West Indies v India, 2nd Test, Bridgetown June 30, 2011

Dhoni done in by wrong replay

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MS Dhoni was wrongly dismissed off a no-ball in the first innings of the second Test between West Indies and India, as the incorrect replay was shown to the third umpire. The ICC has confirmed the error by the host broadcaster, IMG Media, which the match referee Chris Broad said was an "honest" mistake.

Dhoni had chipped a catch to mid-on off Fidel Edwards in the 59th over. After Dhoni completed the stroke, the on-field umpire Ian Gould signalled that the bowler had overstepped and then asked the third umpire Gregory Brathwaite to verify the decision. The replays showed that Edwards had a good portion of his foot behind the crease, prompting Brathwaite to deem it a legitimate delivery, and Dhoni was ruled out.

It later emerged that Brathwaite had been shown the wrong replay and that the delivery that led to Dhoni's dismissal should have been called a no-ball.

"The host broadcaster for this series, IMG Media, acknowledged the mistake and has apologised," Broad said. "Having looked into the situation, I am satisfied it was an unfortunate but honest mistake in what is a tense and live environment."

Broad also said there was no scope for redressing the mistake. "Seeing as the game has continued, clearly there is no opportunity to reverse the decision. We are forced now put it behind us and move on with the remainder of the match."

IMG acknowledged the error and tried to explain how it occurred. "IMG Media takes its responsibilities on this matter very seriously," their spokesman said. "This was a case of human error, compounded by a senior replay operative having to return home at very short notice."

Dhoni had the misfortune of being dismissed off a no-ball in the second innings of the first Test as well, when the umpires missed the bowler Devendra Bishoo cutting the return crease with his back leg.

In its release, the ICC pointed out that if this series had the Decision Review System, an ICC official would have been present to monitor the broadcast.

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  • Anil on July 3, 2011, 5:53 GMT

    Will Mr.Chris Broad respond the same way,if the English were touring Windies??

  • jaswant on July 3, 2011, 5:13 GMT

    Even life,the perfection,the truth,that without compare, is not without error. Errors have been the companion that journeys the travels of consciousness.Mistakes will happen, some will be corrected, others will have to be taken in good faith.Dhoni should not have been given out,but he had to go. In the second innings of the second test Shiv was also a victim of a bad decision,but he also had to go.We must thank these goodly men { umpires} for the job they have been doing, their decisions are based on their judgement that manifest in a split moment, and they do as they see fit. The world have a lot of time to review,they don't.

  • Dummy4 on July 3, 2011, 2:11 GMT

    well said Samavb,Leave Dhoni alone,the team comes before personal records, which shows he is not selfish.Koli are you from other planet

  • am on July 2, 2011, 13:10 GMT

    Dhoni played a shot in air and caught by fielder but so what? that doesnt rule out the fact that Edwards over stepped the line and it should be NO BALL. Player caught on No ball is NOT OUT and people here have missed out simple logic and what many have failed to understand that when umpiring standards are so low and people are given OUT even when they are NOTOUT and you expect them to score 100s or 50s.. For a guy who is not top order batsman coming at no.7 with an avg 40 in tests with 4 hundreds and 15 50s is not a bad record ..especially when he is a shrewd captain with team winning almost all series played so far with 15 victories out of 22 odd matches he has captained so far I think Dhoni should be left alone and he is NOTOUT twice in his 3 dismissals.. raina , kohli , bhajji all have been victims.. and what is more irritating is people are ready to pounce on dhoni with slightest chance given to them ,its DISGUSTING,LIKE IT OR NOT Dhoni will stay for another 5 yrs minimum

  • Colin on July 2, 2011, 9:54 GMT

    In its release, the ICC pointed out that if this series had the Decision Review System, an ICC official would have been present to monitor the broadcast.

    Excellent....serves Dhoni right. The words peotic and justice spring to mind.

  • PATTABIRAMAN on July 2, 2011, 2:15 GMT

    While this issue throws up new problems on declaring dismissals on TV it hardly made any difference to the game itself as Dhoni makes no impact in a Test Match-he would been out in the next over

  • VaRUN on July 2, 2011, 1:40 GMT

    pakistan did well for 2011 WC, but eventually lost to a much better team even though the better team had a bad day...

  • Dummy4 on July 1, 2011, 23:08 GMT

    who cares...even if he was given not out...he wouldnt have lasted long...

  • Aziz on July 1, 2011, 22:54 GMT

    First off, BCCI is against UDRS because they will not get any cut from the implementation of the technology. It is not about saving cricket or any other BS BCCI comes up with.

    As for Dhoni and other bad decisions, it happens. This is cricket. Weren't some of you cheering Inzamam's out "struck the ball" when he was just trying to defend himself? That was also referred to third umpire and was given out. Although it wasn't. Comeon guys...this happens in cricket. If you want to make noise, please tell BCCI to approve UDRS. They already know it helps...they just won't make money off of it :)

  • Chatty on July 1, 2011, 22:38 GMT

    gandabhai: India was not the best team in the tournament. There were quite a few teams of equal skill at the top. India won it only because the final was played in India.

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