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Player of the Match

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638dThe Report by Alan Gardner in Chittagong

Spirited Nepal trip up Afghanistan

An inspirational effort from Paras Khadka in the field symbolised Nepal's potential at the world stage as they beat Afghanistan for the first time in a T20 by nine runs

638dAlan Gardner in Chittagong

Khadka prepares for 'real journey'

Paras Khadka, Nepal's captain, has spoken many sage words about his team and the development of cricket in their home country during the World T20

638dAlan Gardner in Chittagong

Nepal win hearts but they search for cash

Nepal have won hearts and minds and a legion of new fans at the World T20. But that alone won't help them in trying to become more competitive on a consistent basis.

638dAlan Gardner in Chittagong

Afghanistan's 'one percent chance'

The long shot has a special place in the heart of most sports fans. Not to mention the underdog that bites

Afghanistan 2nd innings Partnerships

1st14Karim SadiqMohammad Shahzad
2nd6Mohammad ShahzadNajibullah Zadran
3rd0Nawroz MangalNajibullah Zadran
4th27Nawroz MangalShafiqullah
5th3Mohammad NabiShafiqullah
6th33Asghar AfghanShafiqullah
7th32Samiullah ShinwariAsghar Afghan
8th17Asghar AfghanMirwais Ashraf
9th0Mirwais AshrafDawlat Zadran