Bowling Best Strike Rate Innings

Cricket Records in Indian Premier League, 2009/10

Best strike rates in an innings
Match Date
3.3-1645.25RCBv ChargersDY Patil24 Apr 2010Twenty20
2.5-1635.66RRv ChargersNagpur05 Apr 2010Twenty20
4.0-1946.00KKRv RCBEden Gardens14 Mar 2010Twenty20
4.0-4046.00RCBv CSKBengaluru23 Mar 2010Twenty20
4.0-2246.00MIv Kings XIBrabourne30 Mar 2010Twenty20
4.0-2146.00RRv ChargersNagpur05 Apr 2010Twenty20
4.011346.00CSKv ChargersDY Patil22 Apr 2010Twenty20
3.0-1236.00CSKv KKREden Gardens16 Mar 2010Twenty20
3.0-2136.00MIv ChargersDY Patil28 Mar 2010Twenty20
3.0-2336.00RCBv KKRBengaluru10 Apr 2010Twenty20
2.0-1126.00MIv DaredevilsDelhi17 Mar 2010Twenty20
2.0-926.00RRv Kings XIMohali24 Mar 2010Twenty20
2.0-1026.00MIv ChargersBrabourne03 Apr 2010Twenty20
2.0-1726.00Kings XIv MIMohali09 Apr 2010Twenty20
2.0-1326.00RRv KKREden Gardens17 Apr 2010Twenty20
2.01326.00RCBv ChargersDY Patil24 Apr 2010Twenty20
3.1-2236.33RRv Kings XIMohali24 Mar 2010Twenty20
2.2-927.00CSKv KKREden Gardens16 Mar 2010Twenty20
3.4-1237.33MIv ChargersDY Patil28 Mar 2010Twenty20
3.4-2437.33Kings XIv DaredevilsDelhi11 Apr 2010Twenty20
2.3-2327.50MIv DaredevilsDelhi17 Mar 2010Twenty20
2.3-1627.50CSKv MIChennai06 Apr 2010Twenty20
3.5-937.66RCBv RRBengaluru18 Mar 2010Twenty20
4.012138.00Chargersv CSKChennai14 Mar 2010Twenty20
4.0-1838.00RCBv RRBengaluru18 Mar 2010Twenty20
4.0-2538.00RCBv MIBrabourne20 Mar 2010Twenty20
4.0-2638.00RCBv MIBrabourne20 Mar 2010Twenty20
4.0-2138.00Chargersv DaredevilsCuttack21 Mar 2010Twenty20
4.0-1638.00CSKv Kings XIChennai21 Mar 2010Twenty20
4.0-2538.00CSKv RCBBengaluru23 Mar 2010Twenty20
4.0-2238.00RRv ChargersAhmedabad26 Mar 2010Twenty20
4.0-3138.00MIv ChargersDY Patil28 Mar 2010Twenty20
4.0-3138.00Chargersv MIDY Patil28 Mar 2010Twenty20
4.0-3438.00MIv Kings XIBrabourne30 Mar 2010Twenty20
4.0-3138.00Kings XIv MIBrabourne30 Mar 2010Twenty20
4.0-2538.00Daredevilsv RRDelhi31 Mar 2010Twenty20
4.0-3638.00RRv DaredevilsDelhi31 Mar 2010Twenty20
4.0-2638.00Chargersv MIBrabourne03 Apr 2010Twenty20
4.0-3238.00Daredevilsv RCBDelhi04 Apr 2010Twenty20
4.0-2238.00Daredevilsv RCBDelhi04 Apr 2010Twenty20
4.0-1738.00Chargersv RRNagpur05 Apr 2010Twenty20
4.0-2938.00Kings XIv MIMohali09 Apr 2010Twenty20
4.0-2438.00Kings XIv MIMohali09 Apr 2010Twenty20
4.0-1838.00Chargersv CSKNagpur10 Apr 2010Twenty20
4.0-3738.00RRv MIJaipur11 Apr 2010Twenty20
4.0-1838.00RCBv ChargersNagpur12 Apr 2010Twenty20
4.0-1638.00CSKv KKRChennai13 Apr 2010Twenty20
4.0-2638.00Daredevilsv CSKChennai15 Apr 2010Twenty20
4.0-2838.00MIv RCBBengaluru17 Apr 2010Twenty20
4.0-2638.00KKRv RREden Gardens17 Apr 2010Twenty20
4.0-1738.00MIv RCBDY Patil21 Apr 2010Twenty20
4.0-2938.00Chargersv CSKDY Patil22 Apr 2010Twenty20
3.012229.00Chargersv KKRDY Patil12 Mar 2010Twenty20
3.0-2929.00Chargersv CSKChennai14 Mar 2010Twenty20
3.0-2129.00CSKv DaredevilsDelhi19 Mar 2010Twenty20
3.0-2329.00Kings XIv KKRMohali27 Mar 2010Twenty20
3.0-3029.00Chargersv MIDY Patil28 Mar 2010Twenty20
3.0-3529.00KKRv DaredevilsDelhi29 Mar 2010Twenty20
3.0-1329.00Daredevilsv RRDelhi31 Mar 2010Twenty20
3.0-1829.00Chargersv KKREden Gardens01 Apr 2010Twenty20
3.011629.00MIv ChargersBrabourne03 Apr 2010Twenty20
3.0-2629.00CSKv MIDY Patil25 Apr 2010Twenty20
3.1-1529.50KKRv RCBBengaluru10 Apr 2010Twenty20
3.4-34211.00Chargersv RCBNagpur12 Apr 2010Twenty20
3.4-32211.00RRv RCBJaipur14 Apr 2010Twenty20
4.0-26212.00KKRv ChargersDY Patil12 Mar 2010Twenty20
4.0-34212.00RRv MIBrabourne13 Mar 2010Twenty20
4.0-41212.00RRv MIBrabourne13 Mar 2010Twenty20
4.0-22212.00MIv RRBrabourne13 Mar 2010Twenty20
4.0-37212.00Daredevilsv Kings XIMohali13 Mar 2010Twenty20
4.0-24212.00Kings XIv DaredevilsMohali13 Mar 2010Twenty20
4.0-12212.00Daredevilsv Kings XIMohali13 Mar 2010Twenty20
4.0-22212.00KKRv RCBEden Gardens14 Mar 2010Twenty20
4.0-27212.00RCBv KKREden Gardens14 Mar 2010Twenty20
4.0-28212.00Chargersv CSKChennai14 Mar 2010Twenty20
4.0-31212.00RRv DaredevilsAhmedabad15 Mar 2010Twenty20
4.0-17212.00MIv DaredevilsDelhi17 Mar 2010Twenty20
4.0-50212.00Daredevilsv MIDelhi17 Mar 2010Twenty20
4.0-44212.00Daredevilsv MIDelhi17 Mar 2010Twenty20
4.0-20212.00RCBv RRBengaluru18 Mar 2010Twenty20
4.0-25212.00CSKv DaredevilsDelhi19 Mar 2010Twenty20
4.0-27212.00Chargersv Kings XICuttack19 Mar 2010Twenty20
4.0-21212.00Kings XIv ChargersCuttack19 Mar 2010Twenty20
4.0-32212.00KKRv RRAhmedabad20 Mar 2010Twenty20
4.0-23212.00RRv KKRAhmedabad20 Mar 2010Twenty20
4.0-28212.00KKRv RRAhmedabad20 Mar 2010Twenty20
4.0-33212.00KKRv RRAhmedabad20 Mar 2010Twenty20
4.0-42212.00Chargersv DaredevilsCuttack21 Mar 2010Twenty20
4.0-23212.00CSKv Kings XIChennai21 Mar 2010Twenty20
4.0-17212.00Kings XIv CSKChennai21 Mar 2010Twenty20
4.0-27212.00MIv KKRBrabourne22 Mar 2010Twenty20
4.0-44212.00KKRv MIBrabourne22 Mar 2010Twenty20
4.0-25212.00RRv Kings XIMohali24 Mar 2010Twenty20
4.0-42212.00Daredevilsv RCBBengaluru25 Mar 2010Twenty20
4.0-23212.00Daredevilsv RCBBengaluru25 Mar 2010Twenty20
4.0-32212.00CSKv MIBrabourne25 Mar 2010Twenty20
4.0-35212.00RRv ChargersAhmedabad26 Mar 2010Twenty20
4.0-32212.00KKRv Kings XIMohali27 Mar 2010Twenty20
4.0-24212.00KKRv Kings XIMohali27 Mar 2010Twenty20
4.0-42212.00Kings XIv KKRMohali27 Mar 2010Twenty20
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Records includes the following current or recent matches:

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Deccan Chargers v Royal Challengers Bangalore at DY Patil, Indian Premier League 3rd place play-off, Apr 24, 2010 [Twenty20]

Chennai Super Kings v Deccan Chargers at DY Patil, Indian Premier League 2nd semi final, Apr 22, 2010 [Twenty20]