2nd Test, Port Elizabeth, Dec 26-30 2014, West Indies tour of South Africa
(79 ov)
Match drawn
Player Of The Match
Match centre 
Scorer: Sanjay Murari
Commentator: Andrew McGlashan
Scorecard summary
South Africa417/8d(122 overs)1st Innings
Dean Elgar121 (239)
Faf du Plessis103 (230)
West Indies275/9(79 overs)1st Innings
Morne Morkel4/69(20)
Imran Tahir3/108(26)
end of over 792 runs • 1 wicket
WI: 275/9CRR: 3.48 
Kenroy Peters0 (3)
Imran Tahir26-2-108-3
Morne Morkel20-2-69-4

Presentation time First up, Denesh Ramdin. "Brilliant hundreds from Samuels and Brathwaite, but then we faltered. We bowled the right areas, created some chance, but the fielding needs more work. Having said that, there are some positives out of the game and hopefully we can do some good things in the next Test. Kraigg stood up really well, as did Marlon. Hopefully we can continue the improvement. Shiv and myself are keen to get some runs."

Hashim Amla "Dean and Faf batted really well, 400 on the board was a decent effort. Morne has been doing exceptionally well for quite a while, he doesn't always get the accolades and got us in a really good position. The wicket was a better wicket to bat on [than Centurion], but West Indies batted well. Then we forced a collapse. We've played good cricket in Cape Town over recent years."

Kraigg Brathwaite "I'm quite happy. It was hard work, but I believed in myself. They are the No. 1 team in the world so I knew it wouldn't be easy. The hard work paid off. It means a lot, growing up watching Test cricket it's good to be here. A hundred against the best team is a good milestone. Batting with Marlon was good. I enjoyed every moment of it. Morkel's spell was testing, but I knew I could fight hard."

That just about wraps things up for a soggy Boxing Day Test. It's 1-0 to South Africa heading to Cape Town and we'll be back on January 2 to bring you all the action. Until then, though, from Andrew McGlashan it's goodbye and thanks for joining us.

1.05pm Firdose says the engine on the South Africa team bus is running. That might be code. Signs not promising.

And there we go, we have handshakes all round. The match is called off. Match Drawn. It's been a frustrating five days with the weather blighting us. Some good cricket when the skies allowed: Elgar's hundred, du Plessis' ton, then the centuries from Brathwaite and Samuels. The bowling of Morkel the best of the match, he was hostile. I'll try and bring you the presentation shortly.

Hearing that Kraigg Brathwaite is Man of the Match. Well deserved. Excellent innings against a fine attack in face of big opposition total.

1.00pm Philip: "Why is the drainage so poor, I understand there was a lot of rain but surely the drainage should be better than this? just look at the Wanderers where you have massive showers and you can play an hour later." Yes, think it raises valid questions for a Test venue. We are due another inspection any moment.

12.30pm Rory: "No, SA does not need a spinner in a holding role. We need a spinner that is aggressive, consistent and takes wickets. We rely so heavily on our quicks to do the job and it is seen as a bonus when our spinners take wickets. If selected, they are there to take wickets, not to just "dry" up the runs. In any case, we dont have a spinner in this country capable of bowling 20 overs at a run an over."

12.15pm Mooti: "The SA Test team I would pick when all available: Elgar; van Zyl; Faf; Amla; AB; JP; QdK; Philander; Steyn; Abbott; Morkel. Swap Abbott for Piedt on the subcontinent or on very spin-friendly pitches. As has been discussed, SA need a holding spinner and more times than not JP can play that role, backed up by Elgar. SA's pace attack is their strength."

Meanwhile, back at the ground, the groundstaff are lying around on the outfield. Suggests things aren't looking great. They've worked hard, deserve a break.

The umpires have spoken to TV. Billy Bowden: "The main area is 40 yard by 10 yards and it's unsafe at the moment. A lot of rain has fallen, it's just sitting there at the moment. We need some wind."

Reiffel: "It's only been marginal improvement. The water is still coming up over the shoes."

12.00pm The umpires are back out looking at the offending patches of the outfield.

And the outcome of that is (drum roll, please)...another inspection in an hour at 1pm. This is getting repetitive.

Dan the man: "@johan, AB actually averages 4 runs per innings more when keeping. The only reason for him not to keep is the chronic back problem he has. And he is still probably our best keeper, and only keeping as qdk is out injured.also, far is not an opener, and qdk cannot bat at 3 and keep, it's asking way too much of a player"

Sifiso : "@Johan, AB average 75.60 in 2012 and 82.55 in 2013 in test in that time he scored 5 hundreds and 6 half-centuries in 17 matches. He was keeping wicket for most of those if not all of those games. Therefore the statement 'keeping affects his batting negatively' may not be accurate. I do agree that we should give the gloves to someone else, namely QDK on a permanent basis if that is not yet the case."

11.45am Johan Lamprecht: "Hi .On the issue of Tahir. If you look at his stats he is still our best spinner. He again showed how valuable he is yesterday by , yet again , cutting the tail. Something our bowlers have been batting with. Lastly , don't be too hard on Alviro , he has also shown in the past he can do the job. Agree with a specialist keeper. Keeping negatively affects AB's batting."

lion man: "Hi Johan. If De Kock injured and AB's back bad look at the provincial wicketkeepers- Lions, Titans and Dolfins all very good and can bat. eg what is wrong with Morne Van Wyk.? "

Hashim Amla and Russell Domingo are checking out areas of the outfield covered by sawdust and Amla is also signing a few autographs.

11.25am Not much action from the groundstaff, reports Firdose.

Justin: "Ok, time for some scenarios. Let's assume post lunch conditions are good to play. Maybe 70 overs available? SA will need to take the last Windies wicket inside 5 overs. So less a couple for the change of innings and maybe a lead of 130. How many runs for SA to set the Windies a target and still give a chance at a result?"

11.10am Mark: "OK Gnasher, are you prepared to reveal what book you brought with you to read today?" I received the new James Patterson novel, Hope to Die (fun title), for Christmas so will start that.

Karthik Krishna: "Tut tut. Mass-market fiction." Sorry you don't approve.

Any early lunch has been taken to try and save some time. Sensible decision.

11.00am BREAKING NEWS: MS Dhoni has announced his retirement from Test cricket effective immediately. Virat Kohli will captain in Sydney. More to follow on the site shortly.

Meanwhile, in PE, the covers are coming off. The umpires have just had a look. It's under-foot that is the issue, though. There will another inspection at 12pm. The waiting continues.

Dane: "Thanks for the update guys. I wouldn't mind seeing these two sides playing a T20 just to entertain the crowd and fans that have been waiting for some cricket. Your thoughts?" Nice idea, but neither side will want to risk an injury on a dodgy outfield.

10.50am South Africa are warming up, but most people "pretty negative" about chances of play, says Firdose.

Murray: "@Kevin I agree with Faf opening, Stiaan could bat at three if Hash wants to bat at 4? Also a fit JP and QDK would bring back some balance to the team."

Venkat: "@Kevin - Yep that's the XI. Slight tweak in the batting order, Van Zyl to open with Elgar and QDK to bat at 3. Faf is best at 6 I believe. Van Zyl - Elgar - QDK - Amla - AB - Faf - JP - Philander - Steyn - Morkel - Piedt."

10.35am Freedom: "The balance of this south African side is off. They need to drop Peterson and open with Van Zyl. Pick a full-time keeper at 6. Drop Bavuma and Tahir and bring back Abbott and Piedt."

Kevin: "What about Faf opening instead of Alviro? This would be a nice XI: Faf, Elgar, Amla, AB, de kock, van Zyl, Duminy, Philander, Steyn, Morkel, Piedt "

10.10am Dewald Nel: "They should just call off the test and let us move on - put us out of our misery. The chance of a result was less than 10% if they started at 10AM anyway, and now it will have reduced even more. Time to look forward to Cape Town."

There will be another inspection at 11am. Nothing much more to add at the moment.

10.00am Right, just seen pictures of the outfield. Looks very wet. The groundstaff have a couple of blowers trying to try things. Umpires due to inspect around now. Shaun Pollock and Mike Haysman having a prod around the outfield, water coming up under their shoes. "I think we are in trouble," says Pollock. Does this raise questions over the PE outfield, or has there just been too much rain?

9.55am As we wait for updates from the inspection, have a read of part one of Sambit Bal's review of the year. It's compelling stuff (and I'm not just sucking up to the boss, honest).

9.45am Okay, we have news. The outfield is wet and there will an inspection at 10am. So it won't be an on-time start. The covers are coming off but the players aren't warming up yet.

mov: "Looking forward to see Gabriel bat with his Chris Martinesque test and first class averages."

9.35am Hello everyone. Welcome to the final day of this Test from Port Elizabeth. There's been a lot of rain and we aren't out of the first innings yet, although West Indies' late collapse yesterday has kept things open. We are due for 98 overs today, although there has been more rain overnight. Awaiting word on the state of the ground but it isn't raining anymore. One of the stars of yesterday was Kraigg Brathwaite, with his third Test hundred, and here's Firdose's piece about it all.


5.30pm That's it, folks. It's been called. That's the close today. The weather has played it's annoying part again. So we have one day left, of 98 overs weather permitting. South Africa have given themselves a glimmer of forcing a win after inducing a West Indies collapse after tea, following two fine hundreds by Samuels and Brathwaite (although they had a helping hand) and need one quick wicket before starting their second innings. The lead is currently 142, so how about some maths: if the lead is 140, then South Africa bat for 30 overs at five an over that is 150 - so a lead of 290. Call it 300 with 60 overs left in the day? Might be a ball-park figure. Anyway, for now, it's goodbye from me and I'll be back just before 10am tomorrow morning. The forecast is better, so fingers crossed. See you then.

5.25pm We are still waiting for news, but it's getting close to cut-off time you would think.

5.05pm The umpires have popped out for another look. I'm slightly concerned about Firdose at the ground. She has just sent this message: "They're discussing something intently and now they are slooooooowwwwwllllllyyyyyyyyyyy leaving sssssssllllllllloooooooooowwwwwwwwwllllllyyyyyyyy. You get it?"

Oliver Jones: "Has Firdose found any decent food at the ground yet? Surely Cricinfo could send rain packages to help those brave reporters who provide the live text commentators with updates! A new idea for 2015 perhaps?" I'm the brave reporter doing the text updates...Firdose gets to sit in the press box! (Just kidding, she's working very hard as usual)

5.00pm Well, it doesn't look too promising now. More covers being fetched. The umpires stood around for a while but then walked off. Light not great.

Gocfe: "You would never agree to an early finish (ie drawn match) if Windies were 4 wickets down with 10 overs to go" No, for sure. Even five overs!

4.50pm The covers have come off, so hopefully we'll be back on before long. The umpires are out there having a chat. Billy Bowden has checked his light meter.

Vikram: "If WI scores 279 or less, it will be the lowest completed test innings (Team losing all 10 wickets) where two batsmen have scored centuries." Indeed, good stat - or a bad one, depending on your point of view.

4.45pm binod: "Just when everything went good, rain is interfering with Tahir's progress. #poorGuy"

Asim: "West Indies and India similar teams. Tailenders don't want to bat."

Firdose says the rain is easing up. We await further information.

4.30pm But with that rain stops play again. A sharp shower has blown in. That will stall South Africa for now, but what a session for them since tea. Five wickets in no time.

Jacques: "Everybody still gives Tahir a hard time. Give credit where its due!"

Russell: "Obviously WI tail-enders love to and cannot wait to bowl as evidence by their quick unnecessary demise at the wicket."

Imran Tahir to Taylor, OUT
another gift for South Africa! Taylor nudged into the leg side, wanted the single to retain the strike but the pick-up from Steyn at midwicket was clean and quick, de Villiers gathers at the stumps and he's short by a metre. Peters veered off the straight as that throw came in, which cost him vital distance
KK Peters run out (Steyn/†de Villiers) 0 (8m 3b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00
Imran Tahir to Taylor, no run
has a filthy slog across the line at a googly, misses and gets taken on the back leg

asad: "Tahir has all abilities in the world, with good armoury up his sleeve. Its just that he lacks discipline and gives away freebies to insert pressure"

Imran Tahir to Taylor, no run
fuller, gets forward and pushes to the off side
Imran Tahir to Taylor, no run
driven off the back foot to cover
Imran Tahir to Taylor, 2 runs
another leg-spinner, just a fraction short this time, Taylor forces it off the back foot and it slides off the face towards third man
Imran Tahir to Taylor, no run
a lovely leg-break this time, spins past the outside edge
end of over 783 runs
WI: 273/8CRR: 3.5 
Kenroy Peters0 (3)
Jerome Taylor8 (7)
Morne Morkel20-2-69-4
Imran Tahir25-2-106-3
Morkel to Peters, no run
goes full at the stumps, comes off a thick outside edge towards fourth slip
Morkel to Peters, no run
short outside off stump, Peters doesn't chase it

Doosra: "These are "soft" wickets for Tahir! Windies doing their usual capitulation - so frustrating when you want to see a contest."

Morkel to Peters, no run
nasty delivery, back of a length, spits at Peters who fends it away in front of his body
Morkel to Taylor, 1 run
swings across the line at a full delivery, skews off through square leg

Ram: "I agree with bks, Steyn will be in the Steyn-Remover form - seething and angry in the second innings. Good luck Windies."

Morkel to Taylor, 2 runs
good, clean strike. A full ball on off stump, Taylor lofts it over the covers and it plugs in the outfield
Morkel to Taylor, no run
back of a length, pulled to the right of mid-on where Tahir makes a tumbling stopping him now

Peters in on debut. Won't be on strike for now

end of over 775 runs • 1 wicket
WI: 270/8CRR: 3.5 
Jerome Taylor5 (4)
Imran Tahir25-2-106-3
Morne Morkel19-2-66-4
Imran Tahir to Benn, OUT
he's got three now! Benn couldn't hold back. Another googly, the left hander went for a big slog and got an outside edge which looped nicely to slip. Pretty poor batting, really. Didn't seem to want to try and hang around
SJ Benn c Petersen b Imran Tahir 4 (8m 10b 1x4 0x6) SR: 40.00
Imran Tahir to Benn, no run
fires in a yorker, dug out to the off side

bks: "WI must be nervous not because of wickets falling but because Steyn still has 0 wickets in first innings!! And we know what happens on second innings then!!"

Imran Tahir to Benn, FOUR runs
he's connected this time, goes down on his back knee and slog-sweeps a full delivery out towards deep midwicket
Imran Tahir to Benn, no run
close! Plays and misses again, trying to drive a full delivery
Imran Tahir to Benn, no run
beats him with a googly, a chance to bowl it to a left hander, as Benn misses his wild drive
Imran Tahir to Taylor, 1 run
tossed up full on off stump, Taylor drills it down to long on
Best performances - batsmen
D Elgar
121 runs (239)
18 fours
0 sixes
Productive shot
39 runs
3 fours
0 sixes
KC Brathwaite
106 runs (186)
12 fours
0 sixes
Productive shot
33 runs
2 fours
0 sixes
Best performances - bowlers
M Morkel
  • FT
  • Y
  • F
  • G
  • SG
  • S
Imran Tahir
  • FT
  • Y
  • F
  • G
  • SG
  • S
Match details
St George's Park, Port Elizabeth
TossWest Indies , elected to field first
SeriesWest Indies tour of South Africa
Player Of The Match
Kraigg Brathwaite
Series resultSouth Africa led the 3-match series 1-0
Match numberTest no. 2153
Hours of play (local time)10.00am start, Lunch 12.30-13.10, Tea 15.10-15.30, Close 17.30
Match days26,27,28,29,30 December 2014 (5-day match)
Test debut
Temba Bavuma
Kenroy Peters
Billy Bowden
Paul Reiffel
TV Umpire
Aleem Dar
Reserve Umpire
Shaun George
Match Referee
Ranjan Madugalle