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Player of the Match

LG Cup News

  • Inconsistent selectors strike once again

    The inclusion of members of the Under-19 World Cup winningside in the list of 23 Indian probables for the ICC Knock-outTrophy has been lauded by many as a step in the positivedirection

  • South African batsmen go back to school

    Centurion (South Africa) - With heavy criticism from theirskipper Hansie Cronje very much in their thoughts after some slapdash performances South Africa's top batsmen are being sent backto school to learn to cope with the demands needed for the

  • South Africa defeat India in LG Cup final

    South Africa's superior bowling and fielding skills enabled them towin the LG Cup final against India by 26 runs at Nairobi on Sunday

  • India wins by 107 runs

    Zimbabwe had only one chance to qualify for the LGCUP final on Sunday

  • South Africa wins by 24 runs

    South Africa, after the resounding win against Zimbabwe, hadmoved to second place ahead of their neighbours on the point'stable