The Thunder win by 71 runs. What a horrible batting collapse by the Strikers. They lost 7 for 22 to be all out for 97! They lost three in the Powerplay and despite a small rebuild by Ingram and Wells they were always well behind the rate and never recovered. Shane Watson had a great day with both the bat and his captaincy, mixing his bowlers well and never allowing any batsmen to settle. Shane Watson is the Player of the Match for his 68 from 40 balls. He was a class above on a slow surface. That is a huge result for the Thunder. They jump to second on the BBL table for the time being while the Strikers slip from second to fifth. It is that tight. There are two more games today following this one. The Renegades host the Heat in Geelong before the Scorchers face the Sixers in Perth. Hope you can stay with us for more BBL coverage. But from Sydney, for now, it's goodbye.

Sams to O'Connor, OUT, Is this a run out? Stanlake lost his bat. Oh no! He's out on replay! What a horror way to end it. It was pushed to midwicket for a tight one, Green gathered and threw to Lenton, Stanlake was going to make his ground easily, but as he slid his bat it stuck in the ground just short of the line, he lost control of it, his next step was just short of the line, his body was over the line but in the air when Lenton broke the stumps! So unfortunate for big Billy.

B Stanlake run out (Green/†Lenton) 1 (1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 100.00

Sams to Stanlake, 1 run, full yorker, outside off, he jams the bat down and gets an outside edge that runs to third man

Craig: "I personally prefer these 160-180 run contests as bowling is also a skill. As much as I feel Lynn etc should be in the ODI team, when someone just stands there hitting like a baseballer it is quite boring to me!"

Sams to O'Connor, 1 run, fuller outside off, he pushes this on the front foot to long off
Sams to Rashid Khan, OUT, caught at deep square! Short slower ball, Rashid sets himself, he toes a pull shot high to deep square but nowhere near far enough to reach the rope, Nair comes in, steadies himself and takes the catch

Rashid Khan c Nair b Sams 8 (8b 0x4 0x6) SR: 100.00

Sams back on

17 | 6 Runs | AS: 95/8 (74 runs required from 18 balls, RR: 5.58, RRR: 24.66)

  • Liam O'Connor0 (4b)
  • Rashid Khan8 (7b)
  • Chris Jordan3-0-23-1
  • Arjun Nair3-0-12-3

Karan: "For Rashid Khan, it's time to prove himself again for the team." Not sure he needs to prove himself. They already value him as their most important player.

Jordan to O'Connor, no run, another 137kph wide yorker, he backs away and misses again
Jordan to O'Connor, no run, 135kph, full yorker outside off, he misses trying to squeeze it to third man
Jordan to O'Connor, 1 wide, short and way wide of off, too wide and called

Strikers 2nd innings Partnerships

1st9MW ShortJ Weatherald
2nd9TM HeadMW Short
3rd8CA IngramTM Head
4th49CA IngramJW Wells
5th6CA IngramHJ Nielsen
6th7HJ NielsenRashid Khan
7th1MG NeserRashid Khan
8th0B LaughlinRashid Khan
9th6LN O'ConnorRashid Khan
10th2LN O'ConnorB Stanlake

Big Bash League