3rd Match (D/N), Abu Dhabi, Nov 20 2021, Abu Dhabi T10
(10 ov, target 147)122/4
Gladiators won by 24 runs
Player Of The Match
47* (17)
end of over 109 runs • 2 wickets
CB: 122/4CRR: 12.20 
Dasun Shanaka4 (1)
Samiullah Shinwari0 (0)
Odean Smith 2-0-16-2
Andre Russell 2-0-23-0

Gladiators win by 24 runs. Runs on the board and good bowling at the end does it for the Gladiators. Tom Moores is the Player of the match for his 47 of 17 deliveries. Thanks for tuning in, do join us for the second game today.

Jasdev: "@Sarah: This T20 format works as long as it's all about big hitting (which sometimes feel like a mockery). The moment bowlers start to have an upper hand, it'll become dull. Simply coz there is no depth in the innings to make a comeback. 2-3 bad overs and you are out of the game."

sewmina: "@rifdy hey he already bought by kandy ..and yea i agree with you he is underrated player in srilanka"

Smith to Shanaka, FOUR runs

in the block-hole and digs it out past short thirdman to the fence.

Rifdhy Faizer: "Angelo Perera remained unpicked in the recently concluded LPL draft and now he is yet to be picked by any side after the request made by SLC. So, he is showing some real signs for the franchise owners"

Smith to Bopara, OUT

swings it in the air to deep midwicket, Anwar Ali takes the catch.

Ravi Bopara c Anwar Ali b Smith 51 (26b 7x4 2x6) SR: 196.15
Smith to Bopara, no run

digs it out back to the bowler.

Smith to Bopara, FOUR runs

pulls in the air to the long on fence, brings up his 50.

Smith to Angelo Perera, OUT

in the slot and miscues in the air to wide long on and taken by Cadmore.

Angelo Perera c Kohler-Cadmore b Smith 60 (29b 7x4 2x6) SR: 206.89
Smith to Bopara, 1 run

slower delivery driven down the ground to long off.

34 runs required from the final 6 deliveries. Odean Smith to bowl.

end of over 911 runs
CB: 113/2CRR: 12.55 RRR: 34.00
Angelo Perera60 (28)
Ravi Bopara46 (22)
Andre Russell 2-0-23-0
Rumman Raees 2-0-36-0
Russell to Angelo Perera, FOUR runs

makes room and cuts in the air over backward point to the fence.

Russell to Angelo Perera, no run

a dot ball as it is hit straight into the non-striker.

Russell to Angelo Perera, 2 runs

stands in the crease and gives the pose with a punch to deep extra cover.

Russell to Angelo Perera, no run

digs in a short delivery, makes room and misses.

40 runs from 10 balls.

Russell to Angelo Perera, FOUR runs

low full toss sliced to the backward point fence.

Russell to Bopara, 1 run

wonderful punch to a full delivery and hits in the air and on the bounce to deep extra cover.