8th Match, Brisbane, Jan 7 1996, Benson & Hedges World Series
(47.4/50 ov, target 232)
West Indies won by 14 runs
Player Of The Match
West Indies
West Indies Innings (50 overs maximum)
SC Williams c †Healy b McGrath032000.00
SL Campbell  b McGrath519310026.31
PV Simmons c Lee b Waugh4264922165.62
RB Richardson (c)c Bevan b Law811111285272.97
CL Hooper c Slater b Reiffel1819213094.73
RA Harper  b Waugh1022310045.45
CO Browne run out (Ponting/Law)1430025.00
OD Gibson  b Lee52404842130.00
IR Bishop run out (Ponting/Lee)516310031.25
CEL Ambrose not out38140037.50
CA Walsh  b McGrath044000.00
Extras(lb 3, nb 5, w 6)14
TOTAL(49.3 Ov, RR: 4.66)231
Fall of wickets: 1-2 (Stuart Williams), 2-27 (Sherwin Campbell), 3-103 (Phil Simmons), 4-133 (Carl Hooper), 5-167 (Roger Harper), 6-169 (Courtney Browne), 7-173 (Sir Richie Richardson), 8-220 (Ian Bishop), 9-230 (Ottis Gibson), 10-231 (Courtney Walsh)
GD McGrath9.314734.94---21
PR Reiffel715017.14---11
CJ McDermott804305.37---03
ME Waugh1003023.00---00
MG Bevan301605.33---10
S Lee813013.75---20
SG Law411213.00---00
Australia Innings (target: 232 runs from 50 overs)
MA Taylor (c)c †Browne b Bishop1420372070.00
MJ Slater c Campbell b Ambrose043000.00
ME Waugh c †Browne b Walsh511100045.45
RT Ponting c Harper b Bishop61861164170.93
SG Law c & b Simmons62991303062.62
MG Bevan run out (sub [Holder])1732400053.12
S Lee c Simmons b Walsh611121054.54
IA Healy c Walsh b Gibson1524351062.50
PR Reiffel run out (Richardson)14122210116.66
CJ McDermott  b Gibson1250050.00
GD McGrath not out00100-
Extras(lb 6, nb 9, w 7)22
TOTAL(47.4 Ov, RR: 4.55)217
Fall of wickets: 1-1 (Michael Slater), 2-10 (Mark Waugh), 3-27 (Mark Taylor), 4-142 (Ricky Ponting), 5-179 (Stuart Law), 6-180 (Michael Bevan), 7-187 (Shane Lee), 8-216 (Paul Reiffel), 9-217 (Ian Healy), 10-217 (Craig McDermott)
CEL Ambrose922012.22---01
CA Walsh905626.22---02
IR Bishop1004924.90---61
OD Gibson5.403826.70---15
RA Harper41902.25---00
PV Simmons1003913.90---00
Brisbane Cricket Ground, Woolloongabba, Brisbane
TossAustralia , elected to field first
SeriesBenson & Hedges World Series 1995
Player Of The Match
Ottis Gibson
Match numberODI no. 1031
Match days7 January 1996 (50-over match)
Peter Parker
Darrell Hair
TV Umpire
Tony McQuillan
Match Referee
Graham Dowling
PointsWest Indies 2, Australia 0
12th Men: SK Warne (Australia) & JC Adams (West Indies)
  • Crowd: 21632
  • During the lunch interval, a 2 by Richardson was adjudged to be a 4. Richardson's score was thus increased by 2 runs, and the West Indies total increased from 229 to 231 runs.
  • Ponting 50 (4x4) off 73 balls
  • Gibson is on a ODI hat trick, taking the final two wickets from the last two balls of the game.