Edward van der Merwe

South Africa
INTL CAREER: 1929 - 1936
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New Zealand

Alphabetically sorted top ten of players who have played the most matches across formats in the last 12 months

Debut/Last Matches - Player
Recent Matches - Player
Transvaal vs Griq West160c/1s & 0c/3s01-Jan-1938JohannesburgFC
Transvaal vs NE Transvaal5 & 00c/0s & 0c/1s27-Dec-1937SpringsFC
Transvaal vs W Province1*2c/0s & 1c/0s16-Dec-1937JohannesburgFC
South Africa vs Australia7* & 01c/0s28-Feb-1936DurbanTest # 251
Transvaal vs M.C.C.91c/0s16-Dec-1930JohannesburgFC
Transvaal vs M.C.C.190c/1s & 0c/0s29-Nov-1930JohannesburgFC
South Africa vs England19 & 12c/0s & 0c/0s13-Jul-1929LeedsTest # 183