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Sachin's Blasters , elected to bat first

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Warne's Warriors won the 3-match series 3-0


Hours of play (local time)

18.30 start, First Session 18.30-19.45, Interval 19.45-20.00, Second Session 20.00-21.15

Match days

14 November 2015 - night match (20-over match)

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Commentator: Deivarayan Muthu

10:15pm: The trophy has been handed to Warne's Warriors. Plenty of big smiles there with Rhodes belting out some applause. That is all she wrote for us. It has been good fun bringing you this series. Look out for more video goodies. Until next time, this is Deivarayan Muthu saying goodbye and cheerio on the behalf of Nikhil and Al Muthu.

10pm: Presentation

Sachin: I thought Ricky and Jacques batted well at the end and again Sanga played a brilliant innings. The ball got wet because of dew and the bowlers found it difficult to grip. We were a bit short on runs and the ball was coming onto the bat. 200-plus is a good total anyway. It has been a dream come true for all of us. We are going back with fond memories. This has been really really special, you guys have made it special(roars). Hopefully, more guys pick up a cricket bat with a baseball bat. Invariably exciting finishes and we want people to enjoy the sport, not just in America. Once again, congratulations to Warnie.

Warne: I think we have had 100,000 fans across all three stadiums. The camaraderie has been brilliant. We have mixed in with fans and it has been a fantastic week and there is a lot more to come. The Cricket All Stars, they have enjoyed it, and we have tried out part to globalise the game. Sachin's boys came out firing and Jacques was fantastic and Ricky was great. Sanga was unbelievable. Punter has been great for our team as well, it is good to have him in the group. We have 30 characters out there with big hearts and we love giving back to the game and giving back to fans. When more people retire, more people will come for All Stars. Working with Sachin over the last eight to ten months has been fantastic. Sachin has to take a bow for everything he has done over the last few weeks.

Kallis, Man of the Match: I never thought I would be cricket in a baseball stadium; probably one of the highlights of my career. All these 30 guys are competitive and it showed. It [taking over as KKR coach in the IPL] is something new. It will be help to youngsters' dream. Looking forward to some good fun in Kolkata.

Kumar Sangakkara, ESPNcricinfo Champion of Champions: It has been a fantastic week. My first time playing cricket in America. Thank you to the crowd. Shane has a big, big bat and he has been sharing it. I have been using it and it is a monster. Everyone of this guys is a legend and we have relieved old memories and made new ones. The longest Murali was quiet was four and a half seconds when he played for Sri Lanka.

9:45pm Vaughan played on for a duck, Haydos too did not fire. Symo then found his range before Sanga took over. Kallis and Ponting then blazed 57 off the last three overs to power their side home with a ball to spare.

Swastik: "So a clean sweep for Hollywood in Hollywood."

While we wait on the presentation, treat yourself to his video gem: The Cricket All Stars try their hand at baseball

The fun continues, though. Pollock tosses over some balls into the crowd and plays up with LA. Meanwhile, Sachin acknowledges fans with low-fives and autographs. The spin kings Warne and Murali join the autograph signing spree as well.

Vat: "Kallis and Ponting... Awwwww"

Gaurav: "Warne's Warriors were meant to win this series. Blasters undoubtedly have some great players but in ODIs or tests. Except sehwag, they miss the aggressiveness in batting which is a trait of Hayden, symonds, Kallis, sanga or punter."

Sehwag to Warne, SIX runs, Warne seals Warriors' clean sweep with a six! He races down the track and clouts it over Murali at deep midwicket. Ponting hugs Warne. Tendulkar has a smile on his face and as does Murali

2 needed off 2. Third man and point inside the circle. Ponting walks down and has a chat with Warne

Shubham Saria: "Time for Sehwag's "Hero's" Cup ?"

Sehwag to Ponting, 1 run, on a length from round the wicket, dragged to long-on

Warne is the new man.

Sehwag to Kallis, OUT, Oh, Kallis is undone by Sehwag for 49. Tossed up and outside off, Kallis targets the leg side with another slog but does not middle it. Top-edges a return catch. Sehwag pouches it over his head

JH Kallis c & b Sehwag 47 (23b 4x4 4x6) SR: 204.34

Sehwag to Kallis, 1 wide, flighted and wide outside off, big whoosh and Kallis can't connect
Sehwag to Kallis, FOUR runs, pushed through full on middle, drilled down the ground. A lazy/stiff-looking Hooper can't cut it off, despite the ball being just two yards to his right
Sehwag to Kallis, no run, slid outside off, slog and a miss

Sehwag to bowl the last over.

Warne’s Warr 2nd innings Partnerships

1st0ML HaydenMP Vaughan
2nd50ML HaydenA Symonds
3rd2JN RhodesML Hayden
4th58JN RhodesKC Sangakkara
5th19JN RhodesRT Ponting
6th88RT PontingJH Kallis
7th7SK WarneRT Ponting