West Indies news November 13, 2016

WICB cancels Bravo's match contract, serves him notice


Darren Bravo was replaced in the squad for the Zimbabwe tri-series after his remarks about WICB president Dave Cameron © AFP

The West Indies Cricket Board has sent a notice to Darren Bravo saying the batsman's match contract has been cancelled due to the "disparaging" remarks he made on Twitter about board president Dave Cameron earlier in the week. In an e-mail sent to Bravo on Friday, Richard Pybus, WICB's director of cricket, warned that if the batsman did not delete the tweet and apologise by Saturday afternoon, he could face further action from the board's disciplinary panel.

While Bravo has not made any comment in public, it is learnt he has not yet responded to the WICB. On Saturday, the WICB had replaced Bravo in the squad for the Zimbabwe tri-series for "inappropriate and unacceptable behaviour", which breached contractual obligations. While the cancellation of his match contract applies to the Zimbabwe series for now, it could include future tours. Bravo is currently without a retainer after he declined a central contract offered by the WICB for the 2016-17 period in November.

Earlier this week Cameron told Sports Max TV, a Caribbean television network, that Bravo was offered a grade C contract (the lowest of five grades) because of his declining averages over the last two years. He also questioned how a player would be motivated if he continued getting a grade A contract despite a slip in performances.

Bravo responded by tweeting: "You hav been failing 4 d last 4yrs. Y don't u resign and FYI I've neva been given an A contract. Big idiot @davec51."

Cameron had pointed out that the decision was taken by a team led by Pybus, which carries out annual appraisals of players. Pybus said Bravo's statement was a breach of his contract.

"It has come to our attention that on November 11, 2016 you published a tweet on your Twitter account (@DMBravo46) disparaging the President of the West Indies Cricket Board," Pybus said in an email to the cricketer. "We would expect as a senior West Indian cricketer, that you would recognise that your decision to vent your frustration online, as well as to denigrate the President of the WICB, was inappropriate and unacceptable as well as contrary to your contractual obligations to the WICB.

"Clause 9.3.1 of your match/tour contract provides that in default by you in respect of your obligations under the contract, WICB may in its absolute discretion cancel the contract by written notice to the Cricketer. In light, therefore of your breach of your obligations to WICB in clause of your match/tour contract, the letter serves as a written notice that your match/tour contract is hereby cancelled."

Bravo was West Indies' second-highest run-getter in the recently concluded Test series against Pakistan in the UAE. Before that, he had a poor Test series against India at home, scoring only 139 runs in seven innings. Since November 2014, Bravo scored 1089 runs in 17 Tests for West Indies, a tally that is second to Kraigg Brathwaite's 1258 runs in 20 matches.

Pybus urged Bravo to acknowledge on Twitter the "impropriety" of his remark and stressed the batsman should not use social media sites in a manner that could embarrass the WICB or its officials, or bring the game into disrepute.

"We also request you immediately remove the highlighted tweet from your account, and desist from tweeting about WICB officials in the future," Pybus said. "We further request that you acknowledge, via your Twitter account, the impropriety of your actions and your recognition that your decision to publicly express your views on social media was not conduct befitting of a West Indies cricketer.

"I strongly discourage you from continuing to use Twitter or other social networking sites in a manner which might cause embarrassment to the West Indies Cricket Team, the West Indies Cricket Board or any official of the West Indies Cricket Board and which can potentially bring the game into disrepute.

"I ask that you also note that any further such action on your part, including failure to comply with our request above by 4 p.m. Eastern Caribbean time on November 12 2016, may result in further disciplinary action, including referral to the WICB Disciplinary Committee."

Nagraj Gollapudi is a senior assistant editor at ESPNcricinfo

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  • Rally_Windies on November 16, 2016, 3:27 GMT

    hold UP...

    People.. Cameroon is NOT the BOSS...


    WICB is supposed to be "democratic", under ICC rules ..

    Cameroon is the elected president and ALL PLAYERS registered with a club, are his Burgess..

    Bravo is "represented" by Cameroon..

    WICB arranges cricket on BEHALF of the REGISTERED PLAYER ..


    Not the otehr way around...

    if it was that Cameroon was the BOSS,,, then WICB needs to be EJECTED from world cricket by ICC

  • armchair_critic007 on November 15, 2016, 15:07 GMT

    Camerons contract should be cancelled.He did the same thing as bravo

  • anver777 on November 15, 2016, 9:02 GMT

    Yet another new issue in WI cricket arena !!! nowadays problems & issues in cricket have become a common thing in WI !!!

  • cricfan41209854 on November 15, 2016, 1:07 GMT

    So let me see this..its ok for the president to lie about you on live Tv.. that's acceptable, but some of you coming down hard on Darren for his tweet, I agree two wrongs don't make a right but what's bad for one is good for the other..Come on man..

  • TheLight on November 15, 2016, 0:11 GMT

    Cameron Lied during a TV interview about being offered an "A" contract int he past - and Bravo pointed out this lie to defend himself. Who is wrong here, the person who lied or the person who pointed out the lie? Cameron should resign and the WICB should be dissolved!

  • logan49 on November 14, 2016, 23:06 GMT

    We need to stop talking about the players , stats or who should be on the WI team. We need to concentrate on the the WICB and why they are destroying the once mighty WI cricket culture. My understanding is the Board comprises of two representatives from each cricketing island, each person has a vote, then you have Murihead, Cameron and Prybus whom carries out the boards decision. Now we can see the representatives from each cricketing island who is destroying the cricket.

  • mngc1 on November 14, 2016, 22:57 GMT

    Funny. When WICB wanted money to help with CPL the first country they would always ask was T&T.

  • Metman on November 14, 2016, 22:03 GMT

    @b4u8me2.....that is exactly the problem with you and others who don't realize that T20 leagues do NOT feed Bravo and that the WICB were feeding those you talked about before they started feeding themselves. Who would have recognize ANY WI cricketer had it not been for organized cricket by the WICB. ....and that is the problem with you and others like you that believe that Employers have no rights and Employees have them ALL. Why don't you call your BOSS a BIG IDIOT or better yet if you are THE BOSS would you feel comfortable if one of your employees were to call you a BIG IDIOT for MILLIONS to see ?

  • damides on November 14, 2016, 18:41 GMT

    Good work by T&TCB,not helping the cause,what a waste. Way to go QPCC ,That how it should be help one-another, T&TCB is on the same side with the WICB, And they should rid of T&TCB & WICB.

  • cricfan93307942 on November 14, 2016, 18:11 GMT

    I feel the frustration of these players.They seem to be alone in their frustrations with WICB since the Caricom governments have been made impotent and have no influence on WI cricket.Our governments and our people have lost control of WI cricket and surrendered it to a private company who can do with it whatever they wish. The ICC should investigate this (WICB) board as there is an obvious sense of destitution among budding players.I have heard coaches say it is better for youngsters to go to another sport than be subjected to this tyranny called WI cricket. Even among territorial boards there are illegal infrastructural and constitutional issues that the WICB should be dealing with but which are left to fester since they serve their own interests. WI cricket is in shambles.The WICB in its present form and business model has to be reformed or we will witness the total demise of cricket in our region. The next WICB elections are due in 2017.Interesting times ahead.

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