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Records in Caribbean Premier League

Lowest totals
Match Date
5212.54.051v TridentsBridgetown3 Aug 2013T20
5513.44.021v ZouksTarouba8 Sep 2020T20
5913.44.312v AmazonBridgetown29 Aug 2017T20
6912.35.521v PatriotsGros Islet21 Aug 2018T20
7515.54.732v TallawahsKingston16 Jul 2016T20
7718.24.21v TrinbagoTarouba6 Sep 2020T20
7916.34.782v AmazonProvidence3 Oct 2019T20
8016.052v PatriotsBasseterre4 Jul 2015T20
8715.35.612v TridentsBasseterre10 Aug 2014T20
8920.04.452v ZouksPort of Spain30 Aug 2020T20
8920.04.451v AmazonTarouba3 Sep 2020T20
9220.04.61v AmazonTarouba1 Sep 2020T20
9218.25.012v TrinbagoBasseterre7 Sep 2021T20
9218.05.111v TridentsPort of Spain30 Aug 2020T20
9217.55.152v TridentsGros Islet8 Aug 2013T20
9320.04.651v TrinbagoBasseterre9 Sep 2021T20
9316.15.751v TallawahsBasseterre7 Aug 2016T20
9520.04.751v TridentsBridgetown25 Jun 2015T20
9517.35.422v TrinbagoPort of Spain8 Aug 2018T20
9515.562v AmazonKingston12 Jul 2015T20
9618.35.181v TallawahsNorth Sound17 Jul 2014T20
9720.04.851v HawksbillsNorth Sound13 Aug 2013T20
9816.55.822v KingsBasseterre2 Sep 2021T20
9920.04.951v Red SteelKingston17 Aug 2013T20
10020.051v AmazonProvidence22 Aug 2017T20
10019.05.262v KingsGros Islet11 Sep 2022T20
10018.05.551v AmazonProvidence7 Jul 2016T20
10114.56.82v TridentsGros Islet20 Sep 2019T20
10319.35.281v AmazonPort of Spain22 Aug 2013T20
10317.45.832v TrinbagoPort of Spain5 Sep 2018T20
10420.05.22v AmazonTarouba22 Aug 2020T20
10516.56.232v TridentsBasseterre7 Aug 2014T20
10720.05.351v TrinbagoTarouba8 Sep 2020T20
10820.05.41v Red SteelPort of Spain25 Jul 2015T20
10820.05.41v AmazonProvidence9 Jul 2016T20
10820.05.41v TallawahsPort of Spain25 Aug 2020T20
10817.46.112v RoyalsProvidence27 Sep 2022T20
10920.05.451v AmazonTarouba2 Sep 2020T20
10918.06.052v TridentsBridgetown20 Jun 2015T20
11020.05.51v ZouksPort of Spain27 Aug 2020T20
11019.45.592v TallawahsPort of Spain29 Aug 2020T20
11120.05.551v AmazonProvidence17 Jul 2015T20
11120.05.552v TridentsProvidence18 Jul 2015T20
11119.35.692v PatriotsTarouba5 Sep 2017T20
11220.05.62v TridentsPort of Spain26 Aug 2020T20
11220.05.61v TrinbagoPort of Spain27 Aug 2020T20
11218.462v Red SteelPort of Spain16 Jul 2015T20
11320.05.651v TallawahsKingston17 Aug 2013T20
11317.36.451v HawksbillsBasseterre9 Aug 2014T20
11520.05.752v TrinbagoTarouba2 Sep 2020T20
11518.06.382v TallawahsProvidence27 Sep 2022T20
11620.05.81v TrinbagoTarouba17 Sep 2022T20
11617.56.52v TallawahsKingston30 Aug 2017T20
11720.05.851v TallawahsProvidence4 Aug 2013T20
11720.05.851v AmazonProvidence21 Jul 2015T20
11719.55.891v Red SteelGros Islet2 Aug 2014T20
11719.26.051v AmazonProvidence19 Jul 2014T20
11719.16.11v AmazonProvidence2 Aug 2013T20
11718.46.262v TridentsBridgetown29 Sep 2019T20
11820.05.92v Red SteelProvidence17 Jul 2014T20
11820.05.91v AmazonProvidence17 Jul 2014T20
11820.05.91v TallawahsGros Islet28 Jun 2015T20
11820.05.91v TrinbagoPort of Spain7 Aug 2017T20
11819.461v Red SteelBasseterre4 Jul 2015T20
11819.36.051v KingsBasseterre5 Sep 2021T20
11819.16.151v TallawahsTarouba22 Aug 2020T20
11920.05.952v TallawahsGros Islet10 Sep 2022T20
12019.36.152v RoyalsProvidence21 Sep 2022T20
12018.26.542v TridentsBridgetown2 Sep 2017T20
12119.06.361v AmazonBasseterre14 Sep 2019T20
12220.06.11v AmazonProvidence11 Sep 2018T20
12220.06.12v TallawahsBridgetown23 Sep 2019T20
12219.46.22v AmazonPort of Spain11 Aug 2013T20
12219.26.311v TrinbagoBasseterre27 Aug 2021T20
12320.06.151v PatriotsLauderhill5 Aug 2017T20
12319.16.412v AmazonBasseterre11 Sep 2021T20
12420.06.21v Red SteelSt George's12 Jul 2014T20
12417.56.952v TrinbagoPort of Spain14 Sep 2022T20
12416.57.362v KingsBasseterre4 Sep 2021T20
12520.06.251v AmazonProvidence18 Jul 2015T20
12520.06.251v TrinbagoProvidence6 Oct 2019T20
12519.36.412v Red SteelPort of Spain23 Jul 2015T20
12517.37.141v AmazonProvidence25 Sep 2022T20
12620.06.31v ZouksProvidence4 Aug 2013T20
12620.06.32v TallawahsProvidence17 Aug 2017T20
12720.06.351v TridentsBridgetown23 Sep 2019T20
12720.06.351v AmazonTarouba19 Aug 2020T20
12820.06.41v TallawahsPort of Spain24 Aug 2013T20
12820.06.42v TallawahsKingston3 Aug 2014T20
12820.06.41v TallawahsKingston15 Jul 2016T20
12820.06.42v PatriotsLauderhill6 Aug 2017T20
12820.06.41v AmazonProvidence17 Aug 2017T20
12820.06.41v PatriotsBridgetown3 Sep 2017T20
12820.06.41v TrinbagoBridgetown26 Aug 2018T20
12817.17.452v AmazonBasseterre12 Sep 2021T20
12920.06.451v TridentsBridgetown25 Jul 2014T20
12920.06.452v TridentsKingston11 Jul 2015T20
12917.47.32v TridentsBridgetown26 Sep 2019T20
13020.06.52v TallawahsKingston9 Jul 2015T20
13020.06.52v TridentsLauderhill5 Aug 2017T20
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Records includes the following current or recent matches:

Barbados Royals v Jamaica Tallawahs at Providence, Caribbean Premier League final, Sep 30, 2022 [Twenty20]

Guyana Amazon Warriors v Jamaica Tallawahs at Providence, Caribbean Premier League 2nd qualifying final, Sep 28, 2022 [Twenty20]

Jamaica Tallawahs v St Lucia Kings at Providence, Caribbean Premier League elimination final, Sep 27, 2022 [Twenty20]