(17.3/50 ov)161/1
England won by 9 wickets (with 195 balls remaining)

3.15pm That's all we have for you from this match today, from Vishal Dikshit and Andrew Miller. You can hop over to the other match where Australia are chasing Sri Lanka's total of 239 in Southampton. Until tomorrow, it's goodbye and good luck from us.

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Eoin Morgan: Really strong performance today, Bangladesh Afghanistan (corrected by Ramiz Raja) are a very strong side. Across the 15 in our squad we have different options. Jason Roy showed exceptional form today, even Jonny Bairstow, and the bowlers collectively. We always look to be as aggressive as we can, one some days we have to play smarter cricket. One of our stronger points in the last couple of years has been with the bat. Particularly wristspinners [across the world] have done well in the last couple of years, whoever has them has a good chance. The venue and wicket won't let us down on the day of the tournament opener, and hopefully our performance won't.

Gulbadin Naib: As a batting side we didn't take responsibility and they bowled really well early on. We should have put up a good total on the board, more than 200. Jason Roy played really well, so we should have put up a good total on the board. We need to learn from our mistakes today

Jason Roy: Yea, feeling really good. Good foundations, good preps leading into Thursday. Afghanistan have a great line-up with their spinners, Mujeeb wasn't playing but would've been good to face him today. I've done a lot of work against spin, by batting on used pitches, playing in T20 tournaments around the world. It's a beautiful stadium and the boys are extremely excited for Thursday.

Afghanistan have a lot of work to do before their nine league games. They dropped a catch today, their bowling early on was very wayward with both lines and lengths, and there were way too many loose deliveries even from the spinners. They also need to plan for two things - how to win if they bat first and how not to over-rely on the spinners, even when Mujeeb is playing.

2.54pm And what a bashing England have handed Afghanistan today. Handshakes all around as Root walks back with Roy, who absolutely bludgeoned the bowlers today. Eight-nine off 46 balls, 11 fours and four sixes, and he collected all those with a lot of muscle whenever the bowlers erred with their lines and lengths, which happened a lot of times today. England will be happy with their show today as they will prepare for the tournament opener against South Africa here on Thursday

Gulbadin to Roy, SIX runs

too short, too easy for Roy as he hangs back and slams the short ball to seal the match with what else but a six on the leg side

Gulbadin to Root, 1 run

slightly slower at 123kmh and outside off, he runs it down to third man

Gulbadin to Root, no run

length delivery outside off, punched down to mid off

Just seven more to go...

end of over 173 runs
ENG: 154/1CRR: 9.05 RRR: 0.21 • Need 7 runs from 33 overs
Joe Root28 (35)
Jason Roy83 (45)
Rashid Khan5-0-32-0
Gulbadin Naib3-0-31-0
Rashid Khan to Root, 1 run

goes down on a knee for the short ball and he whips it to deep midwicket

Rashid Khan to Roy, 1 run

flatter delivery turning in, Roy makes room and slaps it down to long off

Rashid Khan to Root, 1 run

the googly turns in this time from outside off, Root goes back and lets it turn to tuck it to leg for one

Rashid Khan to Root, no run

zippy legbreak outside off, he helps it to point

Rashid Khan to Root, no run

right on the stumps this time, he defends this time

Rashid Khan to Root, no run

cuts the legbreak off the back foot to point

end of over 168 runs
ENG: 151/1CRR: 9.43 RRR: 0.29 • Need 10 runs from 34 overs
Jason Roy82 (44)
Joe Root26 (30)
Gulbadin Naib3-0-31-0
Rashid Khan4-0-29-0
Gulbadin to Roy, FOUR runs

gets the bounce he wants with a short ball and he pulls it away stylishly to the leg side, in the cow corner for his eleventh four of the day

Gulbadin to Roy, no run

the slower ball stays very low outside off, Roy is surprised and he chips it down towards mid on

Gulbadin to Roy, 1 wide

a bouncer and that goes well over Roy's head for a wide

Gulbadin to Roy, no run

too short and slow, Roy waits and waits and slaps it to midwicket. Rashid tries to catch Root outside the crease at non-striker's end but misses

Gulbadin to Root, 1 run

shortish on the other side this time, pulled for a single

Gulbadin to Root, 2 runs

a bit of room on off, he cuts that towards third man where Nabi dives to his right and just about saves two runs with a fumble

Gulbadin to Root, no run

back of length around off stump, he defends it towards point

end of over 1511 runs
ENG: 143/1CRR: 9.53 RRR: 0.51 • Need 18 runs from 35 overs
Jason Roy78 (41)
Joe Root23 (27)
Rashid Khan4-0-29-0
Gulbadin Naib2-0-23-0
Rashid Khan to Roy, no run

tries to dab it late on the off side, the ball turns a bit and he misses

Rashid Khan to Roy, no run

outside off, he cuts it to point

Rashid Khan to Roy, FOUR runs

too short, he doesn't move much and just pulls it away in the gap. Picking boundaries is as easy as blinking for Roy today

Rashid Khan to Roy, no run

goes across on off to paddle it to leg, but Rashid pitches it well outside off and he adjusts to defend it to short third man

Rashid Khan to Roy, SIX runs

doesn't matter what the length is, Roy goes down on a knee to reach the pitch of the ball and absolutely hammers that with a massive slog-sweep

Rashid Khan to Root, 1 run

shortish around off, punched down to long-on