17th Match, Dunedin, Feb 26 2015, Pool A, ICC Cricket World Cup
(49.3/50 ov, target 211)
Afghanistan won by 1 wicket (with 3 balls remaining)
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Afghanistan sit above Sri Lanka and England, with a better run-rate. They should be proud. So should Scotland. They have provided a spectacle that will live long in memory as long as there is a World Cup. It's a pity it's over, but we should be wary of more such madness coming our way. This is Alagappan Muthu, elated that his fingers ache beyond description

"It was the time to save wickets, pitch wasn't that hard to bat on," Shenwari says to Star Sports. "We just needed to stay there and push the game in deep. It was big tension for me, my heart was beating so fast and I had to say to myself control it, control it, control it. Dawlat stayed with me, and that's what I said to him. Even if it's a maiden or a single, don't think about that. Just wait for the last five overs. He was always telling me I can hit, but I said I can hit and I am not hitting, so why do you want to?

"When he hit the shot, I told him why did you do it? Why did you do it? but he wasn't responding. That's why I was angry. I believed in them, we trust each other and that's why we got to the last over. All I said was give me company and I will do the job.

"The one thing, the wind was there and even if I hit it off the bottom of the bat, wind will take it over. We had two weeks here and it's a beautiful place to be."

Aaron: "I'm a New Zealander, and unless we lift the Cup next month I'm unlikely to ever see anything as heartwarming as an Afghan win at any World Cup."

Pawan: "Surprised. No one is talking about Hamid Hassan, great effort from number 10 to stay there for 75 mins and 40 odd balls."

SAGAR: "I did predict Scotland win but I am happy that at least a sub-continent team other than India defeated outside sub-continent team "

Mohammad Naveed: "The Celebration has started in Kabul, and lots of air firing on that occasion. "

titas kar: "I had fever today,but still came to my hospital. Fortunately very few patients turned up, and I kept cricinfo commentary on. Was so afraid of jinxing Afghanistan, that is didn't check out all the Whatsapp notifications that came in!! Shenwari had made me sweat in my chair!! And Al Muthu, hats off..... Your words have power!! "

nutsy: "if we look as a whole, nothing much to choose between these two teams..early wickets fell, then stability, then middle order collapse and then lower order come back...but Afg clamped the final nail..."

Keshav: "Cracker jack match. Shenwari deserved the hundred to take Afghanistan over the line, idea was right from him, but since he had got 3 sixes, he could have probably afforded to wait for the next over to go for another big shot, ah well, he won't have complaints now. Shows how much of a difference lower order runs can make. If Afghanisthan had shut down Scotland's tail they could have cruised this and likewise from Scotland. Superb match though, a good old fashioned slow burner, like a good Hitchcock movie amidst many contemporary poor thrillers. "

"This is our first win in the World Cup and everyone enjoys this one," says Mohammad Nabi, the winning Afghanistan captain. "The pressure was great. The boys didnt' bat well, four five wickets early but Sami [Shenwari] played very well. Good learning experience about handling the pressure and for our upcoming games, it';s good as well. Putting two points on the board. Hope we win more games, everyone would have enjoyed this game. its out first win in the World Cup. We've had good support here and also back home"

"Particularly difficult for us," says Mommsen, "We knew what to expect. We knew if we were patient we can take a couple of wickets and get more. We had them seven down, but we couldn';t do it. Obviously we were trying to take wickets the whole time. Those 8, 9, 10, but unfortunately it wasn't to be."

Shenwari is Man of the Match "Thanks to Allah, thankful to stay there in the end and give the win for Afghanistan. We lost five wickets early and I had the resposibility to stay there till the end. Poor shot, but I was trying to get a six. Good win for us in the tournament and we are looking forward to win more and get into the Super Eight"

R.Guru Sankar: "85/2 --> 97/8 --> 211/9. What a ride! "

ali jan Rafique: "I am in public metro station and i want to shouting that Afghanistan have done it"

Chris: "Forget the full-member nations. Let's leave them out of the World Cup (they have the Champions Trophy anyway). Let's just have 16 Associate teams. Those guys always provide the most memorable highlights of the World Cups."

7.10 pm Two teams that have laid it all and then some more on the line. The Scottish have been so resilient. Alasdair Evans and Majid Haq needed to rewrite a national record for the ninth wicket and they bowled their skins out. It was a small total, they had to contend with Javed Ahmadi racing off at the top. And then came the double-strikes, a middle-overs collapse engineered by spectacularly disciplined bowling, full of belief and will. Richie Berrington is a dibbly-dobbly medium pacer but he bowled seriously well. Forced Afghanistan to 96 for 6 and Shenwari was wondering what he could do to stop it. He was consuming too many balls. He was not picking the gaps as he wanted. But then he buckled down. He told himself this was the World Cup. This is the occasion he had waited for so long and took control of the situation. Calculated blows, frantic running, pure unbreakable belief from him as well. And he won out, thanks to a little help from the phenomenal Shapoor Zadran

Wardlaw to Shapoor Zadran, FOUR runs
he's done it! Shapoor has the vicroty and races off to one corner of the ground in his trademark celebration. The Scots are heartbroken, Shenwari is delirously happy! He wanted a yorker, ends up with a low full toss on leg stump and it's been picked off. Shapoor had stopped running as soon as the ball beat the short fine leg fielder. Spread his hands out wide and fell onto the turn in joy! What a match! What a performance! What theatre! This is how good the World Cup can be! This is how good it should be!

Four of four! But only two fielders are outside the circle

Wardlaw to Shapoor Zadran, no run
slower ball ball on middle and leg, Shapoor nudges it into the leg side and sets off. There's no single there though and Machan bounds in and delivers an underarm throw, but it misses its mark! Whoooa, the tension is getting to me!! Time for a break for Shapoor as he gets some magic spray on his left hand

Mini conference between captain and bowler. Actually six in the circle

Wardlaw to Hamid Hassan, 1 run
curling yorker on off stump and it gets a thick outside edge to deep third man. Hamid did very well to protect his stumps. They're nailing their death overs discipline here, both teams

Six balls left, five runs needed for Afghanistan, one wicket for Scotland. This is the World Cup at it's best. Eight men up on in the ring!

end of over 499 runs
AFG: 206/9CRR: 4.2 • RRR: 5.00 • Need 5 runs from 6b
Shapoor Zadran8 (8)
Hamid Hassan14 (38)
Richie Berrington10-0-40-4
Alasdair Evans10-1-30-2
Berrington to Shapoor Zadran, FOUR runs
he's found the boundary at fine leg! This is why the extra ball matters and Shapoor got inside the line of the short slower ball and pulled it away very cheekily. Goes on a long, animated monologue with Hamid about the shot as they hug each other and contemplate....
Berrington to Shapoor Zadran, 1 wide
looks for the wide yorker, but Berrington has slid it wider than the tram lines allow. Pressure mounts, pressures shows
Berrington to Hamid Hassan, 1 leg bye
good length ball on middle and leg, looks for a flick but only lobs off the thigh pads towards point. And the keeper races after it himself. Brilliant commitment, but can't stop the single
Berrington to Hamid Hassan, no run
fuller and slower outside off, tapped into the covers. Dot ball, precious dot ball
Berrington to Shapoor Zadran, 1 run
and once it is pushed through point, up goes the roar and Afghanistan have their 200. They need 11 more but Scotland are in no mood to give them. What a match!

The ground has lost it's fervour now. It's all silent in Dunedin. Everyone is glued to the ball