Batting Highest Strike Rate Innings

Records in Indian Premier League, 2016

Highest strike rates in an innings
Match Date
35*1052350.00RCBv SunrisersBengaluru12 Apr 2016T20
341133309.09Daredevilsv KKRDelhi30 Apr 2016T20
51*1726300.00Mumbaiv KKRWankhede28 Apr 2016T20
291032290.00Guj Lionsv KKREden Gardens08 May 2016T20
361352276.92RCBv SupergiantsBengaluru07 May 2016T20
29*1113263.63Mumbaiv RCBBengaluru11 May 2016T20
341333261.53Supergiantsv RCBPune22 Apr 2016T20
39*1534260.00Sunrisersv RCBBengaluru29 May 2016T20
82*3248256.25Daredevilsv Guj LionsDelhi27 Apr 2016T20
129*521012248.07RCBv Guj LionsBengaluru14 May 2016T20
27*11-3245.45Sunrisersv Guj LionsDelhi27 May 2016T20
863776232.43Mumbaiv DaredevilsVisakhapatnam15 May 2016T20
582545232.00Sunrisersv RCBBengaluru12 Apr 2016T20
32*1432228.57Kings XIv SupergiantsMohali17 Apr 2016T20
733248228.12RCBv Kings XIBengaluru18 May 2016T20
251112227.27Mumbaiv Guj LionsWankhede16 Apr 2016T20
11350128226.00RCBv Kings XIBengaluru18 May 2016T20
31*1413221.42Sunrisersv RCBHyderabad30 Apr 2016T20
10851153211.76Daredevilsv RCBBengaluru17 Apr 2016T20
361714211.76KKRv MumbaiEden Gardens13 Apr 2016T20
361742211.76Mumbaiv DaredevilsDelhi23 Apr 2016T20
36*1713211.76Kings XIv SunrisersHyderabad23 Apr 2016T20
60*2963206.89KKRv RCBBengaluru02 May 2016T20
37*1843205.55KKRv SupergiantsEden Gardens14 May 2016T20
39*1943205.26Mumbaiv RCBWankhede20 Apr 2016T20
39*1923205.26KKRv RCBEden Gardens16 May 2016T20
763848200.00RCBv SunrisersBengaluru29 May 2016T20
64*3245200.00Supergiantsv Kings XIVisakhapatnam21 May 2016T20
281422200.00Mumbaiv RCBWankhede20 Apr 2016T20
1095558198.18RCBv Guj LionsBengaluru14 May 2016T20
452343195.65Supergiantsv MumbaiPune01 May 2016T20
432252195.45Guj Lionsv SupergiantsPune29 Apr 2016T20
824276195.23RCBv SunrisersBengaluru12 Apr 2016T20
703674194.44Mumbaiv Guj LionsKanpur21 May 2016T20
25*1322192.30RCBv MumbaiBengaluru11 May 2016T20
593173190.32Sunrisersv Kings XIHyderabad23 Apr 2016T20
59*3153190.32RCBv KKREden Gardens16 May 2016T20
38*2042190.00Daredevilsv SupergiantsVisakhapatnam17 May 2016T20
53289-189.28KKRv Kings XIMohali19 Apr 2016T20
1015485187.03Supergiantsv Guj LionsPune29 Apr 2016T20
412233186.36Mumbaiv KKREden Gardens13 Apr 2016T20
108*5887186.20RCBv SupergiantsBengaluru07 May 2016T20
35*1932184.21Mumbaiv RCBBengaluru11 May 2016T20
925095184.00Sunrisersv RCBHyderabad30 Apr 2016T20
643552182.85RCBv Kings XIMohali09 May 2016T20
512861182.14RCBv SunrisersHyderabad30 Apr 2016T20
693883181.57Sunrisersv RCBBengaluru29 May 2016T20
834664180.43RCBv SupergiantsPune22 Apr 2016T20
362012180.00KKRv MumbaiWankhede28 Apr 2016T20
522933179.31KKRv MumbaiEden Gardens13 Apr 2016T20
734156178.04Guj Lionsv RCBBengaluru24 May 2016T20
482781177.77Guj Lionsv MumbaiKanpur21 May 2016T20
321823177.77Sunrisersv RCBBengaluru12 Apr 2016T20
533053176.66Guj Lionsv DaredevilsDelhi27 Apr 2016T20
30*1712176.47Kings XIv MumbaiMohali25 Apr 2016T20
301742176.47Mumbaiv Guj LionsKanpur21 May 2016T20
512981175.86Guj Lionsv KKREden Gardens08 May 2016T20
653744175.67Mumbaiv Kings XIMohali25 Apr 2016T20
49*2833175.00Mumbaiv SunrisersHyderabad18 Apr 2016T20
422452175.00Guj Lionsv RCBRajkot24 Apr 2016T20
42*2433175.00Sunrisersv Kings XIMohali15 May 2016T20
331923173.68RCBv DaredevilsBengaluru17 Apr 2016T20
33194-173.68Kings XIv Guj LionsRajkot01 May 2016T20
523062173.33Daredevilsv Kings XIMohali07 May 2016T20
694092172.50Daredevilsv Guj LionsRajkot03 May 2016T20
9656142171.42Kings XIv SunrisersMohali15 May 2016T20
633791170.27Guj Lionsv SupergiantsPune29 Apr 2016T20
513033170.00Kings XIv SupergiantsVisakhapatnam21 May 2016T20
513043170.00Sunrisersv KKREden Gardens22 May 2016T20
392332169.56Sunrisersv MumbaiVisakhapatnam08 May 2016T20
271631168.75RCBv SunrisersHyderabad30 Apr 2016T20
79*4755168.08RCBv Guj LionsBengaluru24 May 2016T20
422561168.00RCBv Kings XIMohali09 May 2016T20
603663166.66Guj Lionsv DaredevilsDelhi27 Apr 2016T20
553391166.66RCBv DaredevilsBengaluru17 Apr 2016T20
30*1822166.66Supergiantsv Guj LionsPune29 Apr 2016T20
25*15-2166.66RCBv SunrisersHyderabad30 Apr 2016T20
382342165.21Kings XIv Guj LionsMohali11 Apr 2016T20
382341165.21RCBv DaredevilsRaipur22 May 2016T20
382342165.21Sunrisersv RCBBengaluru29 May 2016T20
33204-165.00Guj Lionsv SupergiantsPune29 Apr 2016T20
794873164.58RCBv DaredevilsBengaluru17 Apr 2016T20
523262162.50RCBv KKRBengaluru02 May 2016T20
392414162.50KKRv RCBBengaluru02 May 2016T20
684264161.90Kings XIv KKREden Gardens04 May 2016T20
342151161.90RCBv KKRBengaluru02 May 2016T20
583682161.11Guj Lionsv MumbaiKanpur21 May 2016T20
37*2342160.86Guj Lionsv MumbaiKanpur21 May 2016T20
694354160.46Supergiantsv Guj LionsRajkot14 Apr 2016T20
93*58113160.34Sunrisersv Guj LionsDelhi27 May 2016T20
483023160.00KKRv SunrisersEden Gardens22 May 2016T20
322051160.00Mumbaiv KKRWankhede28 Apr 2016T20
543432158.82Daredevilsv KKRDelhi30 Apr 2016T20
271731158.82Kings XIv Guj LionsRajkot01 May 2016T20
27*1721158.82Mumbaiv SupergiantsPune01 May 2016T20
100*63111158.73RCBv Guj LionsRajkot24 Apr 2016T20
493133158.06Guj Lionsv SupergiantsRajkot14 Apr 2016T20
49*3132158.06Daredevilsv MumbaiDelhi23 Apr 2016T20
493154158.06RCBv KKREden Gardens16 May 2016T20
41*267-157.69Guj Lionsv Kings XIMohali11 Apr 2016T20
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