (good but not great). @Michael Mina - you don't explain why Neville should be ahead of Wade. @Hyclass - halfway through your comment, I was saying yep, yep & yep - spot on. The last half though mate is disrespectful, the Saffas had already played a test (& won), I don't see why you need to bag Cummins, & Warner has got a few things he needs to iron out, but he scored a ton on a pitch you described as being almost impossible for him to score well on (prior to the 1st Test v India). Yes - D Hussey should of been given a go, I don't think Cowan is in direct competition with D Hussey for a position - as I think he should be considered for positions #4, #5 or #6 - not as an opener or 1st drop!

Posted by mikey76 on (April 28, 2012, 21:02 GMT)

Wade the finest gloveman in the world, Lyon the greatest spinner, Watson the greatest allrounder, Clarke the greatest batsman. Australia should be dominating everybody....but they aren't. So maybe these players with the exception of Clarke are overrated.Prior is the benchmark for Keeper/Batsmen at the moment. This is not disputable.

Posted by Winsome on (April 28, 2012, 17:55 GMT)

I wish people would stop complaining about Clarke being too diplomatic or being part of some 'old boys club.' I think he's proved already that he'll take the decisions that he thinks are right for the team when he has to - if he can, he has only a fifth voice in selection of the squads and teams - and quite frankly, I wouldn't give you tuppence for a skipper or a person who would start publicly undermining a player who has gone home to Aus for the reasons that Haddin has.

Posted by   on (April 28, 2012, 15:52 GMT)

All this talk of Haddin is just diplomatic nicities, he is gone with a capital G. Wade has grabbed his chance with both hands and good luck to him. I still think Paine will have something to say down the track, we shall see. Wades position is probably the most certain of several others. The top order will be giving the selectors headaches for some time, c'mon you youngsters where are you, we need someone to stand up!!

Posted by hyclass on (April 28, 2012, 14:38 GMT)

In the WI over his last 5 ODIs, 2 T20Is and 3 Tests, Wade has made 261 runs at 23.72. @Wefinishthis is spot on. Rogers is vastly superior to Cowan and has a fabulous record.D Hussey is being deliberately ignored for Tests.Were he to succeed,it would badly embarrass CA. Who can believe that a player with a S/R over 70 and an ave of almost 55 with 41 1st class 100s, cant get a Test, while 2nd rate players like Marsh, Cowan and Forrest get opportunities. Id like to make it perfectly clear. Nothing has changed at CA since the Argus Review. The deck chairs have been shuffled. Accountability is non existent,from Arthur,who was average at WA, pushed Marsh & was hopelessly mistaken,to the choice of Cummins,whose injury I predicted before his Test selection. He benefited from SAs poor 2nd innings concentration due to a lack of cricket over many months. Dhonis captaincy to Warner in Perth was staggeringly bad gifting him a hundred and Cowan a fifty.Performance over time is the only criterion.

Posted by Sunil_Batra on (April 28, 2012, 14:19 GMT)

I am a fan of Clarke, but this is a weak decision by the skipper, he needs to bite the bullet and take his good mate Haddin out and make Wade keeper batsman. THere is no way Wade is a better batsman then Quiney, Khawaja or Marsh, they are all better batsman and need to come in once one of them get shield runs. Khawaja in particular needs to be watched out for as he is a classy batsman

Posted by VivGilchrist on (April 28, 2012, 13:58 GMT)

This diplomacy must stop. Which is the best keeper? Wade. Which is the best batsman? Wade. Why the need for discussion? Do we really want to take an aging out of form keeper to England? I just hope Ricky can retire gracefully, although I doubt he will and someone domestically starts to shine so Forrest doesn't get a gig.

Posted by Beertjie on (April 28, 2012, 12:45 GMT)

I agree with @Wefinishthis - good comments. David Hussey should have gone to the WI, but somehow Forrest went and didn't even play. Time to push the once great Punter, since he won't leave with grace. Chris Rogers hasn't been around the team, so I guess he'll lose out on the age score, while Hussey has experience in India. Clarke won't be making the calls - that's Invers' to make, so please make them!

Posted by   on (April 28, 2012, 11:46 GMT)

They've used Hughes, North, Khawaja, Marsh and now Wade.

Hughes scored centuries in his 2nd test and also got one in SL. Australia thought they discovered a new opener who can bat like Hayden.

North has 5 centuries from 21 tests including one on debut. Australia thought they had an established replacement at no.6.

Khawaja scored a 65 in the run chase against SA, but was dropped as soon as Marsh recovered.

Marsh scored a hundred on debut but scored 3 ducks on his return to the side.

Wade scored a century in his 3rd test and now is being talked about playing as a batsman.

What do all these batsmen have in common? They've all scored their centuries or highest score in Khawaja away and not at home. They all prospered away but Hughes, North, Khawaja and Marsh all failed at home and all got dropped at home. So far wade has followed that pattern by impressing away but what would happen to him this coming Australia summer? He could suffer the same fate as the others and get dropped.

Posted by   on (April 28, 2012, 11:46 GMT)

Peter Nevill should be the Australian keeper/batsman. At the minute, Wade's keep has been clean and up to scratch, far superior than the performances of Haddin in the past 2 years. The problem with making Clarke, and to a lesser extent, Arthur as selectors is that they form close bonds with the players. Clarke needs to lose his attachment to Haddin, who is neither young enough nor talented enough to keep out Wade, Nevill or perhaps Paine. Australia's biggest problem is batting, with the top 3 - Warner, Cowan and Watson not making 3 figures often enough. Need to rehabilitate, if you will, the likes of Ferguson, Marsh, Khawaja, Hughes and hope that one of them can take a top 3 spot. Forrest and Bailey are both options, but neither have the x-factor, just like Cowan, to be a good test cricketer. Australia's batting is very poor, and it may get to the point where they have to pick older players to fill the gaps, like David Hussey or even using more all-rounders, like Christian or McDonald

Posted by bobmartin on (April 28, 2012, 8:19 GMT)

Re-Wade......One swallow does not a summer make

Posted by Moppa on (April 28, 2012, 8:07 GMT)

@thetopofoff - why would Peter Forrest be Australia's new number 3? He doesn't even play in that position for Queensland...

Posted by Beazle on (April 28, 2012, 7:52 GMT)

Healey ( thankfully for non Australians) kept Gilchrist waiting to play test cricket three years longer than he should have. The same thing will happen here-they never learn !

Posted by   on (April 28, 2012, 7:40 GMT)

On current form, Wade is definitely superior to Hadds and should stay in the side. But gotta admire both these guys - they are real fighters. Let's not forget till the last Ashes, Haddin was a great bat to have at 7 and his lofted drives are one of the best in the world - if only he reminds himself of the hardwork he did to get from country NSW to ACT to the baggy green and decides to add some resolve to his game, he is good enough to be back as a batsman in the side!

Posted by Meety on (April 28, 2012, 7:18 GMT)

On a slightly different angle, I think this should mean that Neville is half a chance for a batting position in the test team with Wade the keeper. Anyways, IMO, Haddin's done a great job, it was only the summer before where he was one of only 2 players to hold their own against England. His time has come though.

Posted by Wefinishthis on (April 28, 2012, 7:16 GMT)

The selectors have it spot on with Wade no.1, Nevill no.2 at the moment (as I am on record has having said it should have been over a year ago). This should stay this way until performances change over a select period of time. The reason our top order collapses regularly is because we have two of our top four averaging well below 40 (Cowan and Watson), one is a hit or miss-style batsman (Warner) and one is an aging great who's will never average above 50 in a calendar year again and the other is only averaging in the 40's. The obvious way to fix this is to drop Cowan and Ponting, push Watson to no.5 or 6 and then either bring in some proven quality like Rogers or D Hussey or experiment with some younger potential such as Patterson, Maxwell or Cooper. Perhaps something like Warner, Rogers, Clarke, D Hussey, M Hussey, Watson, Wade to buy us a year or two to find some new batting talent.

Posted by PFEL on (April 28, 2012, 6:25 GMT)

Surely were both Haddin and Wade to play in the next Test series it would be Haddin playing as a batsman and Wade to take the gloves? Given Wade's far superior performances as far as catches/byes etc goes. It would be odd having Wade playing as a specialist batsman and having Haddin dropping catches, missing stumpings and letting through byes left right and centre while Wade stands at mid off shaking his head!

Posted by dunger.bob on (April 28, 2012, 6:10 GMT)

It's easy to forget that Wade is very inexperienced. He has adapted to the conditions very quickly and seems to have kept more than neatly. If he's good enough to learn how to keep while playing Test cricket then why would you want to mess with that by dropping him for 12-18 months. He's currently a better keeper than Haddin and that should be all we need to know. ..dropped catches and lots of byes sap the confident out of the other fieldsmen and thats never good. To my way of thinking it should be up to Hadds to force his way back in as a batsman only, not the other way around ..

Posted by zenboomerang on (April 28, 2012, 5:51 GMT)

Clarke must be joking that Wade can come in as a batsman only, as this means Wade is a better batsman than Haddin - so why keep Haddin?... Also who is Clarke going to drop?... Its either Ponting or Hussey to accommodate Wade... Maybe Clarke needs to look at why the Oz top & middle order fail so often before muddling up the batting order any more...

Posted by zenboomerang on (April 28, 2012, 5:33 GMT)

@thetopofoff... Agree & no disrespect to Ponting, but I thought his time was up more than 2 years ago... Just looking at his career form over the last 5 years you can see it dropping off year by year (though India's poor bowling did help him last summer)... Ponting had the worst batting stats this series @24 amoungst the top 7 batters... I'm unsure on Forrest, but we'll have to wait - maybe Aust A this winter?... I wouldn't mind Bailey or Cooper being given a chance as well...

Posted by disco_bob on (April 28, 2012, 4:59 GMT)

Haddin plays like he has a license to play irresponsible shots by claiming what is now becoming an equally irresponsible cliche, 'it's the way I play'. Wade like Warner has shown that he can play to the conditions and deliver what his team needs in tough going. They are the sorts of players that we need going forward. Especially now with the sort of team that Clarke is building we need players who can back him up with some serious dedication.

Posted by RandyOZ on (April 28, 2012, 4:57 GMT)

If I ever see haddin in a baggy green again I will stop going to matches. Surely the useless selectors are not THAT useless. Wade is already the finest gloveman in the world.

Posted by thetopofoff on (April 28, 2012, 4:08 GMT)

Surely Wade will keep his spot and Haddin will not return to the test team. I really feel for Haddin and hope his daughter recovers from her illness, however it is clear Wade is not only a superior wicket keeper, but as good or perhaps even better batsman than what Haddin has shown in the past two years.

I can't help but feel at nearly 35 Haddin is spent and Wade at 24, in his prime and will only get better.

I think it's time for Ponting to finally go also. I've always thought he should stay as long as he wants but I think it's time for Peter Forrest to come in at No.3, Watson to go to No.6 and Punter to hang up the boots. Out of the two old boys, Hussey is consistently playing much better cricket and we should blood Forrest in the South African series next summer.

The opening pair need more runs but are worth sticking with. Cowan seems to be under pressure but to me it's Warner who needs to show more. The bowling is coming along nicely. Let's hope for a fit Pattinson and Cummins

Posted by JasonG_123 on (April 28, 2012, 4:00 GMT)

Why would Wade continue to play on as a batsman if he's a better keeper than Haddin? No dropped catches or missed stumpings, very few byes and reliable as a batsman, whereas Haddin was missing alot of chances and playing irresponsibly as a batsman. However, I'm sure Wade will be selected as a keeper-batsman for the next test and this is just Clarke speaking diplomatically, but you can never be sure.

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