Batting Highest Strike Rate Innings

Highest strike rates in an innings for New South Wales in T20s

Highest strike rates in an innings
Match Date
672465279.16NSWv TasmaniaHobart30 Dec 2009Twenty20
542136257.14NSWv South AustSydney17 Jan 2010Twenty20
401662250.00NSWv SomersetHyderabad18 Oct 2009Twenty20
44*2014220.00NSWv VictoriaSydney24 Jan 2009Twenty20
613072203.33NSWv TasmaniaHobart10 Jan 2006Twenty20
402052200.00NSWv VictoriaMelbourne02 Jan 2010Twenty20
28*1412200.00NSWv West AustSydney10 Jan 2008Twenty20
135*69118195.65NSWv CSKChennai04 Oct 2011Twenty20
482572192.00NSWv VictoriaDelhi21 Oct 2009Twenty20
47*2532188.00NSWv QueenslandBrisbane24 Jan 2011Twenty20
452481187.50NSWv South AustAdelaide04 Jan 2011Twenty20
653574185.71NSWv South AustAdelaide06 Jan 2009Twenty20
392142185.71NSWv VictoriaNorth Sydney21 Jan 2006Twenty20
482633184.61NSWv TasmaniaSydney10 Jan 2007Twenty20
693864181.57NSWv West AustPerth01 Jan 2007Twenty20
123*68611180.88NSWv RCBBengaluru07 Oct 2011Twenty20
37*2232168.18NSWv South AustAdelaide01 Jan 2008Twenty20
422571168.00NSWv TasmaniaSydney12 Jan 2009Twenty20
301822166.66NSWv QueenslandNorth Sydney08 Jan 2006Twenty20
251521166.66NSWv VictoriaMelbourne02 Jan 2010Twenty20
47*2912162.06NSWv TasmaniaSydney19 Jan 2011Twenty20
34*215-161.90NSWv West AustSydney30 Dec 2008Twenty20
271721158.82NSWv TasmaniaSydney10 Jan 2007Twenty20
281821155.55NSWv South AustAdelaide06 Jan 2009Twenty20
483115154.83NSWv Trinidad & THyderabad23 Oct 2009Twenty20
51*3332154.54NSWv SussexDelhi11 Oct 2009Twenty20
513333154.54NSWv West AustSydney09 Jan 2011Twenty20
372451154.16NSWv VictoriaSydney24 Jan 2009Twenty20
634153153.65NSWv Trinidad & THyderabad16 Oct 2009Twenty20
65439-151.16NSWv VictoriaMelbourne22 Jan 2011Twenty20
57*3843150.00NSWv QueenslandNorth Sydney08 Jan 2006Twenty20
624273147.61NSWv RCBBengaluru07 Oct 2011Twenty20
261821144.44NSWv VictoriaDelhi21 Oct 2009Twenty20
70*4983142.85NSWv TasmaniaHobart01 Feb 2011Twenty20
2719-3142.10NSWv EaglesDelhi09 Oct 2009Twenty20
71*5061142.00NSWv TasmaniaHobart30 Dec 2009Twenty20
312211140.90NSWv TasmaniaHobart04 Jan 2008Twenty20
27*204-135.00NSWv South AustNewcastle07 Jan 2007Twenty20
352613134.61NSWv VictoriaSydney17 Jan 2009Twenty20
35*264-134.61NSWv VictoriaMelbourne02 Jan 2010Twenty20
433261134.37NSWv VictoriaSydney24 Jan 2009Twenty20
80*6091133.33NSWv QueenslandBrisbane26 Dec 2008Twenty20
37284-132.14NSWv TasmaniaHobart30 Dec 2009Twenty20
503851131.57NSWv VictoriaMelbourne22 Jan 2011Twenty20
38294-131.03NSWv QueenslandBrisbane05 Jan 2007Twenty20
302312130.43NSWv TasmaniaSydney12 Jan 2009Twenty20
26203-130.00NSWv South AustNewcastle07 Jan 2007Twenty20
262011130.00NSWv VictoriaMelbourne06 Jan 2008Twenty20
8364111129.68NSWv Trinidad & THyderabad16 Oct 2009Twenty20
534162129.26NSWv EaglesDelhi09 Oct 2009Twenty20
37*292-127.58NSWv South AustAdelaide01 Jan 2008Twenty20
282231127.27NSWv TasmaniaHobart10 Jan 2006Twenty20
28223-127.27NSWv TasmaniaHobart04 Jan 2008Twenty20
2822-1127.27NSWv West AustSydney10 Jan 2008Twenty20
282231127.27NSWv West AustSydney30 Dec 2008Twenty20
33264-126.92NSWv West AustSydney10 Jan 2008Twenty20
332621126.92NSWv Trinidad & THyderabad23 Oct 2009Twenty20
33264-126.92NSWv VictoriaMelbourne02 Jan 2010Twenty20
342711125.92NSWv QueenslandBrisbane24 Jan 2011Twenty20
73*5871125.86NSWv South AustAdelaide04 Jan 2011Twenty20
352841125.00NSWv VictoriaDelhi21 Oct 2009Twenty20
30244-125.00NSWv QueenslandNorth Sydney08 Jan 2006Twenty20
433532122.85NSWv South AustAdelaide05 Feb 2011Twenty20
544442122.72NSWv South AustAdelaide01 Jan 2008Twenty20
383142122.58NSWv TasmaniaSydney19 Jan 2011Twenty20
332721122.22NSWv TasmaniaHobart10 Jan 2006Twenty20
41344-120.58NSWv South AustAdelaide05 Feb 2011Twenty20
494141119.51NSWv TasmaniaHobart04 Jan 2008Twenty20
33284-117.85NSWv TasmaniaSydney19 Jan 2011Twenty20
34293-117.24NSWv QueenslandSydney29 Jan 2011Twenty20
342941117.24NSWv Cape CobrasChennai24 Sep 2011Twenty20
27242-112.50NSWv VictoriaSydney24 Jan 2009Twenty20
40362-111.11NSWv QueenslandSydney08 Jan 2008Twenty20
25233-108.69NSWv South AustNewcastle07 Jan 2007Twenty20
31292-106.89NSWv CSKChennai04 Oct 2011Twenty20
38366-105.55NSWv Trinidad & TChennai28 Sep 2011Twenty20
25241-104.16NSWv West AustSydney09 Jan 2011Twenty20
29282-103.57NSWv QueenslandBrisbane05 Jan 2007Twenty20
30293-103.44NSWv South AustAdelaide06 Jan 2009Twenty20
33323-103.12NSWv West AustPerth01 Jan 2007Twenty20
353421102.94NSWv West AustSydney30 Dec 2008Twenty20
36*361-100.00NSWv VictoriaSydney17 Jan 2009Twenty20
62*644196.87NSWv SussexDelhi11 Oct 2009Twenty20
45*475195.74NSWv MIChennai02 Oct 2011Twenty20
27292-93.10NSWv QueenslandBrisbane24 Jan 2011Twenty20
26*281-92.85NSWv MIChennai02 Oct 2011Twenty20
25274-92.59NSWv South AustSydney17 Jan 2010Twenty20
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Minimum of 25 runs
Strike rates listed for matches only where balls faced are available
Records includes the following current or recent matches:

New South Wales vs Royal Challengers Bengaluru at Bengaluru, Nokia Champions League T20 1st Semi-Final, Oct 7, 2011 [Twenty20]

New South Wales vs Chennai Super Kings at Chennai, Nokia Champions League T20 Group A, Oct 4, 2011 [Twenty20]

Mumbai Indians vs New South Wales at Chennai, Nokia Champions League T20 Group A, Oct 2, 2011 [Twenty20]