Batting Highest Strike Rate Innings

Cricket Records in Indian Premier League, 2009/10

Highest strike rates in an innings
Match Date
45*1325346.15MIv DaredevilsBrabourne13 Apr 2010Twenty20
331242275.00Chargersv Kings XICuttack19 Mar 2010Twenty20
49*1882272.22MIv ChargersDY Patil28 Mar 2010Twenty20
1003798270.27RRv MIBrabourne13 Mar 2010Twenty20
271032270.00MIv CSKDY Patil25 Apr 2010Twenty20
33*1313253.84MIv RCBDY Patil21 Apr 2010Twenty20
512144242.85RCBv Kings XIBengaluru16 Mar 2010Twenty20
602555240.00RRv CSKChennai03 Apr 2010Twenty20
331432235.71Daredevilsv RCBBengaluru25 Mar 2010Twenty20
281213233.33CSKv RRAhmedabad28 Mar 2010Twenty20
50*2244227.27RCBv KKRBengaluru10 Apr 2010Twenty20
12756811226.78CSKv RRChennai03 Apr 2010Twenty20
341561226.66KKRv RCBBengaluru10 Apr 2010Twenty20
381743223.52Chargersv CSKChennai14 Mar 2010Twenty20
29136-223.07Kings XIv RRMohali24 Mar 2010Twenty20
42*1933221.05MIv RCBBengaluru17 Apr 2010Twenty20
53*2453220.83Chargersv RCBBengaluru08 Apr 2010Twenty20
753485220.58Daredevilsv RRAhmedabad15 Mar 2010Twenty20
26125-216.66Daredevilsv Kings XIDelhi11 Apr 2010Twenty20
934397216.27CSKv DaredevilsDelhi19 Mar 2010Twenty20
73*3428214.70RRv ChargersAhmedabad26 Mar 2010Twenty20
6229102213.79RCBv RRJaipur14 Apr 2010Twenty20
884268209.52KKRv Kings XIEden Gardens04 Apr 2010Twenty20
602935206.89Kings XIv ChargersCuttack19 Mar 2010Twenty20
311551206.66Daredevilsv MIBrabourne13 Apr 2010Twenty20
33*1623206.25Kings XIv KKREden Gardens04 Apr 2010Twenty20
783946200.00CSKv RCBChennai31 Mar 2010Twenty20
78*39113200.00CSKv KKRChennai13 Apr 2010Twenty20
66*3363200.00CSKv KKREden Gardens16 Mar 2010Twenty20
341733200.00Chargersv RRNagpur05 Apr 2010Twenty20
26*1331200.00Kings XIv RCBBengaluru16 Mar 2010Twenty20
261322200.00RCBv MIDY Patil21 Apr 2010Twenty20
633211-196.87MIv DaredevilsDelhi17 Mar 2010Twenty20
7438103194.73Daredevilsv CSKDelhi19 Mar 2010Twenty20
351842194.44Kings XIv RRMohali24 Mar 2010Twenty20
8343162193.02RRv Kings XIJaipur07 Apr 2010Twenty20
271441192.85RRv DaredevilsDelhi31 Mar 2010Twenty20
251331192.30MIv RRJaipur11 Apr 2010Twenty20
402152190.47KKRv DaredevilsEden Gardens07 Apr 2010Twenty20
55*2962189.65MIv ChargersBrabourne03 Apr 2010Twenty20
45*2451187.50RRv Kings XIMohali24 Mar 2010Twenty20
301632187.50RRv CSKAhmedabad28 Mar 2010Twenty20
110*59143186.44Kings XIv KKREden Gardens04 Apr 2010Twenty20
54*2952186.20CSKv Kings XIDharamsala18 Apr 2010Twenty20
33187-183.33MIv Kings XIMohali09 Apr 2010Twenty20
623435182.35CSKv RRChennai03 Apr 2010Twenty20
311751182.35CSKv RCBBengaluru23 Mar 2010Twenty20
693864181.57Daredevilsv RRDelhi31 Mar 2010Twenty20
29166-181.25Chargersv KKREden Gardens01 Apr 2010Twenty20
543035180.00Chargersv DaredevilsDelhi18 Apr 2010Twenty20
362032180.00Kings XIv RCBMohali02 Apr 2010Twenty20
271531180.00MIv KKREden Gardens19 Apr 2010Twenty20
68*3836178.94RCBv CSKBengaluru23 Mar 2010Twenty20
68*3863178.94Chargersv Kings XIDharamsala16 Apr 2010Twenty20
251422178.57Chargersv RRAhmedabad26 Mar 2010Twenty20
281613175.00Kings XIv RRJaipur07 Apr 2010Twenty20
573344172.72Daredevilsv ChargersCuttack21 Mar 2010Twenty20
382222172.72Kings XIv KKREden Gardens04 Apr 2010Twenty20
502962172.41KKRv RCBEden Gardens14 Mar 2010Twenty20
50*2952172.41Daredevilsv RCBBengaluru25 Mar 2010Twenty20
31184-172.22CSKv MIChennai06 Apr 2010Twenty20
31187-172.22Kings XIv MIMohali09 Apr 2010Twenty20
94*5586170.90RRv CSKChennai03 Apr 2010Twenty20
462742170.37Daredevilsv ChargersCuttack21 Mar 2010Twenty20
462734170.37MIv RCBBengaluru17 Apr 2010Twenty20
462753170.37CSKv Kings XIDharamsala18 Apr 2010Twenty20
3420-3170.00RCBv ChargersNagpur12 Apr 2010Twenty20
442671169.23RRv KKREden Gardens17 Apr 2010Twenty20
271632168.75Chargersv MIDY Patil28 Mar 2010Twenty20
321932168.42Chargersv RCBBengaluru08 Apr 2010Twenty20
37*2222168.18RRv KKRAhmedabad20 Mar 2010Twenty20
52*3134167.74MIv RCBDY Patil21 Apr 2010Twenty20
553362166.66MIv RRBrabourne13 Mar 2010Twenty20
45278-166.66Kings XIv RCBMohali02 Apr 2010Twenty20
301821166.66RRv MIJaipur11 Apr 2010Twenty20
734482165.90Chargersv RRNagpur05 Apr 2010Twenty20
583544165.71RCBv ChargersBengaluru08 Apr 2010Twenty20
38*2341165.21RCBv DaredevilsBengaluru25 Mar 2010Twenty20
613743164.86MIv DaredevilsDelhi17 Mar 2010Twenty20
563453164.70MIv CSKBrabourne25 Mar 2010Twenty20
46*2832164.28KKRv DaredevilsEden Gardens07 Apr 2010Twenty20
804965163.26RRv CSKAhmedabad28 Mar 2010Twenty20
75*4637163.04Daredevilsv RCBDelhi04 Apr 2010Twenty20
885495162.96KKRv ChargersEden Gardens01 Apr 2010Twenty20
44*2741162.96Kings XIv CSKDharamsala18 Apr 2010Twenty20
57*3533162.85CSKv MIDY Patil25 Apr 2010Twenty20
26164-162.50Daredevilsv MIDelhi17 Mar 2010Twenty20
472961162.06Daredevilsv KKREden Gardens07 Apr 2010Twenty20
342113161.90MIv DaredevilsDelhi17 Mar 2010Twenty20
342151161.90CSKv RRChennai03 Apr 2010Twenty20
89*5585161.81RCBv Kings XIBengaluru16 Mar 2010Twenty20
42*2613161.53CSKv ChargersChennai14 Mar 2010Twenty20
422641161.53RCBv Kings XIMohali02 Apr 2010Twenty20
583633161.11RRv ChargersNagpur05 Apr 2010Twenty20
452832160.71Chargersv MIDY Patil28 Mar 2010Twenty20
533342160.60MIv RRBrabourne13 Mar 2010Twenty20
644063160.00Daredevilsv KKREden Gardens07 Apr 2010Twenty20
32*2031160.00RRv RCBJaipur14 Apr 2010Twenty20
83*5273159.61CSKv MIBrabourne25 Mar 2010Twenty20
75*4782159.57KKRv Kings XIMohali27 Mar 2010Twenty20
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Records includes the following current or recent matches:

Mumbai Indians v Chennai Super Kings at DY Patil, Indian Premier League final, Apr 25, 2010 [Twenty20]

Deccan Chargers v Royal Challengers Bangalore at DY Patil, Indian Premier League 3rd place play-off, Apr 24, 2010 [Twenty20]

Chennai Super Kings v Deccan Chargers at DY Patil, Indian Premier League 2nd semi final, Apr 22, 2010 [Twenty20]