The ICC World Twenty20 2012 will be contested by 12 teams which have been 'seeded' and divided into four groups:

Group A Group B Group C Group D
A1: England B1: Australia C1: Sri Lanka D1: Pakistan
A2: India B2: West Indies C2: South Africa D2: New Zealand
Q2: Afghanistan Q1: Ireland Zimbabwe Bangladesh

*If a team seeded third in the group qualifies for the Super Eight, it will adopt the code of the team they have replaced. For example, if Q2 qualifies at England's expense in second place in group A, it would be A1 and India still A2. No points are carried forward to the Super Eight stage, and the top two teams in each Super Eight group will qualify for the semi-finals.

Super Eight
Group 1 Group 2    
England India    
West Indies Australia    
Sri Lanka South Africa    
New Zealand Pakistan