2nd Test, Lord's, Jul 18-21 2013, Australia tour of England and Scotland
361 & 349/7d
(90.3 ov, target 583)
128 & 235
England won by 347 runs
Player Of The Match
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Scorer: Gopi Rangarajan
Commentator: Alan Gardner
Scorecard summary
England361(100.1 overs)1st Innings
Ian Bell109 (211)
Australia128(53.3 overs)1st Innings
Graeme Swann5/44(21.3)
England349/7d(114.1 overs)2nd Innings
Joe Root180 (338)
Ian Bell74 (103)
Peter Siddle3/65(21)
Ryan Harris2/31(18.1)
Australia235(90.3 overs)2nd Innings
Graeme Swann4/78(30.3)
Joe Root2/9(7)
end of over 910 runs • 1 wicket
AUS: 235/10CRR: 2.59 
Ryan Harris16 (40)
Graeme Swann30.3-5-78-4
Stuart Broad21-4-54-0

Right'oh, we're tuckered out in the cricinfo bunker, so it's time to bid you all farewell until Thursday week. England are 2-0 up in the Ashes for first time since 1986-87 and have now won four Tests in a row against Australia for the first time since 1928. If you can't stomach an evening without ball-by-ball, Pakistan are about to set off in pursuit of West Indies 261 for 7 in St Lucia (but don't feel like you have to) - apologies if you're having problems accessing other areas of the site, too, as we've had a few technical difficulties. From Gnasher, Brydon, Alex and myself, cheerio for now.

7pm: Australia captain, Michael Clarke: "Certainly not the performance we were after, we've got some time to make amends and we've got to work hard in the nets and prepare for Manchester. We have to win the last three Tests now. Of course it is [possible to win all three], we have to improve, but it would be silly to say we will. Credit to England, they played very well and deserved to win. The first innings let us down, to make 130 you're going to find yourselves in a very hard position against a good team. We're putting extra pressure on our bowlers. Our top seven has a lot of experience and we haven't performed as we'd like. When we lose one wicket, we're losing several. If we can make some runs [against Sussex] and take that momentum into the third Test I'm sure that will help us."

England captain, Alastair Cook: "All the boys were keen [to finish it today]. A bit of hard work and the chances came. We've had to scrap hard, being 30 for 3 in both innings, Belly's hundred and Root's hundred came after working hard at the beginning. When it is dry, we've got a world-class spinner in Swanny and the bowlers can reverse it - we're pretty confident in all English conditions. We all know what a great player [Root] is and it's fantastic that he's shown that at the top of the order. [KP] is just a strain but we want to take care of it and not do any further damage."

Joe Root is named Man of the Match: "I've loved every minute of it, great to get a win. There's a bit of tape [on the honours board], I'd like to see [my name] up there properly. I'd say this one [is better than maiden Test century], it's great to get a hundred in the Ashes. It's nice to contribute [with the ball too], you get an opportunity and you want to take it and it's nice to help the side as much as you can. Every time you go out to bat is an opportunity to contribute, I tried to get through it early on and have a bit of fun later."

6.45pm: Pattinson and Harris extended the innings by 43 - that's 295 for Australia's last wicket in the series now - but, after pushing their food around the plate with a fork for what seemed like an eternity, England have gobbled up this Test. The end may have come with a bit of a whimper but, make no mistake, this is a crushing defeat; by the margin of runs in the fourth innings, it is Australia's third heaviest. When Darren Lehmann said he wanted his players to have fun, this wasn't what he meant. Plans will have to be redrawn for Old Trafford, starting in a three-day game against Sussex, but there's a danger that the psychological effects will wreath themselves around each of the last three Tests. England only need to draw one of them to retain the Ashes but they will be looking at a straight knockout - not in a bar at 2am but with the eyes of the cricket world watching. You'll find David Hopps' more august appraisal on the site shortly and I'll bring the presentations in a mo...

Swann to Pattinson, OUT
another big offbreak, beats Pattinson and hits the back pad before deflecting into the hands of Matt Prior, England all go up in unison and the umpire gives it! Not sure initially if it was lbw or a nick to the keeper but it's out either way... replays prove it was the former and England have won by 347 runs to take a 2-0 lead in the series!
JL Pattinson lbw b Swann 35 (121m 91b 3x4 0x6) SR: 38.46
Swann to Pattinson, no run
gets in line to defend a full ball into the off side
Swann to Pattinson, no run
drifting in and the spitting off the surface, past Patto's outside edge for the umpteenth time
end of over 904 runs
AUS: 235/9CRR: 2.61 
Ryan Harris16 (40)
James Pattinson35 (88)
Stuart Broad21-4-54-0
Graeme Swann30-5-78-3

One more over left for England to get the job done inside four days...

Broad to Harris, 2 runs
length delivery on the stumps, tucked off the pads for a couple through midwicket
Broad to Harris, no run
glides to the crease and pitches on a good length outside stump, Harris meets it solidly on the front foot
Broad to Pattinson, 1 run
straighter line and worked off the pads for another single
Broad to Pattinson, no run
goes round the wicket, pitches it up in the channel and Pattinson watches it through
Broad to Harris, 1 run
on the stumps, stays in the crease and nudges through backward square for a single, ending a sequence of 22 dot balls
Broad to Harris, no run
full and tailing in around off, driven into the ground towards mid-off
end of over 89Maiden
AUS: 231/9CRR: 2.59 
James Pattinson34 (86)
Ryan Harris13 (36)
Graeme Swann30-5-78-3
Stuart Broad20-4-50-0

Andy Coan raises a legitimate point (though the forecast is by no means terrible): "Perhaps a more likely draw twist is that the weather breaks a day early tomorrow and a huge thunderstorm downpour washes out the day."

Swann to Pattinson, no run
angled in with the arm, leans out to defend stoically again
Swann to Pattinson, no run
full and pushed into the covers on the front foot
Swann to Pattinson, no run
tossed up and straightening, covers the line to block
Swann to Pattinson, no run
skids on with the arm, does well to get his bat down in front of the stumps
Swann to Pattinson, no run
spins this hard out of the footmarks and Pattinson flashes at it, only a few millimetres from the edge
Swann to Pattinson, no run
straightening on the stumps from round the wicket, defended down on to the pitch

Graeme Swann hoves back into view, as Alastair Cook plays his last card for the evening... Slip, gully, silly point and short leg in

end of over 88Maiden
AUS: 231/9CRR: 2.62 
Ryan Harris13 (36)
James Pattinson34 (80)
Stuart Broad20-4-50-0
Tim Bresnan14-8-30-2
Broad to Harris, no run
seaming in off a length and hitting Harris on the front pad, probably ducking down leg, the ball plops short of midwicket and there's no run
Broad to Harris, no run
zips on past the outside edge, good length and rising as Harris pokes at it unsuccessfully
Broad to Harris, no run
good length, chops short on the off side, Harris solid in defence
Best performances - batsmen
JE Root
180 runs (338)
18 fours
2 sixes
Productive shot
leg glance
47 runs
4 fours
0 sixes
IR Bell
109 runs (211)
16 fours
0 sixes
Productive shot
leg glance
34 runs
3 fours
0 sixes
Best performances - bowlers
GP Swann
RJ Harris
Match details
Lord's, London
TossEngland , elected to bat first
SeriesAustralia tour of England and Scotland
Player Of The Match
Joe Root
Series resultEngland led the 5-match series 2-0
Match numberTest no. 2091
Hours of play (local time)11am start, Lunch 13.00-13.40, Tea 15.40-16.00, Close 18.00
Match days18,19,20,21 July 2013 (5-day match)
Kumar Dharmasena
Marais Erasmus
TV Umpire
Tony Hill
Reserve Umpire
Tim Robinson
Match Referee
Ranjan Madugalle