Records for Women T20I Matches

Most catches in an innings
Match Date
44-1NZ WMNv England (W)Bridgetown22 Oct 2013Women's T20I # 218
44-1S Africa (W)v India WomenJohannesburg18 Feb 2018Women's T20I # 396
44-2S Africa (W)v BDESH (W)Bloemfontein20 May 2018Women's T20I # 415
44-2W Indies (W)v S Lanka (W)Gros Islet16 Nov 2018Women's T20I # 529
44-1Samoa Womenv Vanuatu (W)Port vila03 Oct 2022Women's T20I # 1245
44-2Hong Kong(W)v Kuwait WomenKuala Lumpur25 Aug 2023Women's T20I # 1542
4311AUS WMNv NZ WMNBrisbane02 Jun 2009Women's T20I # 26
33-1NZ WMNv Pakistan (W)Basseterre10 May 2010Women's T20I # 72
33-1AUS WMNv India WomenVisakhapatnam22 Mar 2012Women's T20I # 142
33-2IRE WMNv Pakistan (W)Solihull08 Jul 2013Women's T20I # 202
33-1S Africa (W)v S Lanka (W)Potchefstroom04 Nov 2013Women's T20I # 223
33-1IRE WMNv BDESH (W)Sylhet03 Apr 2014Women's T20I # 271
33-1NZ WMNv India WomenBengaluru11 Jul 2015Women's T20I # 307
4311AUS WMNv England (W)Sydney17 Nov 2017Women's T20I # 391
5321NZ WMNv IRE WMNDublin06 Jun 2018Women's T20I # 425
33-2Neth Womenv UAE WomenAmstelveen14 Jul 2018Women's T20I # 459
33-1BOT Womenv MOZ WomenGaborone (Oval 1)21 Aug 2018Women's T20I # 475
4311NAM Womenv MOZ WomenGaborone (Oval 2)23 Aug 2018Women's T20I # 478
4312Pakistan (W)v BDESH (W)Cox's Bazar03 Oct 2018Women's T20I # 503
33-1Pakistan (W)v BDESH (W)Cox's Bazar06 Oct 2018Women's T20I # 507
33-2NZ WMNv Pakistan (W)Providence15 Nov 2018Women's T20I # 527
33-1BOT Womenv NAM WomenWindhoek03 Apr 2019Women's T20I # 609
33-1Pakistan (W)v S Africa (W)Pretoria15 May 2019Women's T20I # 655
33-2Rwanda Womenv Mali WomenRwanda21 Jun 2019Women's T20I # 673
4311Neth Womenv Scot WomenCartagena27 Jun 2019Women's T20I # 683
33-1Brazil Womenv Arg WomenLima Cricket and Football06 Oct 2019Women's T20I # 786
33-1W Indies (W)v England (W)Derby28 Sep 2020Women's T20I # 877
33-1Austria Wmnv Italy WomenSpinaceto11 Aug 2021Women's T20I # 927
33-2USA Womenv Arg WomenNaucalpan21 Oct 2021Women's T20I # 988
33-2NAM Womenv Uganda WomenWindhoek23 Apr 2022Women's T20I # 1059
33-1Uganda Womenv Zim WomenWindhoek24 Apr 2022Women's T20I # 1060
33-1Sweden Womenv Norway WomenKolsva27 May 2022Women's T20I # 1084
33-1MOZ Womenv Eswatini WmnManzini31 Jul 2022Women's T20I # 1180
33-1UAE Womenv USA WomenICCA Dubai13 Sep 2022Women's T20I # 1215
33-2Vanuatu (W)v Fiji WomenPort vila06 Oct 2022Women's T20I # 1260
4312S Africa (W)v NZ WMNPaarl13 Feb 2023Women's T20I # 1362
33-1Myanmar Wmnv PHI WomenPhnom Penh11 May 2023Women's T20I # 1440
4311Uganda Womenv BOT WomenKigali14 Jun 2023Women's T20I # 1483
33-1Neth Womenv Thailand (W)Utrecht11 Jul 2023Women's T20I # 1514
4311Greece Womenv Malta WomenIlfov County04 Aug 2023Women's T20I # 1525
33-2Fiji Womenv Samoa WomenPort vila01 Sep 2023Women's T20I # 1571
4312UAE Womenv Thailand (W)Kuala Lumpur09 Sep 2023Women's T20I # 1650
33-1France Womenv Scot WomenAlmeria12 Sep 2023Women's T20I # 1661
33-2Malaysia (W)v Hong Kong(W)Hangzhou19 Sep 2023Women's T20I # 1664
33-2Hong Kong(W)v Mongolia WMNHangzhou20 Sep 2023Women's T20I # 1665
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Figures exclude catches not made as a wicketkeeper.
Records includes the following current or recent matches:

India Women v Sri Lanka Women at Hangzhou, Asian Games Women's Cricket Competition final, Sep 25, 2023 [Women T20I # 1671]

Bangladesh Women v Pakistan Women at Hangzhou, Asian Games Women's Cricket Competition 3rd place play-off, Sep 25, 2023 [Women T20I # 1670]

Pakistan Women v Sri Lanka Women at Hangzhou, Asian Games Women's Cricket Competition 2nd semi final, Sep 24, 2023 [Women T20I # 1669]